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Like this is the new, like, tote basket It just, like, folds up in your car And then you’re like “oh I need to go grocery shopping” Oh and my bags are really heavy so I need to hold it like this Look at that Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey And my name is Becky And we are the Sorry Girls And welcome back to edition of Thrift Flip Thrift store is our favourite place if you guys didn’t know We love upcycling and reusing older things for new things And today at the thrift store we are looking for items To maybe give us a cozy, wintery vibe Perhaps some home decor. I think it’s a little too close to Christmas to do gift ideas But I still love the winter vibe I think we can do something there Ok let’s go Oh, this is like a ca ndle wall sconce So it’s not plug in but, like, sconces are so in. I feel like we could make it less of this Get it Oh Anthro would sell that Should I leave this for somebody else or is that part of the makeover I already made it over. Now. As far as the shoot – man this mean be all Lading. I Was thinking about this this morning about how like thrifting in the thrift store has become so like trendy and in Like actual things you find at the thrift store Like I feel like Brett Han and like woven stuff we came in because it was always at the thrift store So it’s like we’re having a problem now because everything that exists as it is is now cute again, this is cute How do I change it? I don’t I just buy it I hope you’re just saying like nothing needs to be I was like old anymore The vibe is thrift store because like from the thrift store, is the vibe I don’t know but it’s a vibe because it’s from the thrift store, as is. That’s cool Do you think this is for an adult or a child? She’s free. That’s siiiiiiick Ooooo I don’t know how to break! Where’s that other one? Perfect, right? I can take off the handle, paint the pot. Oh, you’re not joking. I thought you were like “Look its a pot! its a pot stand!” Storage. TBD (to be determined) Oh my god, Kelsey. Oh my god. Joe Bros. My married men That just makes me sad. I was having a bad week Nick Jonas got married. weren’t we all Can we just get that in put a candle in it. Yes, we can. Are we going a little overboard on this candle video? (no) And we’re back! Merry Merry Christmas all. Okay, yeah, we got a bunch of different stuff and we’ll haul it for you quickly So here we got these little like tea light lanterns. We think they might be good ornaments Mm-hmm, not gonna do much to them, but they were to us each and these are in Canadian prices So if it sounds a little pricy to people in America It’s just how we how we live up here is our dollar that dollar though that dollar no, okay This little candle holder was eight bucks and it has this like awful fake flower leaf nonsense going on in the middle I think we can do something with it because the brass is actually really pretty. This is another little tea light I think that the circular Vai reminds me of the candle thing that we made and I might need you to try to bend this back into shape and We can do something with this. It was three dollars a little bit more crazy. Okay, we have this glass vase thing That was my bestest agency what we do with that. Mm-hmm. It doesn’t have anything to do with This I don’t know we were saying it looks like it could be like a pool cue holder but like for a mini set if you guys know what this is let us know but we picked it up and we’re gonna do Something with it and it was three dollars. This is actually interesting It is a wall sconce which wall sconces are super trendy right now, but it’s not electric It’s like for a candle no candle goes on the top and I really hate this glass shade, but I love the gold base. So Stay tuned. Are you guys gonna stay tuned are you I hope so and then lastly again I don’t think we’re gonna really do much to these but these are definitely like vintage glass vintage ornaments and for only four dollars I was like these look gorgeous on our tree. You don’t want the yellow beads. Oh my god. I Thought that was bubble wrap. So There’s not more ornaments in here. Sorry Okay, also lastly is this like… Test-tube flower a single flower vase thing. It was a dollar. I just love that. It’s so simple and minimal So we’re gonna do that with something. Okay, so let’s get started. Do you want to make a thing and I’ll make a thing Yeah, we’ll make a thing okay with making things. Okay. So first off I’m going to be Recreating something with this which we found out thanks to our Instagram fam at sorry girls Thanks for letting us know that this is a pipe holder, but we’re gonna turn it into something out so… my first step is to take off this stand part because I don’t know if you guys can see but it kind of looks like A mid-century modern plant stand it’s not gonna be for plants, but I think you see where I’m going with this so We have to try some things I have a feeling there’s screws under this felt we shall find out So I peeled back the felt on the bottom because I thought I would find screws under there holding everything together But guess what? Nothing was in there. It turns out that it was actually just like dowels shoved together So I just took a mallet and I hammered it apart And maybe we can do something this this piece but we are Okay I stopped going down because like and then I shortened the legs a little bit so that It would lay flat and I glued everything back together including the little brass pieces on the bottom and now I have my little stand it looks like this little OQ if anyone wants to upcycle a pipe holder, you’re gonna have your perfect little plant stand it’s so cute But my next step is to take this glass jar Vase that we got and make a little winter terrarium scene in it. It’s gonna be really cute and to make this winter scene There’s a couple different things that we’re gonna need I actually went to the craft store and picked up some cute little trees and a little deer But the main base we needed was snow so we went to the buck food store. And when we ended up picking up was pickling salt so our first idea was like sugar or salt, but we found that this pickling salt is really Chunky, and it looks like exactly like snow before I start assembling any of that The first thing I do is I think it’s called walking I’m going to add snow to my little trees here because That makes it look like it’s been outside and it snowed and my big tree already has some snow So I’m just gonna take some white paint and paint the edges and the top branches of these little mini trees So while those dry I’m going to start on my lights so I have my little string lights here and this is gonna make it cozy and Magical and I’m gonna put this in a ziplock bag just cuz I don’t know the salts gonna do to the lights. I Should be fine But you know just want to be careful and then I took my mini trees and I started wrapping the lights around the trees starting with the end of the string lights and then when I was done that I put the battery pack and coiled up the lights in the bottom of my glass jar and Then I covered those with snow and by snow. I mean pickling salt and then all that’s left to do is Snuggle in my trees and bury them in the snow a little bit and then I just made sure that I remembered where the battery pack was that I could stick my finger in there and turn off and on the lights and I’m also gonna remember this by putting My little Bambi deer on top of the battery pack. I kind of symbolizes with the switches Usually I find stuff Oh blooper, baby Usually I find stuff like this really kitschy But I think this is adorable and I think just the fact that I be DIY dit. I like it a lot more So the last step is to deal with this stand I think just putting it on the stand it could work But I want to cover these holes since they don’t really serve a purpose anymore. We since we’re not holding pipes here so I’m just gonna take some gold sticky foil paper and Cover it and cut it to size And then my light-up winter terrarium scene is all done and it’s beautiful and I love it and it’s cozy Okay, so next up I’m gonna attempt to upcycle this candle wall sconce into something a little cuter So it’s got a lot of frillies going on literally like the glass shade It’s very frilly and then this is kind of ornate But I would love to find a way to make it more like minimal and simple So I think my first step is gonna be figuring out how to take this glass shade off So I’m taking apart this whole wall sconce just to see what it’s made of and how much comes apart I took the gold tube off and the top and obviously the shade as well all that unscrew really easily and Then I’m gonna use a hacksaw to cut off the threading and the little filigree Fancy little curvy part at the tops and sets not the right vibe a simple little hacksaw should cut through metal very easily So I now have what is a much smaller much more simple much more minimal wall sconce base I thought I might leave like the gold tube. But once I started taking stuff away, it just felt good So now we’re here So the other thing that I did buy at the thrift store that you saw was haul was this like very simple Test tube s flower vase. So what I want to do is attach it here So we now have a very simple single candlestick holder So first up I superglued the little gold base to the actual goals of the wall sconce and tells it in place for a couple Of minutes until it dried and then I went in with more super glue and super glue the actual glass buzzed on To the base of the wall sconce. It wasn’t holding as well. I think because I had to hold it in place It was a bit wobbly as it dried so I came in at the very end and Added some hot glue to the base because you won’t really see it at all and it just makes sure that everything is 100% secure So once everything is dried, it looks like this and this is really cute So the only thing we did think about is if you put a what do they call not pillar candles? No, but pillars are the big ones Stick can’t candle stick Fire me I have myself fire me So the only thing we could think about is if you put a real candle stick in here I haven’t tested it, but my science knowledge thinks that when the flame gets lower It might go out because it’s lack of oxygen down here So we’re gonna be putting a faux candle stick in here like the ones that are battery-operated They didn’t do the nice little flicker thing because then it will look real and stay on And as a final touch a for styling points and B to help the candle stay up We’re going to pour some of our leftover pickling salt from our little winter terrarium into the bottom to put the candlestick in And the best part about me disassembling this wall sconce is That this part of the wall sconce can actually still be used at the own minimal candle holder as well so we made two things out of one and Last year going to make a couple changes and style the remainder of things we picked up from the thrift store to complete this wintery holiday thrift store upcycle Okay, I was honestly a little bit nervous when we we’re at the thrift store shopping I feel like we were just picking up a bunch of different things but I’m really excited about all these and I think the mood oh So cozy so warm and glowy and wintry and just like, oh, I love everything. I love candles I need more candles in my life and that little winter scene upcycled was like it was a moment for me Like I did not know what we’re doing start with those things until it all came together Seriously, that’s like one of my favorite things and it’s so not me like a kid She’s seen like that is not me. But as soon as you’re like this could be sold at West I’m I’m like, yeah girl as soon as you’re like, oh, it’s mid-century. Yeah, but yeah of it I hope you guys like these as well to us. Which one was your favorite below? Yes and if you guys liked this video make sure you give it a like as always and if you loved it increase of it and We’ll see you in our next video You
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkCWI2jYV7w

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