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Stretching Routine: Warm Up Exercises

hey there welcome to exit I’m your trainer Kelsey Lee and guess what today we are going to get some stretch on because you’ve been asking can we do a stretch session or something to do after these awesome workouts so we’re gonna do that for you so go ahead and get started on the ground and just kind of relax make sure you’re not all tense and frustrated and even if you are it’s okay cuz this will help so make sure you have a mat or something that’s not gonna be abrasive on your knees so we’re gonna start in this position kind of neutralize the spine so you’re gonna flex like hyperextend almost and then come up so you pull the pelvis in up through the ABS and back down okay so force just fine down through the lower lumbar pull it back up activate the core and back down just a couple times for this and then we’re gonna move forward pull the spine up shout just hunching you’re falling through center of the spine and call so stay where you are and go ahead into child’s pose like this try to keep your seat close to your heels okay does it necessarily have to touch reach reach reach with your fingers okay I want you guys to think about every time you exhale we reach a little more and that’s how we gain flexibility all right and generally speaking I’ll tell folks let’s hold all of our stretches for 30 to 45 seconds if you’re really working for more flexibility we can hold it for 45 to 60 today we may not meet those numbers exactly but we can try okay reach forward couple more seconds and all I’m looking up at you guys and you might be looking up at me right now just make sure that you’re you’re dropping your head so you’re not holding your neck pod okay you really maximize the stretch that way all right now pull it up nice and slow slow slow okay next one we’re gonna get our quads we can do these standing or seated so we’re gonna fold one behind us okay one leg out straight so we can actually start here with a hamstring stretch and then move into quads so let’s do that first so pull that over and no bouncing okay it’s a lot of folks doing this give your muscles its a chance to elongate pain relax [Music] fold over a little more and now we’re looking at each other here but try not to hold your neck up just stop your head really fold over hang in there keep going relax through the hamstrings so if you need to slight soft knee so your leg isn’t bent but it’s not locked out pushing straight your more seconds and this this session is really just going to teach you guys how to do some fundamental stretching you can obviously take this on your own time and do be longer again 30 to 45 seconds per stretch okay okay bring it up nice and slow and let’s bring it back and switch out this quad if you have sensitive knees I prefer that you stand up and pull one leg behind you if you’re okay let’s go ahead and bring it back feel the stretch through the outside of the quad primarily remember relax those knees you can even pull it over to the side okay and that way your knee is actually behind you why don’t we try this I prefer this more because if your your legs out to the side it’s a little tougher on those knees pull it back and you don’t want your knee to come all the way up you want to keep it nice and close to that other leg okay got that link down alright relax and pull it back up and let’s switch okay so you saw my flexibility on my left leg not the same on my right if you were with us a couple weeks ago you saw that I pulled my hamstring well it was hamstring groin pull and those are not fun first time ever doing that so still recovering so if you have tight hands or any kind of a a previous injury take this slow you want to reap hold anything and again those muscle fibers we got to give them a chance to elongate okay and it’s a process it’s not like stretch for two days and then you can jump in for the switch because then you will have a hamstring going cool okay lay over it can don’t copy me cuz I can’t go as far down on this leg good work and we’re gonna hold this one a little longer it always again you hear me talking about mine and muscle connection when we’re doing things like working out and isolating certain muscle groups but when we’re stretching we’re using a mind and muscle connection also thinking about okay are we relaxing through the hamstring are we engaging a certain part of our body things like that okay all right few more seconds we know over it a little more remember every time you exhale we’re gonna reach no bouncing no pulsing [Music] all right so try to reach Pluto a little more new more seconds [Music] all right so bring it up nice and slow okay we’re gonna bring it back have to let me pace you guys remember what we did for our quads so we’re gonna pull it over like this so it’s easier on our knee and pull back and you absolutely can do this standing up a lot of folks are really surprised when they start doing this stuff how tight their hands and their bloods are so definitely start incorporating these things into your daily routine okay pull back a little more all right bring it up nice and slow that’s next one I want you guys to fold one leg in the front okay like this I’m not gonna ask you guys to do the splits don’t you worry if you guys are like I do not write ever okay so bring that back leg out okay you should feel a stretch to the outside of your teabag area the outside of the leg on your folded leg okay you can kind of adjust as needed to feel more of a stretch for me if I kind of put my hands down bring my chest up I’m gonna feel a lot more okay let’s lay it over and again if you guys really want to get intentional bring a timer out or watch your phone or the clock or something and seriously thirty Seconds to 45 seconds per stretch and of course get along with me today on this so you get your groove and a lot of folks are like stretching is the worst part of my routine I don’t want to do any of it but I’m telling you if you want long lean muscles if you want injury prevention if you want your workouts to be maximized you’ve got a stretch okay bring it up go ahead and switch even all you buf boys out there you got a stretch too all right pull it up through the chest use your hands or you position your body so you feel most of the stretch through that outside through the chip and area also through the bottom of the glute doing good hang in there really long get that back leg okay let’s fold it over [Music] you’d be amazed and every at the end of all my boot camp sessions are free classes we do stretching and it is like the desert of the workout so make sure you taking time to do that because your body will definitely thank you and if you have a high-stress job or life is just crazy discuss it bring it back up okay bring these in all right so hang out where you are we’re actually gonna put both legs in front of us fit the hamstrings again for you folks we’re like six foot and stuff don’t try to get your hands all the way past your feet okay and five foot three just in case your weapon I can get away with five foot two kinds of all right lay over it remember drop the head down if you want to hit the calves also then flex your feet back those toe should point for you [Music] with every exhale try to reach a little more recent reach [Music] and we could definitely hold these sketches a lot longer but for times sake and get through the session and not making you too bored we’ll get through the little quicker so bring that up nice and slow okay so we’re gonna lay on our backs for this next one okay so make sure you’re actually a mutual spy in position first then bring your leg up fold it over with a bend focus on keeping this guy over here this shoulder this arm on the floor good work lower back also through this command area a little bit top of the glutes so yeah the goal here is to obviously get this leg under the floor keeping this arm and that shoulder touching the floor as well and if your your spine did a little popping up okay too [Music] all right let’s bring that in so as we do this we’re gonna pull our knee up towards our body keep it in this position out nice and slow okay same thing here pull it up this guy stays over here on the floor okay lay it over and a lot of you guys have commuting to do in the mornings or the afternoons evenings from work or whatever you do you got to do this stuff cuz if we’re sitting in the car all day oh my gosh there’s just compression through the back and our hips and everything so do this stuff I promise it serves a purpose you’ll feel so much better pull that knee over a little guys all the way keep that shoulder on the ground okay bring that in remember how we do that hole in the knee nice and slow bring it out okay so staying on the ground all right point the toes elongate the legs relax to the spine and the neck relax the shoulders let those drop back okay we’re going to pull our leg up through the knee so economically your body is gonna here at this leg is gonna come out just a bit you may not be directly up but your hip may be rotated out a little bit and you’re actually going to maximize the stretch if you open up for the hip just a bit so pull that in good job if you’re hanging out with me and doing these I promise be consistent this stuff is good for you your body will be happy we want happy bodies don’t we pull it up a little more you want that top of your quad to get as close to your body as possible okay all right now let’s elongate that leg nice and straight bring the other one up there you go and I know I said that ideally we’d be holding these for 30 to 45 seconds but if you don’t have a lot of time just hold them 5 to 10 seconds a little is better than nothing so just make sure you’re doing something ok all right go ahead and elongate that leg bring it out go ahead and sit up okay we can actually stay where we are we’re gonna have our shoulders and that like this okay so notice I’m not here bring it down towards your wrists you’re going to feel more of a stretch that way sit down off the shoulders back something hunched up okay let’s switch another arm pull it out through the wrist there you go and we could clearly be jamming for some of the stuff except for for the sake of camera Z being here and since the other map for those states okay pull pull pull [Music] all right triceps are next okay so pull it up [Music] there you go [Music] reaching the Queen those shoulder blades [Music] let’s get ready and switch good job and let us know if you guys were happy with seeing a stretch session what you thought if you stuck it out the whole time if you’re going to take some of this and do it on your own for the full 30 to 45 seconds let us know what you think okay bring that down okay so if you have a wall or something you can go against a wall stretch out the chest if not there no big deal or if you have a partner to do this with have them pull your arms back but for now just make clasp our hands bring it back drop the shoulders down [Music] about halfway through I’m gonna rearrange my grip so if you see my grip here with my hands halfway through let’s go ahead and switch okay drop the shoulders down almost done here and to the floor arms okay so bring those down everything feel okay alright so for forearms looks a little funny but just fingers pointing you backwards try to bring those wrist towards the ground okay you can also use your knees we used to take it slow especially if you’re not a big stretcher we got to give those muscle fibers a chance to elongate relaxing get conditioned like the rest of your body when you start working out few more seconds and you’d be surprised we hold a lot of tension all over our body but a lot of times people don’t think about their forearms being something they need a stretch totally is okay slowly bring that back up you feel that if you want you can move your wrist around okay some of this some ideas obviously hold it all right let’s hit her neck so I’m actually gonna have you guys skinned up with me please okay standing up standing up all right so over to one side I want you to bring your arm up behind you like this okay don’t start dancing lead people dancing over here you can’t see it’s pretty amazing they’re better so hang that neck over [Music] good job roll it to the front and switch another arm this is a good one if you sit at a desk all day I am Telling You take some time stretch your neck out [Music] hey roll it to the front okay we roll to the front not all the way back which isn’t a stunt a couple times so three times each way so a total of six so all the way just to the front [Music] you are the [Music] one life [Music] okay go ahead and take your fingers and just gently pull down in the front notice I have a soft knee here helps me elongate my spine a bit alright go ahead and bring it up and that’s it what do you guys think I hope you feel stretched out and relaxed make sure you do this at least a couple of times a week especially if you’re doing a lot of our X hit videos because a lot of them are super high intensity and we don’t want injuries and we want you to be increasing your conditioning and your flexibility and being safe too so let us know what you thought make sure you subscribe to us here on exit leave a comment of course and follow me on Twitter at Cal sulla calm
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