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Sibling DNA Test Results! | Was I Adopted??

this episode is supported by 23andme growing up I looked so different than my siblings that I honestly thought I was adopted so today I have brought my sister in and made her take at 23 me DNA tests so we can know for sure if we are actually related if I’m adopted and if I’m not how similar our ancestry is given that we look pretty different all right so we are both together we’ve both taken the 23 meat kit how are you feeling Jim oh I’m so excited what do you think that we’re gonna be very similar interesting the exact same totally different I think we’re gonna be not exactly the same but really similar so I think Mitch and I look alike in some respects and in other respects I think that we don’t but a lot of people think that we do not look alike oftentimes actually they’ll say that they think that Greg from ASAP science is my brother and he’s the one I’m related to and not Mitch so it’s called 23 me because we all have 23 pairs of chromosomes and it’s a personal genetic service that looks into your DNA to tell you about the regions of the world your ancestors come from and can tell you about physical traits sleep patterns and even how your DNA impacts things like muscle composition and caffeine consumption both Kim and I use the kit to submit a spit sample and then waited to get our report online okay so I’ve actually already I did this before with Greg on this channel so we’re gonna like refresh what my ancestry is before we dive into yours okay so this is the man that kind of shows a breakdown of what I am so I’m 63 percent European okay but then you can see all these colorful spots all over the other map when Greg did this it was a little really just all in one area I’m 99.99% European so you’re white so I’ve got to feel really like proud that I was like more diverse so that gives you a general sense of my background and what I am I’m nervous because I’m like I don’t really know if it’s an identical I don’t know I’m scared oh I see color I see lots of colors oh my gosh Africa oh my gosh yours is like really beautiful I would have fully thought that she was like almost entirely of European descent this tells us where your ancestors came from and how long ago your mostly that is so cool yeah so you can see like a British and South Asian are like pretty recent dressed you literally have family from and still living in India and we obviously probably have relatives still in Britain and Europe to compare exactly I have 62.2% European in me and you have sixty 1.9% the fact that I’m more European than Kim I wouldn’t have guessed that and I know that it’s kind of silly just a base it on the assumption of like skin tone and we’re not that far apart and skin tone like that was like definitely a big shock then South Asian you are 21.2% and I’m twenty three point five which seems like pretty much the same and it’s interesting that we probably got those same deems from when you tell people that you are part Indian or South Asian like did you tell people that did they don’t like yeah people do and there sometimes people be like oh now I see you don’t look Indian oh you’re more East Asian and Native American than a Chinese I find I would never expect it it is so crazy because I bet yeah like I think people like could guess nut could guess it for me but I don’t think anyone they probably would have thought a hundred percent Scandinavian like and then you have 0.2 percent sub-saharan African and I have zero percent I am definitely the most surprised that I am point two percent sub-saharan African broadly North East African and broadly west but why is that in my DNA not yours I don’t understand that if Kim and Mitch both inherit fifty percent from their mom’s egg and fifty percent from their dad sperm shouldn’t their DNA be the same not exactly one way to think about DNA is as a bunch of different colored beads obviously Kim’s parents have complex DNA but let’s pretend their mums is 100 percent Indian and their dad is 100 percent if this were the case kim would get a random half of her mum speeds and a random half of her dad speeds Mitch will get another random half as you can see it’s a different mix but each is still 50/50 British and India let’s change it to their mom having a bunch of different backgrounds that make up her ancestry and let’s leave their dads the same Kim might have DNA that looks like this while Mitch’s might look like this as you can see there is some overlap but Kim has some ancestry that isn’t represented in Mitch at all and before your mom and dad passed down their chromosomes something happened during the infamous process of meiosis each parents own chromosomes swap some DNA amongst pairs therefore every egg and every sperm is unique I wonder if our other brothers and our parents did it we might even find out like there’s other regions of the world that we do have ancestry from okay so we have been told that there are gonna be results about like musical pitch musicality do you think that one of us is more musical than the other no I feel like you are I think you probably I don’t think your perfect pitch cuz I feel like you’d know if you did you never told me you are more likely to be able to match a musical pitch and I am about a 50/50 percent chance of being able to match a musical pitch so I’m worries based on genetics and other factors Kim is more likely to match a musical pitch that Mitch but how exactly did 23 and me figure this out whether you’re seeing professionally or just in the shower matching musical pitch is a lot of work for your brain first when your ear hears a sound the brain must quickly identify the pitch second the brain decides which vocal muscles are needed to produce a matching sound third the brain then listens to your own voice and your brain determines if it matches the original sound this complex process is linked to over 500 genetic markers associated with this specific trait comparatively the genetic trait that allows you to smell a distinct smell in your urine after you eat asparagus is only related to one genetic marker back to pitch 23andme uses the 500-plus markers along with other factors like age and sex to create a model so this model does predict that Kim is genetically more likely than Mitch to have perfect pitch but that doesn’t officially mean one has better pitch than the other do you have a fear of heights that’s the next we’re gonna look at yeah you do oh I’m absolutely terrified oh wow okay I’ve gone skydiving I’ve like published things that I don’t really think I’m scared of them even though sometimes I’m like you didn’t get that feeling when you’re like go jump off you are more likely than average to be afraid of heights and I’m less likely than average for your phrase isn’t that’s so cool we both have at least a little universe which may actually be an understatement because I have a lot of universe and I did have a lot of okay so 23 me also has like a share and compare section where we can literally connect and then compare directly our genes so what if someone would have told you okay so you and I share 43.4% of our DNA that’s it that’s still a lot like identical twins would share 100 by scent right so we there’s no way we could have 100 the average for siblings is around 50% so we’re slightly lower but still definitely siblings so I guess I am officially not adopted though now I’m realizing I literally could have just asked him because she was there when I was born did you have fun I had so much fun I think that the whole experience like almost makes me feel closer to my siblings because you’re kind of finding out a story that really is only shared between you and the people you’re closest to so it was like a fun little thing that I couldn’t have experienced with really very many other people in this world if you’re interested in doing this for your loved ones or yourself there are seasonal promotions on right now we’ll put links in the description but go to 23 me comm slash ASAP to check it out and get your own kit make sure you check out Kim’s channel ask him really I’ll put links to there as well otherwise supposed to see you next time bye
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