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Sled Dogs | Life Below Zero

i’m the alpha male and kate’s the alpha female and whatever you do never get between a man and his dog this afternoon’s gonna be a really big day for our puppy jack he’s five months almost six months old now so gonna try to get him trained to run along with the team if you don’t train these dogs up ahead of time you can find yourself in a pretty bad situation with no leaders and no trained dogs for jack today is about getting familiar with running in and around the team and also starting to build confidence gg what’s jack doing back there he’s doing good he’s great now he’s gonna run up front yay jackman hey jackman he’s the sled dog come on buddy come on get it come on jack in a few more days i could put him in just a small little team on the way home and give him a little run in the harness and see how he does dogs are probably the most important part of our lifestyle out here they provide us with our transportation we use them for freight for me probably one of the most important things there’s they’re my companions okay burger boy you ready to go up the eagle huh you look so excited yay yay got a boy straight ahead right there okay everybody stay here hey everybody this year the river i scammed up right to the bank yeah there’s a lot of halloways here it’s the stuff you got to worry about with the dogs right there they fall into that that’s when the shoulder gets blown out jumbo ice poses a couple of different problems uh i can get through it but it’s very easy to hurt a dog when you’re going through rough jumble ice and i’m really concerned about taking care of my dogs because they’re my workforce they are they are everything to me in the wintertime making sure they don’t get hurt is critically important to me we’ll try and go nice and slow through this ah boys okay let’s go with the eagle come on boys that’ll boys okay everybody whoa whoa good job good boy you guys are trail breaking machines okay enough let’s go boys yeah let’s go the dogs are our buddies but they’re also a tool they’re a piece of machinery and once i hook them up and go i know i’m gonna make it to wherever i’m going oh come on man son of a i’m gonna go hook up about 10 dogs and we’ll just drag it back to the shop with the 10 dog and then go back with the dogs and get a load of wood with them i probably should have done that in the first place you guys ready to go perform triple a services all right let’s go that’ll boys straight ahead straight ahead come by let’s go those 10 dogs ran with that snow machine home and it was a good feeling to see my dogs in shape pulling the snow machine home with no problems at all atta boys i don’t want to rely on that equipment anymore to do a quick job i’m going to use my dogs because they’re reliable
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