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Stay In Retro, Eclectic Trailers With Different Themes | Offbeat Overnights

somebody from our local government said and you expect people to spend money to stay in these trailers and it wasn’t until after we had created it and they would come back and be like oh my god this is amazing i had no idea what you guys were trying to do [Music] hi i’m zach and my wife and i created flamingo springs trailer resort flamingo springs trailer resort is a 1950’s palm springs inspired travel trailer resort so we have six trailers on our property they’re from the 50s through the 70s and they are themed really quirky over-the-top themes and they’re in a semi-circle around a pool some of the most fun nights i think are when people come and they haven’t planned where they’re going to stay so usually what we do is we give them all the keys and they put them in a hat or bowl and they just draw who’s going to stay where the trailers consist of the one with the trailer which is our ode to friends it was one of the first themes actually the first theme that we came up with we said if we do this we have to have a trailer that looks like monica and rachel’s apartment the one with the trailer is our most popular trailer it’s got a full-size queen bed in it and a little seating area that is modeled after central park we even made like a coffee sign with the same decals as some of them on central park and the other side of the trailer is modeled after monica and rachel’s apartment so you’ve got the purple and the teal and the yellow frame on the door we’ve got mismatched kitchen chairs and a tacky floral bed spread people get really excited about that one when we’d finished that one and we kind of stood back and looked at it we’re like you know i don’t know a ton about remodeling trailers but i think maybe we can pull this off we have the hate ashbring we both love the 70s so we wanted to do something that sort of fit into that hippie worlds we’ve got some retro wallpaper that’s straight off etsy from the 70s you’re going to find green shag carpet in the ceiling it’s a lava lamp and records actually couldn’t find fabric from the 70s so i found floral dresses and had them cut up and made into pillows so it’s it’s a pretty authentic one it’s fun it’s lots of color we have the porcelain shasta on me which is our tribute to a glam rock of the 90s that cheesy glam rock world i thought would be fun to do we have the horn which is our old west saloon trailer inspired by the dive bar that we met and fell loving we have candy cane lane i found these like amazing nutcrackers that this man had cut out and painted for his wife so we planned the whole deck you know around them they’re the railing we’re very detail-oriented zach’s worked in the theater and i did set stuff before this so details are kind of our specialty we were searching for something that was secluded enough out of town that it felt like a retreat and so when we pulled up we were really intimidated you could not drive up the land it was too steep so we had to park and get out and walk it was really intimidating to start from scratch but it was also kind of beautiful that we got to make it exactly what we wanted trailers are parked in a semi-circle like that with the intention of sort of bringing strangers together just allows people to laugh and not take themselves too seriously and maybe meet some people that they wouldn’t otherwise want to talk to and and create a friendship game room we have a half kitchen that’s shared between the guests we have uh several seating areas we have a take and leave library we have a enormous board game shelf some retro video games a pretty large vhs collection we have a pool table ping pong we’ve got an old jukebox with fun music my dad and i would always take road trips together and we’d always listen to oldies music and for my 12th birthday he bought me a jukebox he passed away when i was 20. but zach and i had a conversation one time about what’s the one thing you’ve gotten rid of that you regret and mine was the jukebox and so he found the jukebox like in new jersey and bought it and restored it and filled it with the same records and had it at a rehearsal dinner as my wedding gift so it’s pretty special i spent a lot of time playing games outside the ladder ball and horseshoes and the bb gun range towards the end of the night they’ll have dinner in the game room and migrate in here a little bit and start playing pool listen to the jukebox and then end the night with the campfire we have a lot of fun with the merch we try to hire local designers to do everything so we had one guy do our t-shirts the muralist he does a lot of stuff around town jason jones paint the front of the building one of the best and most frequent compliments that we get is that you know is our hospitality which makes me feel good one of the reasons we wanted to do this is because we like we like to throw parties we like to take care of people before we lived in prairie grove we lived in los angeles we wanted to create something together build a business something where we could raise a family we could be together and we could provide a space for people to relax people to be creative i think flamingo springs filled a couple of areas of things that we wanted to do allowed us to work from home and and raise our kid together and it gave us the creative opportunity that i think we both needed the others just kind of weirdly all fell into place you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI_UgecXhwg

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