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Silent Death Fat Melting Cardio – Apartment Friendly | PIIT28

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So when I used to live
in an apartment building, I was on the first floor. And so you’d think that
when I’m working out, no one would care. But for some reason, the neighbors on the second floor would just like (stamps feet)
pound their feet every time I was working
out to let me know that I need to be quiet. And I was not very happy with that. So whether you’re on the first floor or the second floor or third or whatever, today’s Piit workout will
not get you in trouble because it is a silent
death Piit workout you guys. So I use the Piit Pocket app to create, an apartment-friendly Piit for you. So these other moves that you
shall be tortured with today. We begin with fast squats, heading into hip twists, then alternating front lunge, leg outs, single-leg squat and lift, pushup ankle tap and plie punches. So as you can see, we’re doing a lot of
fat burning and cardio in addition to toning and
strengthening the entire body from your arms, to your booty,
to your abs, everything. All right, you guys, it’s seven moves, 15 seconds
our rest, 45 seconds our work. So I want you to make sure to use those 45 seconds hard. Go crazy. And then you’ll be doing
four rounds of these for a complete 28-minute workout. Now you can replay this
video three more times if you want your entire routine. Or just download the Piit Pocket app, it’s free to download and then head over to the custom workout section
and create the workout that I just told you about and
then you can do that there. (upbeat music)
And here we go, with our apartment-friendly Piit you guys. Beginning with fast squats. Like to put the part? Hands behind the nape
of the neck elbows wide. You’re gonna come down and lift keeping the chest open, shoulders away from the ears. You’re gonna push your butt
down as low as you can go. Check it out you guys, my back is not curling, it is straight. My eyes are tracking forward. Okay we want to get your
heart rate up with this one. Warm up those legs burns the fat right from the get-go. Come on down and lift hands behind. Keep them open. Nice you guys. By doing that your gonna make that heart rate go a little bit faster. Nice lift down and up. You’ve got 10 seconds and lift. Keep pushing. Keep that chest open. Go. One more. (phone beeps) Okay, very good. Hip twist. So you guys, hands forward, elbows right underneath your shoulders. And if you want to go beginner level, go ahead and come onto your knees. Otherwise, go ahead. (phone beeps) You come all the way on the toes. We hip twist just like that. Twist twist. Working to your obliques here, working the core, which means you’re working your abs obviously your obliques
which I just mentioned, and your low back and a little bit of that booty too the upper booty. Twist twist. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Now look if you can’t
touch the mat that is okay. But twist as much as you can. Keep the eyes on the mat. Don’t look under you, don’t look in front of you. Keep the neck in line with the spine. Breathe. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. (phone beeps) Perfect. Very, very good. Alternating front lunge you guys. Remember step softly, we don’t want to upset the neighbors upstairs or downstairs or sideways. Okay. You’re here. (phone beeps) Now you’re coming down and lift. Now one thing I really
really love about the app is that I wanted to
make sure you guys knew what move was coming up next. So I made sure that there would be voice
command prompts to tell you so that as you’re resting, you start thinking and
preparing for the next move. Down and lift really
pushing through the heel of your shoe. Keep the shoulders away from the ears. Just nice and open. Good. Down and up. Push through strong legs. Remember we’re stepping softly. Very very softly. Come on down and up. One more. (phone beeps) Very very good. We have leg outs next you guys. So go ahead and come down onto your mat. You’re gonna focus on those
cores and those lower abs. So beginner place your hands
right here as you come up. Otherwise hands up out and in keeping the knees and the heels together, toes together. Okay? You’re gonna exhale inhale in. Exhale press inhale in abs and super tight keeping
that spine nice and long point. Good stuff. Keep going. Pressing. Imagine a lot of energy
pushing through your toes. Let them guide you forward to keep that back super straight okay? If you feel like your back is hurting, then place those hands down. Let them support you until
you feel like your core is strong enough. Okay? To come to unassisted. (phone beeps) Okay. I love this single-legged
squat and lift you guys because it pushes my cores and it pushes my booty. Okay you guys. So we’re right here. Go ahead and press one leg
behind you looking one place. (phone beeps) Going down and lift pointing the toe hard. Low and up. Just like that. I want you to keep your eyes in one place or else you might feel
like you’re gonna tip over. Okay. Because I know if I look at you right now, I will fall over. So I am not gonna look at you. You guys don’t look at me. We’re going to go down and simply point and lift our leg. It’s a lot of concentration, a lot of core work, a lot of leg and booty work. Keep going. So good. Hands on the hips stabilize. Do these like you mean it okay? Pick it up. (phone beeps) Very good. Okay. Push up to ankle taps. You’re coming down right here and hands are wide. You’re gonna push just like so. And then you’re gonna tap that ankle. (phone beeps)
All right guys? Here we go down and tap, push and tap. Eyes forward and take your time okay? This isn’t a speed game. This is you doing the best you can for these 45 seconds. I want you to focus on your form. Okay, there’s no point going fast. If you’re looking sloppy, be precise with your movements. One more. And one more push up.
(phone beeps) Okay. Very good. All right guys, it’s
move seven our last one. Plie punches I had so
much fun with this one. where your legs fell into wide plie you’re gonna come down, and you’re about to punch someone and we’re gonna punch just like that. Ready? Let’s go.
(phone beeps) Punch punch. Now this one gets my heart rate up so fast and you’re not making a single noise with your heels or your feet. Now get a little lower, nice work. Keep pushing, keep breathing. Yup. Didn’t know you could silently die? Well now you do. Keep pushing You got it. Now give me that fierceness in your eyes. Fight through this don’t slow down. Nope, this is the last move. You can go faster, can you? Lets go lower. Okay. Five more seconds. Faster (phone beeps) Okay. (Cassey claps) You guys, we just finished our first round of your apartment-friendly pit. I hope you’re sweating. And you’ve got three more to go if this is your first one. So go ahead and replay
the video a few more times or make sure you download
the Piit Pocket app. That’s P-I-I-T pocket. And you can find it, on the Google play store
or the Apple app store and it’s free to download. And if you really like it, you guys, please give it a review,
five stars, encourage, and an honest review too, so that I can know how we can make it better for you guys. Okay. Hope you enjoyed that. Give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time. Bye. ♪ Just keep on doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you like do ♪
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