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Secret Sex Parties Of The Mega-Rich | Informer

the hotel industry is a wild experience that helps you understand how disconnected the wildly wealthy are i’ve seen the darker side of humanity suicides murders spousal abuse human trafficking that stays with you for a long time one weekend a large group of around 60-ish people they wanted to purchase out the entire hotel so they could just turn it into a giant orgy the cost about property was upwards of 250 000 for two nights at a time that says you’ve got money to spend they left a nightmare room blood feces siemens fans one of my doll boys came up and was like i’ve got a black light i’m curious he turned it on and i remember we like we looked down and saw the stains we looked to the sides and saw him on the wall at one point in the bathroom we looked up and saw them all in the ceiling and we were just like how how do you do this this is not human were you on the ceiling i worked as an operations manager for around 10 plus years i’ve worked in hotels where the average daily rate is anywhere from like 99 and then all the way up to fatigue properties where the average cost is around 1400 per night in general the higher up that price value the more common it is to be treated like you’re less than human the people who are coming to visit you famous pop stars russian oligarchs they have a private plane that they get on a private vehicle with all tinted blocked out windows sometimes they have security squads they’ll snap their fingers at them very large sense of entitlement where if they approach the desk they are the only thing that exists to you in that moment and that’s what they came to expect from that level of entering a luxury hotel [Music] most people who visit boutique hotels are not coming for business they’re there for pleasure there was a group of fabulously wealthy individuals you can definitely get a sense of how much wealth they actually have when they’re talking about things like buying a fleet of boeings in the lobby casually they bought out this entire property they were spending as much as a luxury wedding and uh is basically a giant swinger’s orgy you’d have people having sex in the pool people laying on our wine bars naked a couple having sex on a balcony in plain view so you’re looking up at it quite an angle and every single room would have a different theme and a safe word posted outside of the door the one that stands out to me was there’s a mermaid themed room it was actually kind of impressive the details they went so it’s very like under the sea vibe there was a wild west room there was the straight straight-up bdsm room one couple we had to talk to while they were naked they would purposely wait to start having sex until housekeeping wanted to clean the room they wanted somebody to watch the day after they had all departed i got a call from housekeeping saying that one of the showers is busted and i go take a look at it and they had hack sawed off the actual shower piece the shower head and attached a four foot long anal probe hose to it with multiple settings on the other end and uh that was as disgusting as you can imagine uh after all of the uh the drama and mental scarring that we put up with for this this orgy buyout group probably between about 30 staff i want to say we made 20 boxing tips i found myself on more than one occasion getting stuck in awkward situations between husbands their lovers and then the actual wife the worst case scenario was husband and wife shared credit cards naturally and she started seeing the hotel show up on the books and she stormed in like slammed bank statements down it’s like i know my husband’s here you guys are lying to me we have to just say you know i’m so sorry we don’t have anyone here by these by this name and uh meanwhile we can literally hear them having sex upstairs apparently she didn’t notice the sounds were uh familiar to her which might be a sad statement on their marriage actually the problem with working with the fabulously wealthy is that they often assume that the staff is there at their beck and call regardless of what the request is it was really common for the high rollers to approach attractive staff members and essentially just ask them hey if i pay you x amount of dollars will you meet me in my room later tonight and knock my brains out that’s a quote from someone sadly had a very busty gorgeous front desk woman at uh one hotel and someone came down and offered her quite a bit of money in front of management and at the moment she naturally declined i have security cameras in all the halls and seeing that person sneak out around 2 am was definitely a little suspicious the most shocking example was an incident where the wedding was around 2pmish that day come nightfall one of our event staff slept with the wife and ended up getting caught it turned into quite a big deal with screaming and shouting and all this stuff he hid in a bathroom in a supply closet until the heat died down and then he just walked into the front office and clocked out like nothing ever happened his uh his mom happened to be in charge of events so she made sure he didn’t get terminated the demographics of the staffs who work at hotels are usually pretty evenly split if you’re an attractive white person who speaks english quite well you’re probably going to be reservations front desk something visual if you’re not of that ethnicity just because they have an accent and that might not present well to your guests your most likely bet is that you’re going to get housekeeping if you’re working at a decent property you could probably get 10 to 15 an hour as a front desk host if you’re housekeeping you’re maybe getting nine to ten it was wildly unfair we were actually advised to handle our housekeeping teams under the concept of divide and conquer telling them you know oh well so-and-so’s teams much better than yours you should really try to keep up with the mexican team it creates that toxic environment this prevented the entire housekeeping team from uniting together and presenting concerns and i saw that kind of model in multiple hotels in retrospect i can safely say that the hours they made me work the the wild situations you’d run into it’s a miracle that i never got in a really bad car accident commuting it slowly burns you out in a way that you can’t explain until you’re out of it you just kind of know something’s wrong and you’re not happy the biggest thing that the public doesn’t understand about the hotel industry is that there are wild things happening behind closed doors every single day fabulously wealthy individuals are wild everything happens behind closed doors and hotels [Music] you
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