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Slop Tart – Epic Meal Time

food ever unfrosted pop-tarts Slayers [Music] well this little got hiding around I help the world nobody does that I earned it there’s a Butterfinger talking whatever yeah great thanks Hey okay scumbags let’s make it a Baconator sandwich thirty of them yes please oh you don’t know you want to sell all those burgers I could pull over to the side while you guys make them it’s funny how Canada’s totally used to this by now five of Dave’s hot and juicy single can I get five spicy chicken sandwiches okay I’m coming up yeah yeah all those burgers $229 I think yeah and like I know it’s gonna take a bit it’s gonna take time let’s make those spicy chickens real quick so I can eat it while I wait that’d be perfect fresca fresca Canadian dip fresca gets the tall crisp soda okay a high C flash and fruit punch please halos burger but his own Drive in his car oh they’re not ready yet that’s alright Halloween what up Internet we just beat up the P of the supermarket and extracting all this goodness like a grocery store gynecologist and now we’re going to cook it because this is a cooking show what you don’t worry about this stuff dude you’re on the weird kind of sense event no yeah laying down strips like this was babe pig in the secret laying them strips of bacon like laying off the cast of friends god I missed that show remember the monkey anyways don’t hate some liquor to my liver I love it stovetop on the radiator at your friend’s house whatever as long as it comes out delicious we don’t give up it’s pork paradise up in this [ __ ] that’s also the name of my favorite strip club there’s an ancient family recipe over here it’s called the ultimate glazed maple doughnut you basically take a doughnut like this and just put a little bacon on top and that’s how my granddaddy used to make it that’s the olivet glaze painted on it try this recipe at home cookie dough the play-doh of the kitchen best part is you can eat what you make and not [ __ ] out a rainbow bacon aiders one day this burger will become self-aware and wage an all-out war against mankind and it will lose Baconator of the bugatti of the fast-food world i bought more bacon aiders than Rick Ross has Bugattis cheesy bacon filling no fruit here who eats fruit anyways animals the technical culinary terminology for that specific maneuver is wish it down confectioners sugar mixed with a little essence of Smurf looks like Smurf you cutting up some bacon bit confetti sparkles man I always wanted to say that pop-tart huh more like chopped tart I could do this all day Baconator quarantine zone to prevent outbreak if these burgers could talk then I’d be in serious trouble adding down the necessary frosting and sugary bits to make this into an official giant pop-tart but this ain’t no regular pop-tart this is a slop tart one final appreciation of the masterpiece before well you know it comes next all these calories but wait there’s more there’s always born there’s a special episode for Epic Meal Time because we teamed up with action against hunger that’s right deep inside our artery Claudius there’s a heart in there you didn’t feel good give it feel better that’s what we’re trying to do right here that’s what we made this big-ass sloppy sloppy tart add that big pile of bacon because we’re trying to promote the give your calories at where if you’re gonna be a fat ass you might as well donate a little bit too we’re not saying don’t eat it be fat but if you’re gonna be fat give a little bit here and there next time everybody [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
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