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Six Pack Abs

today on x-ray I’ll be taking you through an ABS routine to get that six-pack so we’re gonna start off with just a basic crunch each move I show you we’re going to do for 30 seconds so keeping that back flat on the floor and just lifting up getting that shoulders off the floor and crunch really engage those ABS okay keep it going guys each move is gonna be thirty seconds ten seconds to go five four three two one okay that’s our basic crunch we’re now gonna come to standing take a weight in your hand and just using your abs I just want you to go down to the side so make sure you’re just really thinking about those oblique muscles I’m gonna start with the right and then we’re gonna go on to the left okay make sure you’re only using those ABS not the shoulders 20 seconds and then we’re gonna swap on to the other side just think if you just do this three times a week you’re gonna really be improving those ab muscles and get some definition now let’s swap on to the other side in three two one swap over remember we are just using our apps not our shoulders if we do your shoulders it’s going to just look like this so we don’t want that we just want to keep our shoulders down ten seconds to go and we’re gonna drop back down onto the floor five four three two one okay you finish with a weight let’s come back down to the floor we’re gonna do flutter kicks so back flat on the floor and we’re just gonna kick up and down you can put your hands out to the side that’s gonna help support does it really think about squeezing those ab muscles and this is so easy it’s something that you can just do at home if you’re in a hotel or you don’t need much space at all to work on your abs ten seconds five four three two one okay let’s go straight into scissors so you might need to lift up a little bit more so that that back doesn’t come off the ground excellent job 20 seconds come on let’s keep it going keep going guys ten seconds to go I mean getting onto bicycles five four three two one okay your bicycles just twisting so using those oblique muscles remember all of these exercises are thirty seconds so you haven’t got long you can do it so really twist that upper body five four three two one okay we’re still gonna be using those oblique muscles to just lying on the ground legs over to one side and we’re just gonna squeeze and crunch up think about exhaling every single time that you do the move that’s gonna help engage those ab muscles and then the end we’re gonna have a toned six-pack excellent job guys we’re gonna switch onto the other side in ten five four three two one let’s switch those legs across and let’s crunch you don’t need much room at all to do these exercises which is great so anytime you’ve got a spare 8 10 minutes just whack the video on and you’ve just got yourself those perfect abs so you just want to keep it going ten seconds five oh three two one okay next exercise are gonna stay in the similar position when your knees bent I’m just gonna reach up to the sky so you really extend those arms up look at your hands and feel the crunch in your belly excellent job guys keep it going we want to work all the way to the end bucola ten seconds left this good to spice up routines by doing lots of different exercises keeps us motivated three two one okay we’re gonna go into a spider-man plank so hands in push-up position and just bring one knee in we’re gonna hold it for five four three two one let’s put it on to the other side five four three two one and again so we do this for thirty seconds than just five seconds each side okay one more on each leg five seconds five four three two one and your last five seconds don’t really hold it there be strong three two one okay now you have the spider-man plank you’ve got one more exercise that I’m gonna show you so let’s keep it going we’re gonna do a bridge with a hip race so knees bent we’re just gonna raise up come down about an inch off the ground and up again you can also feel it in your glutes too so when you go up to the top squeeze and then come down okay guys 20 seconds left and then you’re done keep it going guys don’t squeeze as you get to the top use those hands for support on the ground five four three two one well that’s one of the ab workouts that we have on exit make sure you check out the rest of them and all our other videos subscribe to our channel it’s free if you’ve got any questions my name is Rebecca Louise please leave me a comment you can also follow me on Twitter at the model pilot I hope to see you again tomorrow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]
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