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September Favorites!

– Hey, guys! Cassey here. And welcome to our September Faves! I had so much fun doing last month’s faves that I’ve literally spent the last 30 days trying to think of things that
I wanted to tell you about in this video. So, you guys, ready? All right.
I have so many good things. We are going to announce
the Star of the Show, one thing that you should
never, ever, ever, ever buy, and then one thing you should try. So I’m gonna start off
with what’s closest to me. And I don’t know if you’ve had this before but this is Trader Joe’s
Organic Creamy Tomato Soup. And it is my for-avorite soup. For-aver? Why did I say that? My favorite soup of all time. It is just creamy. It’s perfect. If you really wanna thin it down, add some almond milk or some water. But really? This is really, really good. It does have a bit of sodium. So if you can make this fresh, go for it. If not, this is a great alternative. Next, we have, it’s a
thing called Soycutash. Now, I had never bought this before but sometimes, once in a while, I’ll buy a couple things
from the frozen aisle that seem interesting, and once in a while, you do hit a jam. This was definitely a jam. So, this is a mixture of
edamame, corn, and red pepper. And I don’t know, it’s very sweet, almost very creamy, very filling, and I love putting it in my eggs scrambled to give it that extra protein. So, guys, if you want
to try something new, at Trader Joe’s, and it’s pretty cheap. I think it’s, like, under
$1.99, maybe? Or $2 something? Try the Soycutash, okay? Now, I know some of you, who have been following my Instagram, saw that I just got cases
of Justin’s Almond Butter. And this stuff is amazing, okay. And I am planning a really cool video so wait for that later. But, seriously. If you’ve
ever tried Justin’s, you know what I’m talking about. This almond butter is creamy,
it’s slightly crunchy, and the maple version, uh, it just gives the perfect
amount of sweetness, it is absolutely so good, I could literally eat this whole thing if it wasn’t sticking on the
roof of my mouth all the time. But, seriously, if you’re looking for your
next almond butter, this is it. Star of the Show, I am just
going to tell you right now is, tan-tan-tan, my mini
terrarium. Isn’t it cute? Look at those little flowers
and that little cacti and that little moss. It’s so adorable. I was actually at the Santa
Monica Third Street Promenade. And I was walking by and all these, like, little plants were just,
like, screaming at me. Okay, maybe they weren’t screaming. But they were just calling to me and I just had to have it. I place this right by my computer and it really just
makes me feel very calm. I love this thing. I
think it costed about $30. But I barely have to water
it and it stays alive, which is great for me
because for some reason, I really don’t have a green
thumb. So this is good. If you guys want a really
nice present to give, terrariums are excellent. Next is my favorite
protein bar of the month. This is the SR Bar and,
actually, is paleo-approved and made of 100% natural ingredients. You’re gonna be amazed but not too much because this is how all
foods should be made. Listen to the ingredient list. Medjool dates, 100% egg white protein, almond butter, organic
unsweetened coconut, almonds, and honey. Doesn’t that sound absolutely delicious? And it tastes absolutely delicious too. And it kind of has that consistency of, well, it’s very chewy and it
sticks all over your mouth, but kind of in a good peanut
butter sticking to your teeth and the roof of your mouth kind of way. This is what it looks like.
It is absolutely so delicious. All right. Moving further down the line, I’m gonna show you my number one thing that has been making my
travels so much easier. For me, when I travel,
I really hate packing. So anything that makes
that process a lot easier is just amazing. So this bag, I got at Target. The brand is London Soho New York. I think that’s a brand, I’m not even sure. But look at this. It
holds all of my makeup and, basically, my, like, bath
essentials all in one pack. Over here, my brush holder and right here, just, like, my tooth
brush and my mouthwash, and all that kinds of
stuff. Contact lens case. So, seriously, this doesn’t seem like much but it’s so much better than
having five different baggings of all sorts of things and Ziploc bags. This is, seriously, made
traveling not as bad for me. Literally, probably made
traveling 50% better for me. So, if you do travel a lot or, you know, you have to go to a
sleepover or something, this is a perfect case to take with you. Because it’s fall, I bought
myself a little pumpkin. So, this is my fave of the month because it really puts me
in the mood for autumn. It makes me think about all the leaves that are changing colors
on the East Coast. And I’m really excited to be
coming to Boston soon, guys, and to be doing a meetup and seeing you. And I can’t wait to see the fall foliage. So, anyway, in California, I decided to buy myself a little pumpkin to put me in the mood. Next month, though, bigger pumpkin. All right, guys. So this is my fall
fashion find of the month. Here are these cute little wedge booties that make absolutely no sense, unless you’re in a really hot place because they’re peep toe. I always wonder about that. But, anyway, they’re absolutely so cute and you always have to
have your nails done when you wear these. These are by 7 for All Mankind and they absolutely look like combat girl chic fashionista. So I love wearing these
with a pair of shorts and a chunky sweater. But definitely when it gets colder, I’ll be wearing those leggings. So, these shoes? My fave. Let me know in the comments below what boots you are starting
to buy because, seriously, my favorite part of fall, besides the new food and things, is the new fashion that comes in and the cozier looks that
you get to play with. So the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The never ever, ever, ever, ever do not buy product of the month. You know, I was afraid
I wouldn’t have one. But guys, look at this. Trader Joe’s Sriracha sauce. What? I know. I know. But look how liquidy that is. As you know, I am a Sriracha freak. I don’t have Sriracha in my faves because it is just like a lifetime fave. And I decided to give Trader
Joe’s Sriracha sauce a try because they have the
green cap, and, like, the bottle with the white writing. And, you know, what? It just really, it didn’t
cut it for me. At all. It tasted watery. It wasn’t spicy. It tasted like a fraud, like a counterfeit. I suggest that if you
are a true Sriracha fan, do not buy this but anything
else at Trader Joe’s is okay. But, seriously, I don’t know what to do with the rest of this bottle. Maybe I’ll make some hot and sour- (indistinct) Now, my iPhone case is
definitely a fave of mine that keeps me sane wherever I go. Now, I’m gonna tell you about this case. See that mirror on the
back? It’s really cool. And it also holds credit
cards and IDs right here. So it’s kind of like
your one-stop iPhone case for everything if you
were not carrying around any type of a purse. But this case was actually
sent to me by Togs, mobile Togs, when I was in New York. And I went to a meeting and I completely left my purse at home with all my money and
my cards and everything. And I tweeted it out, later. “Oh my God, I couldn’t even
get in to the building” and everything. So they sent me this case, and seriously, it has been a lifesaver. Not only because of
the credit card holder, plus, I can also check
my teeth after I eat, and that is always really important. Plus, whenever I give my phone to someone to take a picture of me and my friends, there was like, “Oh, it has a mirror!”. So, definitely, fave case of the moment. So, guys, that was my September faves. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below if you like any of these things and if you have any questions. And also let me know if
there is something else that I should be trying. So, until then, I will see you guys later. And I love you so much. Bye!
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