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Small Home With The WORST Layout Gets Entire Remodel | Flip Or Flop | HGTV

[Music] let’s see how does this place look hey it needs a little bit of curb appeal i mean the roof looks good yeah no we could get away with the roof sir there’s no irrigation no none whatsoever so i’ll design the landscaping as always oh please don’t be disgusting oh i don’t think so all right yeah you know what it’s actually pretty clean and nice it’s pretty clean it’s kind of sad that we call this clean it is there’s a bar set up you got a fireplace that’s not even a fireplace what is that it’s not something you would think it is i thought that would be a good idea a faux fireplace interesting all right let’s keep going kitchen’s weird it feels like it’s part of the living room this is very straight to layout very small this isn’t little bearing huh not load bearing no you know what this if we did get the house and we took out that wall we could probably put an islander in yeah it would definitely need an island either an island or a peninsula peninsula i like that idea izzy actually no you can make a big kitchen because you can run the peninsula all the way from here over and then you can do bar seating so what do we have over here this just makes no sense this would have to go could you take down this wall it’s all load bearing it’d be a huge expense if you do that i wonder if you just close this up and then knock out the bar area and do like a formal dining room that’s definitely a thought bedroom number one huh kind of small bedroom two looks like private bathroom hey there’s an actual master bedroom and bathroom that never happens small bedroom but lisa has a private bathroom so what do you think in there small bathroom six seven i’d like to convert that tub to a shower that’d be nice so it’d be an extra 1500.95 so about 10 grand 9 500. jeez maybe we just leave it as is oh it’s nice actually oh my gosh i was in good shape the toilet’s nice the cabin has to be painted it’s linoleum 500 bucks here’s another bathroom this one has a tub so we could definitely make that one a shower and then keep this one a tub shower combo we can actually glaze the tile oh come on oh geez how much for this one is bigger it’ll be 7 500. so bedroom number three three bedrooms there’s four bedrooms here right yeah so three on this side master’s on this side so there’s probably one off the kitchen oh there’s a hole this looks like an exterior door this used to be like a patio huh are they considering that the fourth bedroom oh it’s kind of a bedroom oh come on this is the fourth bedroom looks like it’s meant to be outside taxi records say it’s a four bedroom house four bedroom two bath there’s three on that side one here so yeah but look at the walls you know probably when it was built they got it permitted i don’t know what to say because you know the tax roll won’t show it as a four bedroom unless it is because they go through the city well we’d have to add a closet all right let’s check out the backyard this is an 1140 square foot house with four bedrooms and two baths off the kitchen is the garage and a fourth bedroom which leads out to the backyard big yard i’m a little nervous here because it almost looks like someone was living in oh come on is that your fifth bedroom that looks like it’s about to fall over i’m not going to do that tell me someone wasn’t living in there it’s being held by doors well this is weird all right so how much you thinking it’s not that big of a house it’s fairly clean i didn’t see anything major this could go from 60 to 80. it’s a big spread izzy you’re gonna need new windows new kitchen yeah like a remodel 60. [Applause] now you want this done right 60 to 80. yes sir so i’ll make the offer based on 70. okay 70 but you might want to leave some contingency money 70 but you might want to say 80. that fourth beds room that you’re calling i don’t know about that yeah but the tax tracker says it’s a four-bedroom house so let’s just make sure it’s permitted wanna do 435 sure i think it’s close enough all right maybe we get lucky all right thanks izzy keep you posted the seller accepted our offer and we got the house for 435 000 so now we own it for better or for worse hopefully izzy has some good news and the fourth bedroom is permitted so busy hey guys hi starting demo without me let’s do this oh first question all right fourth bedroom permitted all right let me i got to show you guys something this whole structure has to go it’s not legal so we have a three-bedroom house now i comped it off of four bedrooms yeah now we’re gonna be competing with four bedrooms and we’re a three bedroom so when i went down to the city they actually had a floor plan of what this house used to be and we’re standing in your fourth bedroom what smallest bedroom ever is that a closet that is the closet not even see this last time weird this is the bedroom mm-hmm we’re back to a four bedroom so we did comp it right okay that is good news actually that’s really good news [Music] all right what do you think they need to lay out well the plus is it’s a four bedroom now the negative feels really small feels really small which means the design plan needs to be really special to attract potential buyers porcelain tile it looks like wood but you can see the finishes of tile it’s cool but i’m scared to ask how much well it’s a little more expensive than laminate not as expensive as wood it’s super sturdy i just don’t know about the color this one has kind of green tones to it this one has like yeah sort of more browns and beige i kind of i’m leaning towards this one but i think it’s different it’s unique has more of a warm color i think it’ll be pretty do you want to do that through the whole house everything’s over the bedrooms i would say go with one of these white shaker and then counter top this color i think brings out more of the warm tones that we’re looking for here so you’re thinking this for a countertop this for flooring white backsplash yeah i just don’t feel like the look of this tile goes the look with that just keep it simple and then the flooring is what’s going to stand out and then we can go shopping for the bathroom and come up with something that we both love because i can tell you’re not really feeling the flooring no i’m not but i’m trusting you okay shop for the bathroom all right sold [Music] now that the illegal edition is gone it’s time to figure out what to do with the space off the kitchen lizzy what happened to all their concrete i had to take it all out every it was draining off towards the house the illegal build they did it wrong exactly all right so now we’re left with dirt can we report concrete do you like a cute patio area concrete you got about maybe four yards i say about 800 bucks how much for dg decompose granite half of that [Music] [Applause] [Music] wow fancy it’s pretty nice actually huh yeah much better than just leaving nothing there so we have about another 30 days in this house right what we could do is do the irrigation instead of putting salt in we can see the whole backyard and by the time we’re ready to list it we’ll have grass okay but only if we saw the front it’s much smaller and the curb appeal is so important here awesome i think we just saved a lot of money and it’ll look really cool the house is really coming together and to give the curb appeal a boost we decided to create a cool modern patio off the front door and even though we went for the less expensive landscaping in the backyard we still spent over 80 grand so we have to watch every dollar from here on out so we paid 435 put 80 grand into it so that’s 517 plus closing costs and staging so our break even is about 5.45 comps are 550 to 575. and those comps have nice yards yeah but the inside of this house is nicer so initially i was thinking we would listen at 599 000. i say we stole this at 5.99 it’s really tight let’s hope people really like the design 5.99 5.99 all right house looks so cute i think the green door definitely made it you think of the backyard growing um not feeling hopeful however the curb appeal from the front perfect oh i love the staging they did a perfect job of mixing like some contemporary elements to kind of a traditional house yeah you know what i know that we thought it was gonna feel small in here because we got rid of the fireplace put up the wall but it looks good i think it’s cute it looks really light bright airy modern i love these lights it kind of adds like a cool industrial look and i love the colors [Music] i love the backsplash too what i don’t love is that there is still do we have okay let’s look at the bathrooms all right check it out the design’s cute the design is cute so this is the important one master off love the master you like my penny saw penny towel looks great the bedroom looks good enough for a master too though yeah all the bedrooms look really cute all right i have a nice pergola here a lot of space and we got a lot of dirt all this dirt we don’t even have grass you know better if there was more concrete so what’d you guys think we love the detail i mean the flooring you know i mean it’s beautiful we like the openness right here as you walk in you can see from the kitchen you know the one thing that really trips us up a little bit is the backyard we’d have to develop the backyard it’s just no we don’t have the budget for that thank you i’m starting to think it might be overpriced yeah we’re not looking too good today thankfully we held out after a month and a half on the market we got a full price offer at six hundred thousand dollars if this deal goes through we stand to make over sixty thousand dollars you
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