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Shut Up Stupid Trolls, Smart People Speak Up! Breast Vs. Brains, Zoe Sofia Psychetruth

new videos every day life wisdom if you ever watch one of the old psyche truth videos at the end you’ll see a copyright statement that says zoe sophia and people used to send a lot of emails asking who’s zoe well zoe is a greek word meaning life and sophia is a greek word meaning wisdom so zoe sophia means life wisdom and more or less this has always been a theme of this channel so i was thinking the other day about wisdom and i realized that people don’t really talk about wisdom very much anymore and that’s funny because if you look at ancient literature you’ll see that they talk about wisdom quite a lot and it doesn’t really matter where that ancient literature comes from can be middle eastern hindu japanese they all talk a great deal about this concept of wisdom so wisdom in the ancient world was hugely important but these days not so much for a long time wisdom was a social value wisdom was a virtue and it’s kind of sad when you look at the modern social values that have come in its place we live in a society where the size of a woman’s boobs is more important than the size of her brains we live in a society where a man is gauged not by how he treats other people or how he respects other people or how he contributes to society but instead by the price tag on his car or the rolex around his wrist we live in a society where six-pack abs are worth more than how much you honor or respect other people and all this makes me wonder is the entire idea of wisdom disappearing from today’s society completely i mean what the hell is wisdom anyway do you know what the word wisdom means can you tell me because if you do i’d like to know what you think what is wisdom a little later in the video i’ll tell you what i think the word wisdom means but first i want to impart just a little nugget of wisdom that can be found in almost every ancient text of course the wording is a little different in the hindu veda than it is in the hebrew torah and a little different still in the musings of the ancient chinese philosopher confucius but the basic idea remains the same and that basic idea is that the wise man holds his tongue while the fool’s mouth is always open the wise man holds his tongue while the fool’s mouth is always open so basically smart people keep their mouths shut while the idiot is always yammering and i got to thinking is that true maybe it is true i mean if dummies are the more vocal ones then that would explain all the nasty rude inappropriate comments on my videos and if these smart people tend to keep their mouth shut then maybe there’s a ton of really intelligent people out there watching my videos but they just don’t leave a comment and i mean sometimes i look at my comments and i’m left thinking geez is there any intelligent life out there anywhere but in all seriousness i’m not sure if this piece of wisdom is completely true i mean this is supposed to be a proverb or a piece of advice and although it seems true that dumbasses tend to blabber on and on and on and on and on and on wouldn’t it actually be better for society if these statements were reversed where the wise people do all the talking and the dumb people keep their mouths closed i mean who wants to listen to a stupid person anyways and if somebody actually did say something it would be more likely that it was coming from a wise person and not a fool mike the guy who started psyche truth came up with his very own quotation the other day and it goes a little something like this the value of a piece of wisdom is doubled every time it’s shared with another person after all ideas are kind of like software they can be duplicated infinitely and installed in anyone’s mind and this planet has a population of 8 billion minds to install some free wisdom in and one of the best things about sharing a bit of knowledge or a bit of wisdom is that it costs you absolutely nothing so not only would it be better if these stupid people would can it a little bit but it would also be better if these smart people would bother to speak up a little bit so that they can spread some knowledge and understanding around that’s basically the whole idea behind this youtube channel we find valuable pieces of information and then make videos about them so that we can share those valuable pieces of information with other people as an example we’ve made hundreds of videos about nutrition and weight loss and we’re constantly getting emails and comments of people saying that they’ve taken the advice and they’ve actually had success in losing weight and getting their health back on track one of the primary motivations behind this channel is to find valuable information and then share it with other people i personally believe that if you know something that could be helpful to someone else it’s in your best interest if not even your responsibility to share that information now that’s not to say that everyone wants to hear what you have to say or that everyone’s going to be lit interested in listening to you but that’s no reason not to speak up and at least try but if there was something that i knew that could help you i would be remiss in my responsibility to you my fellow human being if i didn’t at least try to put that information out there for somebody that might want it and might actually listen and so when we have valuable information or we have a person who has some valuable information we make videos about it and we put them up on this channel and then that information is available indefinitely to anyone who’s willing to look and find it so back to my original question about what is wisdom now many of you may have answered or looked at and answered wisdom is applied knowledge but i don’t necessarily think that’s a perfect definition i mean after all someone could know how to jump off a bridge and kill themselves or they could know how to use a gun to shoot other people and if they did jump off a bridge or use a gun to shoot other people that would be an example of applied knowledge but it wouldn’t be very wise would it you see wisdom really has to be applied knowledge used towards the good of the individual in society as a whole so scientists have known for a very long time how to build nuclear bombs but they have not had the wisdom or good sense to know not to use them and if someone could find a greener and more efficient way of growing food without toxic chemicals and without pesticides then that would be real knowledge being used in a very wise way so wisdom is essentially applied knowledge used towards the good and benefit of the individual and society as a whole so if you are a fool then please do us all a favor and just can it but if you do know something valuable or if you do know something that could benefit other people then by all means please share it with them please communicate that idea to others because every time you do its value will double thanks to the internet and computers we now have at our fingertips massive communication lines and an explosion of information and art but are we going through an artistic renaissance or is this the end of culture as we know it in a future video we’ll take a closer look have you ever been in a room full of your friends and then suddenly noticed that each and every one of them was in their own world their head stuck in an ipad or stuck in a laptop or stuck in their cell phone is this modern social media really making us more social or is it really just isolating us check out our future video to find out if you’re smart you’re gonna share this video with your friends and if you’re a dumbass you’re probably gonna leave me a really really rude comment either way i hope that you will give this a thumbs up i hope you will friend psychetruth on the facebook and subscribe so you can see all of our future videos just because an expert says it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true or wise check out my video question authority and think for yourself for all you fools that love leaving me really mean inappropriate comments i’ve just got one thing for you and that’s my video you haters and whether or not you love me or you hate me the bottom line is i love you check out my video i love psyche truth subscribers a lot of times when a fool is just yam yam yammering on it’s because he actually has low self-confidence and low self-esteem to find out how you can boost your self-esteem boost your confidence and why you should ignore all those fools who are talking smack check out our video self-esteem and confidence you
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