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Sesame Roast Chicken | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

i’m gonna cook for my family the most brilliant but completely bunkers roast chicken dish we’re gonna marinate it with a kimchi marinade we’re gonna glaze it with a kimchi glaze and then i’m gonna use this kimchi also to dress like a whole load of vegetables to make the most beautiful rainbow slaw ever so let’s do it chicken you can go aside for a minute first up the kimchi i’m going to put it into a liquidizer 300 grams and i’m going to add some water 100 mils goes in like that i’m going to take some ginger a nice big fat thumb size piece of ginger goes in here with the water and i’m just going to give it a little bit of a hip of olive oil and a swig of vinegar red or white wine vinegar and we’re going to whiz that up full of flavor so i’m gonna use this in three ways so one third in this roasting tray as a marinade right and then over here i’m gonna create a glaze just take two or three tablespoons of really nice honey one two the honey turns this into a shiny sticky tacky glaze and then this last third that will become the most incredible dressing for a beautiful rainbow slaw so let’s do it chicken into the marinade this is the time to earn your flavor get it in all the cracks and crannies in between the little wings around the legs in the cavity so let me just wash my hands okay just put a little swig of water in so the chicken goes in the oven 180 degrees celsius which is 350 fahrenheit for an hour and 20 minutes halfway through i’ll take it out i’ll baste all the beautiful juices on top i might add a little bit more water and that’s going to be the most beautiful succulent crispy skin chicken ever [Music] so the chicken’s had about an hour of roasting i’ve given it a nice little base i want to show you the next part of the story first up i’m gonna toast some sesame seeds so just put that on a high heat and just kind of toss it around like this it doesn’t take very long look at that so in this same pan i’m going to do rice get your reliable builders mug and fill it up with basmati rice this is perfect for four to six people and then two mugs of water tiny little pinch of salt lid on top medium-high heat about 12 minutes works every single time let’s get this chicken and let’s get to business just have a look at this lovely chicken wow come on so i’m gonna go with the lovely glaze here and i’m just gonna embellish now is the fun bit you take your everyday chicken and you give it a proper makeover i love this bit because essentially i’m pebble dashing this lovely glazed chicken with sesame seeds what i want to do is take that last third of our kimchi sauce and i’m going to take a pack of tofu i’ll whiz it up and that will become the most incredible dressing for a beautiful crunchy rainbow veg slaw it’s going to be amazing the slaw the rice the chicken come on so the tofu gives it an amazing gorgeous silky texture now what i’m going to do is just add pre-prepped veg so now just get your hands in and dress it up so let’s plate it up fork cup that rice fantastic steamy light rice look at that that is a roast chicken dinner like you’ve never seen before oh it’s just unbelievable that kimchi has been a flavor gift that has kept on going come on let’s get in there oh so good i think my lot are gonna love it
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