Shaq, D-Wade And Candace Parker React To Damian Lillard’s 50-PT Performance | NBA On TNT Tuesday

and you hopefully just watched an incredible comeback from the portland trail blazers against this man zion williamson and the pelicans cj mccollum’s first game in two months the nine-year anniversary of lehi beaten duke got him cj mccollum great to have him back out there he was cooking earlier this season and he got his first signature shoe on tonight okay big deal first half leaning the first half though it was all pelicans went on to have a 17 point lead in this one look they’re a young team they come out with a lot of energy they just have to learn to be consistent especially in the second half and this is going to sound funny coming from a terrible free throw shooter but you got to hit them free throws at the end of the disclaimer i like this song 28 eight assists and five rebounds for zion 30 points six rebounds for ingram those two going on in the first half well adam lefko yes here’s the thing about this loss for them right it’s not a bad loss for them because they have let me tell you why let me tell you why all losses are bad but it’s not a bad loss for this young team because they have a great coach that’s going to allow them to learn from this game you got to remember this team may possibly be in that play-in game that we talked about and games losing games like this will help them in the long run if they learn from it you can learn from losses all star breaks we’ve been good friends a long time i’m happy to disagree with you you are you have you have your right to disagree let’s check this out we’re under five minutes pelicans are sitting on a 11-point lead again adam sorry i got producer keith in my ear saying hey we’re getting ready to interview the pelicans by dane and then here comes the trailblazer that was a huge rebound by dane blazer’s a 16-0 run to cut the lead to one zion though the nice finger roll to give them a four point lead so candice when the man is cooking 40 45 43 why do you continue to let him shoot don’t you at that point it was probably too late to double don’t you say especially late in the game let’s double dave and make somebody else shoot i feel like i feel like they tried to double dang i feel like they try hard enough oh yeah lonzo tried again to alexander walker bounces off giving the blazers a chance but the problem the problem is with young teams you get tired says he gets loose oh good d right there there you go what it is right there you go they call the foul he goes to the free throw line hits the first hits the second blazers lead and they go down the side on the block hey that’s a nice look what do you believe the fall this is good that’s a nice yeah one second jack do you know where he was wow that’s really nice too portland goes on to win this one 125 to 124 the 12 50 point game of dame lillard’s career first this season all of them have happened since the 2015 season in those games portland nine and three it’s just his third career game with 50 or more points and 10 or more assists and as i mentioned earlier they now are tied with the denver nuggets at fifth a crushing loss for new orleans that d wade thinks they’re going to learn from but for portland now we’re sitting here going we’ll learn cj mccollum and we’ll learn they want to learn he will learn big fellow you’re going to like that gun is going to make sure they’re going to learn but you can’t lose that game no you can’t lose a game you can’t let a man get 50 on you but here’s the thing we only 40 games into a season with a they got six of the eight rotation players are 23 and under like they’re gonna learn allow them to go through the process sir nope you need to get it now if we want to know what they’re to learn from remember we talked a few weeks ago stan van gundy would sit in the film room with zion and brandon ingram he may actually have to go in there with alexander walker and lonzo ball let’s take a look at how this game sort of came to a close here here’s the inbound play candice take me through what happened here yes uh i don’t know if he thought he was going back court which is what i thought right but usually i mean i don’t know you took him too hard but i think that was a catchable but the play let’s go back to the play if you look at bledsoe in the beginning he messes the play up what it seems like this is the time this is when you talk about a young team when it comes to these plays at the end of practice where coach go through these plays you gotta run these look at that you gotta run these plays and go through these plays so you know we were talking about him running right in front of lonzo and then he stopped gotcha and there’s confusion now going on so now it looked like a lot of confusion between ingram um as well as uh what about here how how did lillard get the ball and then the foul here’s the thing if everybody in the entire planet knew who was taking this right this shot super bowl yes this is a this is a foul that’s a foul that’s part of a ball no not your wrist not too not your right the outside of your hand no suppose i’m just asking no that’s a heck of a pass from the ball zion unable to get it to fall again zion had 28 points in this one eight assists five rebounds pelicans led by 17 and it all came crashing down with about five minutes to go but the blazers are here and we saw nurkic saying dame lillard mvp we’re gonna hear of other names it’s been embiid he’s hurt uh it’s been jokic now the blazers are tied with the nuggets is it time to start talking lillard he’s been carrying this team with all of these injured mr king and the mvps uh hell yes been carrying them playing the most feared man in the last couple seconds you know we say steph curry is the best shooter but dame dollar is the most feared man five seven you know three seconds left in the game only reason why i disagree with you wade because we can’t allow our youngsters to go on excuses oh they’re young no no you up 17 well guess what when they was up 17 they weren’t young so when you up 17 you got to do do that and then you know we can when you lose the game you have to you have to pounce on them but you can’t say oh where are you the time they say baby i might say i said they will learn from this and here you gotta win that game you know as a young player kenneth just said it you get it’s loose into the last five minutes and you get tight dang he gets loose right so this team these young guys they should have won this game but they have to learn from this if they’re going to go where we need them to go where we all want them to go well to jump off what shaq just said in terms of dame lillard he’s hit a shot a clutch shot against all 29 teams in the nba i think that’s stat we’ll get you that stuff by itself yeah i’d like to see that i want you to i want justin to check back justin back check that justin oh he’s hit a shot that would be a cool video yeah david so you know who’s going to get the ball and then secondly when you have a young team and i don’t know what the timeout was like with sand but for an inbounds play i think there were a lot of people like you said going to the ball and so i do think that when you’re young you try to be as simple as possible you know who you want a lot of things had to go wrong for them to lose this game ingram missing two free throws no doubt and then it seemed like lonzo didn’t throw the ball to ingram because he had missed two free throws before that interesting so i think there’s a trust factor that you get as you mature where you don’t want to throw the ball to somebody who’s open and shaq’s making a face but that’s true now you’re going too deep detectives you don’t know nothing about being in the game late to shoot free though so why are you even in this conversation sir sean’s bar here though but i’ll tell you what i’m i know how to catch the ball but do you know how to shoot a three
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