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Should You Buy Power Tools Off Of Wish?

don’t buy a suit for $23 in today’s video we are trying something several of you have likely tried at home we’ve bought several Wish products online and now we’re gonna test them out [Music] guys a while ago we bought five what we’re supposed to be robot vacuums off of wish and I got those because I was intrigued because they’re like eight dollars each and it turns out there was no suction to them just have like a couple brushes there wasn’t even really a cloth that went on it oh that’s what it was wasn’t even brushes it was just velcroed on slightly fuzzy piece of cloth but good for like dusting your floor gently we decided we wanted to try some other things from wish so we found five products that we wanted to try out that seemed that there is no way you could get good versions of for the prices that we paid here’s the basic idea we have bought five products from wish calm we have bought robot cleaners in a previous video and this time we’re trying out five new products what sort of stuff can we get from wish just to go through in order this is supposed to be a drill like a power drill this right here is a men’s suit supposedly a three-piece suits this is what was labeled as a 99 million lumen flashlight this should be the Sun this is probably like the spotlight on top of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas I have an evening gown we’ll see and then these are supposed to be comparable to like our Bose headphones like these are supposed to be absolutely phenomenal great face they’re water resistant they say Motorola brand I wonder if they are in fact Motorola yes or if they’re just like yeah that box is cheap to print we can make as many of that box as we want there’s always rumors of when you buy things from China that maybe you are actually getting the actual product made in the real Factory and they just keep running off the books a little bit yes like air pods and stuff I’ve seen those unwish and I’m very curious these are showing up on Amazon at 31 dollars okay I think I got these for 18 look I yes is there anything else in the okay cord there’s wireless but you know sure very very lightweight which I mean if it’s on your head not bad oh no I mean they are the round shape they’re round shapes just never comfortable can you turn it up more I’ll just try to see what it sounds like louder oh not great I can’t hear a thing you’re saying it all like zero I can’t even hear me let alone you you’ve got the volume up fairly high I have no idea how loud I’m talking right now yeah is it I can’t hear myself I can’t hear you does it hurt I don’t know this song I don’t know what it’s supposed to sound like good I’m listening to music from How to Train Your Dragon because I know it very well so that was those headphones now I’m gonna try it with these headphones it doesn’t play well at loud volumes whatsoever Hey this one isn’t currently play here hi got it got it I’m gonna start them at the exact same time basically there’s like whole instruments I can’t even hear it’s just like this this continuous droning sound it sounds sort of in the background of it it’s very odd like it sounds like you can hear internal pieces of it shaking for quality there’s not much comparison I’m actually not that great at hearing the difference between different levels of light speakers and headphones and stuff like that I’m not much of an audiophile I don’t know a whole lot about the differences between good equipment I’ve had people who are very good at it explain it to me and say I’ll listen for this and this I kind of miss it a lot and it’s not because I don’t have good hearing like I’ve had hearing tests where they’re like oh he’s really good I just am not attuned really well for that kind of stuff but in this case to me it’s pretty obvious if you’re looking for sound cancelling it’s not going to be it is passive noise isolation yeah so it basically just means it covers your ear there what you get for eighteen dollars so you just found out that these should technically be splash resistant yes the the waterproof rating on them says splash resistant which I think means you can even be a little more aggressive than that what you’ve got going is like the sprinkling I think you could probably just like splash splash splash splash splash guess we’re about to see what it sounds like if you play them underwater we’re now testing them against something they don’t even claim to be good at having died yet they do play yeah universal power so yeah I mean if you just need a cheap pair headphones you don’t care knock around that can do even more than they say that can and you can submerge them now we haven’t tested like the longevity we haven’t tried regularly using these for a couple months to see how they hold up we don’t know but at least right off the bat initial unboxing I’m impressed over the price so nate is currently looking up information on like the world’s strongest flashlights this is the one that he has done a little bit of testing on just like I had opened up so my pack just this is one that he had opened up my first thing that I’m realizing here none of this is in English even though I understand that this isn’t my language the fact that the first thing I saw was low standard that’s not what it’s really saying but that’s the first thing my brain translated it to just low standard something sold at least it says that it is the world’s most powerful flashlight and it puts out enough heat and energy to light paper on fire and cook an egg it’s a 4100 lumen flashlight direct sunlight is about 93 lumens per watt of radiant flux every square foot of the Sun is 10,000 lumens this was sold as 99 million lumen flashlight this thing should explode when we turn it on it shouldn’t be think we should turn it on and it should just burn a hole it should be like turning on a light saber that just never ends we should be able to spear Pluto with this thing I have to know what this thing looks like can we open it can we open it yeah yeah let’s take a look at it oh by the way this was eight dollars eight dollars guys Oh 99 million lumens so this should be approximately as powerful as 2,000 coastguard spotlights shine it directly at my face this could be a Raiders of the Lost Ark situation you just melt Go Go Go Go I’m sure we’re ready for this a melting hi Anna guys we tested this ahead of time not because we were worried because we had to know I have a flashlight from Walmart but slightly better than this I think 99 million lumens try there just like what’s a big number I don’t know a million 99 million they just start throwing up our retreat numbers like oh if it’s a bigger number people want it more alright so this is supposed to be a drill just an electric drill the ones we have here are Dewalt brands that’s what we use and this was $36 Oh these feel very high-quality Oh No okay oh oh here we go we got a battery yes we got a charger 36 volt huh mm I don’t think so generally with drill batteries the voltage scales directly with the physical size of the battery a little bit yeah it feels like this isn’t quite centered perfectly so it’s just a little bit of play to it which is not something you really want let’s try some drill bits and some screws and see how they do so if you’ll have it on one I should be able to stop it with my hand the idea is that if you’re screwing into something you don’t want it to drive in too much you want to stop usually if you’re using the drill you turn it all the way up and it’ll have its own setting for the drill however I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to drill into the wood at all because I think it’s just gonna stop it from spinning hmm okay why don’t we charge it look at the last two products and come back all right the last two is your idea but it’s pretty hilarious we got outfits I got myself a gray suit comes in a nice zip bag which only the finest suits come in hey my evening gown came in a plastic bags it is extremely wrinkled that’s to be expected they got shipped you would have to like get this steamed or something to get all the wrinkles out but we’re not trying to focus on the wrinkles so I basically just went with a fit to my shoulders and you know the shoulder fit may be off by half an inch but it’s pretty good the problem is that they assume that anyone with 19-inch shoulders is certain size everywhere else well it almost so for instance straight down this is a little bit extra I mean there should be like a little butt like this is a lot the sleeves are just a touch too long like this shirt sleeve is pretty much right on and these sleeves should end you know here instead they and you know it’s not a big difference but it’s different this is more of a problem overall low quality is just astounding I’m a thirty waist these are a size 37 waist so for me there’s some extra room in there or a lot a lot bit my results are different I’m kind of in love like this is actually kind of fun you did have to pin it in one side so it wasn’t a perfect fit but I worry because I was just thinking oh it’s gonna ship from China’s gonna be beautiful no I think if I had ordered a size six or something this would be perfectly fitted to me so yeah so there’s one spot that I did pin before I came out because it it sort of was a little revealing without it which pulls everything up and then in so it actually fits a little bit better I’m not the curviest girl there is but it actually fits very well yeah there’s no inside pocket it’s not it just sewn up there just isn’t one look at it though the material here goes trying to drill hole oh it’s doing better I can stop it but it’s not that it skips its drilling try my cold force me bit here all right well try it as a screwdriver well it got there it didn’t have the same force but it drove it that’s a three inch screw drove it all the way into the two by four okay so I can’t say it doesn’t work for that I do suspect that if you had one of these and you tried using it for a while what would end up happening is it would just die on you after like using it for a few projects and then you have to buy another one and you’d end up buying so many of them that in the end it would just be cheaper to get one good one again we haven’t done a longevity test maybe this will last for a really long time the charger honestly makes me more nervous than anything else I do not believe that this is actually a 36 volt battery but I’m gonna say out of everything that we ordered definite end the suit is definitely the worst part oh yeah it was very much hitting his headphones okay they were what they said they were the light you know the dress yes to this dress I like this dress but this looks kind of hilarious so again it comes down to check the reviews because otherwise don’t buy a suit for $23 I am quite confident that I will never wear this again guys that’s not all you know I’ve always got more fetus he hit that box up at the top for most recent video and we’ll see in the next one in fact you then [Music]
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