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Secondary Sector: Jobs And Their Classification | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] hello happy friends already know that jobs are divided into three sectors primary a production sector secondary or manufacturing sector and tertiary or service sector today we’re going to work in a secondary sector [Music] the secondary sector has jobs which transform raw materials into elaborated products and the main activities which this sector are factories or industries crafts [Music] and constructions we’re going to get to know a little more about each one of these activities [Music] factories or industries are able to produce elaborated products with machinery they are usually large buildings where lots of people work a large quantity of products are produced the industry can be classified into base industries [Music] usage industries and equipment industries [Music] base industries transform raw materials into semi-elaborated products they produce products which act as raw materials for other industries for example they produce wooden boards from trees usage industries transform semi-elaborated products into products which are directly sold to people [Music] for example the chairs which are made with wooden boards from trees [Music] equipment industries produce machinery or technology used for other industries for example they make saws hammers and nails to be able to build chairs industries can also be classified according to the raw materials they use and the products they make there are chemical industries which produce for example plastic food industries who produce nutritional products [Music] or automobile industries producing cars [Music] crafts are made by craftsmen [Music] they create their works in small workshops and they develop the products with their own hands and very simple machines like this sculpture or these craftsmen making handbags [Music] construction is in charge of completing whole buildings and engineering works such as bridges tunnels or roads the truth is that the amount of buildings and grades constructed is incredible don’t you think now we’ve got to know the secondary sector but there’s something very important which you need to know and we cannot forget there are lots of factories which are gravely contaminating our air flow and water they look for their own economic profit without thinking of the damage they produce to all surroundings that’s why we’re asking everyone who works in the secondary sector to take care of our planet don’t stump residue into nature and use clean and renewable energies this is the only way we can achieve a better world [Music] you
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