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Spicy Beef Cauliflower | Quick & Easy Food | Jamie Oliver

we’re gonna make a quick and easy curry that’s delicious and a little bit different for a taste sensation get yourself some higher welfare minced beef cauliflower coconut milk fresh mint and spicy rendang curry powder time to spice up your life a little bit oh yes so let’s get cracking let’s turn this pan on let’s get it nice and hot a little oil in a pan i’ve got some really nice quality minced meat here as that pan starts to heat up that will start to sizzle and then we want to go in with one heaped teaspoon of this incredible rendang powder it’s from indonesia and in one ingredient you get the benefit of like 10 15 different spices you’ve got things like coriander seeds in there turmeric ginger galangal lemongrass if you can’t find rend and curry powder pastes are a great fast track to flavour too so look we’ve got a few little twists in the tail uh the first twist is we’re going to use cauliflower in the curry because i love a bit of cauliflower roasted or kind of seared scolded in this little curry so that’s nice but i’m also going to make some cauliflower rice which is kind of a bit trendy but i quite like it cut off some little florets just break them off like that just give yourself nice little chunks don’t want too small don’t want them too big put half to the side for the rice and place the other half into the pan and i kind of just want to slightly burn it on one side there i say i want to get a bit of color on there let it cook over a high heat for around 10 minutes giving an occasional stir now let’s make cauliflower rice if you put some mint leaves in it it’s really delicious and it holds onto sauce in a beautiful way so it’s well worth a little go throw in the mint leaves with the rest of the cauliflower stalks leaves and all we’ll season now as well so the seasoning and the mint gets into it lid on and give it a pulse [Applause] but what’s nice is the mint and the leaves give you the most fantastically beautiful green color get it into a heatproof bowl and then what you want to do is just cover it with some cling film whack it in the microwave about four and a half five minutes bosh now back to the pan as i turn these see that’s what i’m talking about gnarly attitude flavor really really gorgeous let’s shake it up once the cauliflower’s charred to perfection add a tin of coconut milk and then half a tin of water and then give it a nice little stir bring it to the boil and let it reduce by half so it’s creamy and delicious after around five minutes this should be ready and the cauliflower rice should be ready happy days here we go yes so that’ll be light and delicious this is pretty much reduced it’s now getting creamy the only thing i’m going to do now is just add most of my mint beautiful and just stir that through oh so there you go guys spicy creamy oh and the smell right let’s play up what i like to do is just kind of ruffle it up and let it just fall in like that snowing you know we do love a curry and if we’re all honest we tend to stick to the same ones all the time and you know to try something a bit different different blend of spices really nice and when it’s as quick and easy as this you know it’s worth having a go oh look at that let’s get amongst it comfort food it’s light spices you know it’s quite fragrant but still complex different spices different vibes super quick and super easy [Music]
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