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Shoot Day – Epic House Ep. 2

grocery time let’s see if we got the ribs all righty it’s a beautiful day did you shoot in there get out get out gloves while itch but could I got in the mail pills from furious Pete and I got these powders always harder in the morning one time you really feel like I’ll gather everything there is to know about sucking day from sucking a dick one time I guarantee you I’d be good at it Santos is a married man oh no doubt for a second I can make him come with me not gay bro it’s a sport I’m trying to see if I’m good at it yeah I mean most of the time I normally describe what I like anyways so I feel like if I could just take control myself I would love to suck my own dick but not then down uncomfortably do it I just wish I was here to and I could blow me my gang such a good little piece of the track Oh Mira Tarr is the best guy hey Dave Ling um half a second come here I’m not gonna show you where I’m at I just give me something funny here cuz like there’s something here I just don’t know what it is yet oh I thought you said a little at a time oh oh oh and then like an idiot you know like dumb underneath oh yeah just like a big dumb and do that move where the opacity like it pops out in the opacity lowers like you haven’t you duplicate it you make it grow bigger and then you lower the opacity as it progresses Oh gotcha Harley yeah an idea for muscles glasses coming we go Jurassic Park scene we have a cup of Jack Daniels and booze and we look in the ripple he’s like oh he’s coming like it’s Jurassic Park right you guys need to watch the scene from the movie oh my god it was a real deal like it was a big we were like trying to really simulate this like it was a big deal this shot bless you last time over here you want to come right here doesn’t look chill yeah if we put a pug on the table he trips out well we have to Hannibal Lecter the dog put a little muzzle on them and put them in a straitjacket look at that sexy mommy’s movie we ever changed people they people okay sure I don’t really know the line yeah there probably is still there yeah I’m [ __ ] it out you ready all right this is a sexy monument of what humanity used to be look at it yeah I was only doing these y’all done [ __ ] up now Mazal oh my god oh my god the transformation is complete when you pull it open the mirror just watch your lighting Kay yeah that’s nice pull that open whoa there are mcribs in there a lot of them holy [ __ ] Amir you did it stuffed ribs that’s never been done before that is the first time in the world in the history of the world you’ll get it oh [ __ ] Oh swallow it swallow it it’s how hot is that is that too hot you want to put it down for a second I don’t care how long Monty knows my family he’ll sue us we Tony Hawk’s mom I want you to know that happened at Tony Hawk to Monty I forgot about Tony Hawk a to me a little boiling hot like boiling hot oil is Mac there was actual still boiling oil and so what I’m saying is you could probably do a 900 if you try
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