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Standing Ab Workout With Weights

get ready to tow your ass with this standing flat belly workout all you need is a five-pound dumbbell let’s do this alright you guys we’re going to start with a little warm-up here today going with a high knee to opposite elbow getting a nice little torso twist we’ve got our girl great today helped us with modifications so watch her if you need them and we’ve also got our eighth experimentally athlete ratio she’s gonna be crushing it with us over there awesome good every last let’s go in a little high leg kick so we’re going to do a nice straight leg kick add a little skip in the middle and alternate sides getting those lower abdominals crew oh yeah so five minutes what do you guys have time for right after we run get it in right – the core yeah yeah squeezing whenever you guys can you deserve it absolute extra time work those ABS last one you’re ready alright it’s quick so today we’re going to open up Tony’s into a semi sumo squat and then as we come up we’re going to bring the knees to the opposite elbow right back down knee to opposite elbow so it’s a little bit of a squat then you got to keep that core tight strong so with your hands like that haha and you’re up and down it will have an iPod yeah yeah yeah alright because you got a wide base of support here but to give it that twist bouncing on that leg good go at your own pace here and relax next I’m going to have you grab a light free weight if you don’t have it Dre is going to show you that we’re going to go up into a side cross pick the knee up and wood shop so keep it on the same side here we’re going to come across the knee as we’re picking that knee up we’ll just come across try to keep those arms straight keeping their arm wide from the body feel that rage yeah oh yeah with the weight adds that challenge oh yeah and relax then we’re going to turn it we’re going to do a reach and crunch you’re standing on one foot you’re going to reach out with those arms kick that back leg long and then you’re going to crunch you and bring in that knee to opposite elbow notice how we’re twisting a lot here right and watch straight for the modification here she’s going to give herself some balance help with that foot on the side good rage why can’t I see a strong enough balance wobble in a bit exactly this is an awesome challenge yeah yeah you guys are doing great last one oh if I looked up I loved it okay it’s alright it’s alright okay next we’re going to just set that weight down we’re going to go into a little bit of a jumping twist so here I want to just pop it off the balls of your feet good stray you want to show them the step and twist this is what I want you guys to do if you’re modifying if you’re like Rachel and I you’re going to add that twist with a little bit of a hop what’s important thing is is that you’re rotating through your torso all right back and forth beautiful and relax okay let’s go with that sumo squat back into it so you’re a little down and then you’re up for that rotation all right you’re doing great going through it again now you know the move is a little better maybe your balance will be acclimated a little bit this is right exactly good to have you guys breathe it out I’m degenerate ation so true last two down up and grab that free weight we’re going to go to the opposite knee this time remember feet about shoulder width apart going to come across and you got a number and when you’re here you’re giving it a little bit of a pod right because you got to kind of stabilize using those obliques lower ab I like how this also gets the shoulders working a little bit oh yeah right especially with the weight yeah all right you guys nice job last one here cross it and then we’re going to turn to the other side to the crunch and reach so let’s start with the reach lengthen it out kick that heel along bring it in to the opposite elbow good lace in and bring it in now this one if you lose your balance just regain it tap on the floor a little bit happen yep exactly try to be parallel to the floor here so you’re nice and long doing a warrior reach last two good works oh nice job guys obody bring it in nice job set that weight down let’s finish with our joking twist good so right here think about all those core muscles tightening up good really use those arms oh yeah twist let’s go them on and then funny this one I could go through all over the place with it join it a little fun dancing around here a little bit good job you guys almost there 302 good and one and relax nice work everybody nice job Rachel little burned up in there [Music]
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