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Stranger Things Upside Down Chicken And Waffles | Step Up To The Plate | Sorted Food

[Music] one of two train sets on one of three normal guys will be picked at random to work together to create an attention-grabbing head turning dish there will be free breakfast time limits one minute remaining mystery ingredients all tied together by a shameless Internet challenge but who will it be today it’s Jay Jay it’s bound to James again I’m gonna pick another pick a normal Jamie Jamie kind of milk you wanna go a sweet one you want to say I’m Emma don’t say so so I would like to say everyone well would you let’s find out it’s savory meal time no time dinner yes that’s not bad certainly possibilities now there’s only one thing left for Jamie and James to do well James I think it’s time to step up to the plate ready hashtag stranger things to to celebrate the upcoming new season of stranger things you must create a dish paying homage to the series with as many tight references as possible mad respect will be given if you can get a cast member to notice it cool I am so glad you’re here at Bayley’s the boys have full access to the sorted food larder which contains a plethora of produce including this week’s theme potatoes there are so many directions this could go sorry miss potato week yeah I’ve got to put potatoes have to use I take the main things running through stranger things yeah eleven eleven all that upside down that’s all that came to my mind yes so I think whatever we could should be upside down eleven is obsessed with waffles we’ve got to be able to turn it upside down from how you normally have it yeah yeah we need to get eleven in there somehow okay is it real answer eleven items and having ingredients and having eleven ingredients so there but okay what if we make an ode to Bob everyone knows above I really want to cook waffles okay and chicken cheeky chicken and waffles yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] these might not be our final 11 but there are 11 different ingredients here we are going for chicken and waffles served with tater tots for all of the different reasons which will become apparent whilst we talk about it we need to start cooking okay I’m getting really worried all right where should we start you do awful yes this is waffles this is waffles I’m gonna start by making a waffle batter flour salt baking powder four egg yolks and I’m gonna whisk up the egg whites it’s gonna help us get a fluffier waffle so far I have mixed occasion spice and salt into buttermilk and I’ve broken down the chicken and I’m gonna add all of the different pieces into the buttermilk you know leave that until the very end after that I’m gonna drench it in flour and then deep-fry it does the oil count as an ingredient no I am peeling some potatoes they’re purple potatoes this recipe asked for a russet potatoes these don’t seem that similar but we want to make it purple so we’re gonna see how that goes this is how long we’ve got left I feel like change is going to have a heart attack 107 would you guys like a time update I would love a time update as of now you have 34 minutes remaining would you guys like cook the chicken that’s really sort james’s soft peaks no what if we put 11 things on the plate let’s do that okay oh yeah that’s good yep getting stiff now there we go oh all right I didn’t want that to happen time to fold in my whisked up egg whites this is my waffle batter done let’s get it cooking seeing as we’re now not going for the whole 11 ingredients thing do we want to pimp this in any way do you want to own these half I might have done something wrong but I’m rolling with it so I was I was meant to grate these and then get the water out of them right but they seemed quite dry I’m just gonna go get that you realize the point of this is that a chef teams up with a normal person so that cooking mistakes don’t happen well you better fix your mistake yes sir it’s better it’s stranger things it’s upside-down you should we should swap Oh sure that we could scrub it yeah it’s just looser than I thought anything right I’m crumbling some gorgonzola into our waffle batter because these are going to be Demi gorgonzola waffles because of that the demigod it’s the monster I’ll strangle it is and we’re doing the video about strange things I hate tater tots you’ve never even had tater tots how can you say you hate them making some like waffles making some big waffles Oh James James James James Jamie jokes you have 15 minutes left are we gonna die okay milli Bobby Brown yeah plays 11 yeah actually British favorite favorite food is of roast dinner one of which could be chicken I mean you’re not roasting it its tenuous it’s not really tight but it’s a reference James do we have any beer in the studio because if I remember rightly mr. policeman who is called Cooper yeah loves big you can try some beer I’m frying the tater tots looks like they’re kind of working now if we didn’t have just normal lager or watered-down rather like the type of America what else do they drink oh you know what they do drink yeah root beer family well James I just happen to have a good root beer in the fridge maybe we can make knocking from the pillow let’s go with it yeah yes yeah there’s some ice cream and that freezer over this James um I really think we just have to pile this upside down okay because if we if we make it the right way up and then turn it upside down it’s going to look terrible three minutes remaining I think we should only have half a waffle on there because demi gorgonzola waffles I guess the reality reason yep last I’d probably put the Gorton solar on one minute remaining right James we’ve got 40 seconds left come on yeah James Shh I’ve got to make the root beer flavor beer root beer root beer wait eleven 11234 all right 30 seconds how do we make eleven what we’ve got to put a lot more on this well I’ve got a root beer float that’s got two things in three four five six seven five four three two one eleven got to get a photo of it we need a photo right we have made a thing and now we need to make something that’s going to mean that the cast of stranger things actually watch this [Music] dear castor stranger things we present to you an ode to Bob – Bob we based our dish around Elevens love of Eggo waffles so here is our monster recipe Danny gorgonzola Eggo waffles with Cajun fried chicken and 80s favorites made a little bit stranger purple tater tots finished off with a hot sauce maple served served upside down with an American classic root beer float because do you remember that time that Bob hunter shot the beer in its Laporte we know not everything is quite as it seems but not much money will buyers you this meal the weird old maple street has been discovered so get here quickly and hopper over barbed wire because the government’s going to come and take it away if you’re not careful but talking about stranger things why don’t we get the real light Bob and Mike in to eat our dish and then that’s very fair but you don’t think it’s very fair look they can see the socks I can’t lift them out bleu cheese and chili and maple it’s not something I’ve ever had before but that is quite nice and purple potatoes have kept their purple color yep this strange oh I am a big fan of the purple stranger potato clock this is got cheese in the batter yep hey what that man from syrup is banging maple syrup and Tabasco oh that’s wise banging yeah good crumb good chicken good waffle great tater tots when did you I try the root beer float this is a excellent Jamie just put that together at the last minute well that’s exactly what it is are you both proud of yourselves I actually think we made it are you proud of yourself this is the worst so far so you know the score we need to get this to the cast we’re gonna do a Twitter on sorted Foods account make sure you go and read Twitter it to them if you’re a bigger youtuber than us then you’re bound to be doing a junket for stranger things too if you are show them this if you’re a demagogue and take them to the upside down until they watch this video or failing that you can get the full recipe down below you can go and cook it and you can cycle over them on one of your BM X’s click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favorites [Music]
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