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I reckon spaghetti and meatballs is in the top at least to most searchable things on the Internet and this version is leaner than usual and baked instead of fried that along with the fat can would have sorted us out with a loader kit means it’s easier to make and packed full of good stuff so you can enjoy it more often [Music] so this recipe has three components the Getty meatballs and sauce we’re going to start with the sauce up this this I love this song it’s so simple it’s basically chopped a bunch of veg up stick it in a tray get in the oven and roast it and then blend it up yeah and like you guys said we’re going to try and put as much veg into this as possible so there is hidden red pepper roasted red pepper in this sauce is amazing so eat tomatoes you have those and get those on there and the same time I’ll do a pepper garlic and onion aresia take off the top and tail down one side but all these been around it was a draw it was a draw right it was but that’s how rustic we want whole cloves of garlic 1/2 small onions big chunks of pepper and with them oiled peppered and salted we go into an oven 200 degrees Celsius about half an hour in that time we can do everything else addition it’s bowls yes meatballs and these are lean they are light and they’ve got all of your suggestions in so we’re going half mince beef and no pork but no pork they completely pork free and this is 5 percent fat so it’s quite a lean meat anyway what keeps these really kind of meaty but also succulent are other things that you guys suggested lentils grated zucchini or courgette onion and then some types of spices first up some courgette so just gonna top and tail you switch the machine on and basically we’re gonna grate it this is super quick and plunge it down with plunger [Music] and then we can put the top in and down and in and then this bit is genius so these are tinned cooked green lentils you can get dried ones and boil them up they’re good to go [Music] with onion garlic dried Oregon oh you throw some black pepper in there and some salt as you blitz this up it has a kind of paste but it’s almost a meaty page as it cooks and it makes the meatballs lighter the grated courgette keeps them succulent and everyone wins [Music] and now what starts off as slightly messy woman comes absolutely delicious all of our beef goes into a bowl and to it we add our lentil paste and our grated courgette going in balls yes and then we want to roll them about golf full size an important thing is all roughly the same size you looking for something like that I’m gonna golden this side you’re gonna pull in that side see how maybe it have your ball off a ball off otherwise they won’t just you keep your ends with my balls oh they might not know if they’re not the same they’re going back in easy little run these go back to stuff that these can then go into the same oven as our sort on the Shelf below these will need about 10 or 12 minutes so in theory your sauce that a head-start of about 20 while you’ve been making these then these go in and you boil a kettle to get after it [Music] Foles are in the oven now and for that reason we can move on to the pasta rapidly boiling salted water and we’re going for whole-wheat pasta okay why lower GI it’s got more fiber just generally a little bit better for you but you want to check it with a grater single strand to make sure it’s cooked all the way through the important thing is that it’s rapidly boiling you get it in and then you get into the water as quick as you can because otherwise what you end up with the bottoms are already cooking and you want all these in there as well once they’re softened enough you can give it a stir ups and none of those strands stick but get the lid back on so you bring it back up to a rapid boil they will need 9 or 10 minutes as will house or some balls so freshly roasted out the oven and now these garlic they were protected by their skin but now they will literally just pop out okay for they’re quite warm and then all of that can go into a blender if you scoop that in I’m also gonna add Heat teaspoon of tomato puree that gives it a really rich deep flavor beyond the sweetness and the roast here little splash of white wine vinegar literally about 25 mils per tablespoon and a few sprigs of fresh basil waste nothing’s all these lovely juices go into and then because we seasoned all the stuff before it went in the oven it shouldn’t need anything more than a blend [Music] [Applause] [Music] the thing I love about these Bulls and when you roast them in the oven they don’t fall apart when you cook them in a pan they sometimes break up a little bit and you might have a lot of do casualties at the best way give it a shake give it a wiggle and we can bring it back tip a whole lot into the hot pan along with all of our meatballs and the sauce toss it together and we’re gonna serve this family-style one massive platter in the middle of the table for everyone to dig in not only is it leaner but it’s also cheaper the meat is the most expensive part here so by bulking out with lentils and courgette it’s affordable it’s tasty it’s more balanced it’s got loads of hidden veg in there some fresh basil on top up until this point this is all dairy-free by all means add a little bit of cheese if you like it’s up to you but that is our spaghetti and meatballs [Music] but I’m gonna straight football easy enough here for four but we’re gonna tuck in anyway you’re not missing the fork at all that calls yeah it’s lovely it’s so naturally sweet outsource those peppers really punch through and let you could just blitz it all up raw but it’s the roasting that gives it that natural sweetness its sweet as the shalat the garlic is like roasted garlic and delicious also I think I prefer holding my bias couldn’t it I like the fact that it’s cramming in a few more beds so it’s super lean super nutritious and you can give it a go by getting the recipe down below [Music]
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