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Sharks: The Scariest Animals In The Sea | Educational Videos For Kids

hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn about one of the most famous and scary fish let’s introduce you to the shark [Music] [Music] [Music] the first thing we should know about sharks is that they are fish and like all fish they have gills that allow them to breathe under water the body of the fish is covered with scales and in the case of the sharks their scales are so hard and rough that in older times their skin was used as sand paper there are so many types of sharks almost 400 some are as small as 15 centimeters they’re as small as a mobile phone and others such as the whale shark can reach up to 14 meters long they are longer than many of the lorries that can be seen on the roads there are also sharks with somewhat bizarre bodies like these hammerhead sharks sharks are carnivores and are characterized by being very good hunters they use their excellent sense of smell and their strong jaws full of fraser sharp and pointed teeth to hunt because they use them so much their teeth tend to fall out very easily but it’s not a problem for them because they grow back very easily during their lifetime they can have as many as 30 000 teeth that’s just incredible another interesting fact about sharks is that they can go without eating for six weeks roughly a month and a half that’s why sometimes they are so hungry sharks are cartilaginous fish which means their skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bone the most famous of all sharks is undoubtedly the great white shark the great white lives in warm waters and can weigh from 700 up to 1 100 kilos [Music] it’s body is large and robust it’s a little scary isn’t it the whale shark is the largest of all not only of the shark family but also of all the fish that live in the sea it weighs 20 tons around 20 000 kilos it also has a high life expectancy living between 70 and 100 years well that’s if we let them live in peace did you know that sharks are in serious danger of extinction there are many species of sharks that are on the brink of extinction and that puts all the oceans of the planet at risk in order to be healthy the oceans and seas need to have enough sharks to maintain the balance of populations between different species without this balance we don’t know what will happen but nothing good that’s for sure that’s why we have to take care of them we mustn’t throw garbage and plastics into the sea and we have to always protect nature picking up anything that can harm it because if we defend nature we defend all life and living beings including ourselves well you have already learned some important things about these wonderful fish and the sharks aren’t they just fascinating animals goodbye friends [Music]
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