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Scratching The World’s Most Expensive Cars

all right look at those scratches oh my god you see that that’s really in there on there [Music] oh that’s a deep scratch you see it yeah i’ve got my scratch brush and my dirty water come with me which one which one’s the next victim i’m actually gonna go for the mclaren center a one and a half million dollar car you choose the panel you choose where should i scratch front yeah yeah all right ready so this is really really hard you guys this is a hard bristle this can scratch really badly all right [Applause] sorry senna i’m just like casually scratching a one and a half million dollar mclaren center all right now for the dirty water i’ve just flipped some on the ground so you can see just how dirty this is all right okay are we ready sported the next victim over here actually can i get a little mixer because i want all the dirt to come out the more dirt the better thank you all right ready oh look at that look at that one half is still full of dirt and this one it’s almost all gone straight away i’m in one of the craziest showrooms in the world it’s ozone here in qatar just look around millions and millions of dollars worth of cars now let me tell you guys what is going on you see that right up there lumar they have a new paint protection film called valor and this is what they’ve got here so they’ve actually just protected half of the bonnet with this valor it’s on this side you saw all of the dirt just run off all right so let’s go back to these other supercars just to show you why i was scratching them to oblivion obviously i didn’t hurt them so come and check this out what it can do hey guys look they’re actually working on it now they’re putting on valor ppf so it’s basically like a thin film here you see and they cut it out specifically to the car you can just see how like oh it’s just not shiny anymore this is beautiful and shiny this is just all scratched up now what we’re gonna do is heal it nathan water thank you so much all right hot water that’s all you need watch this pour over the scratch all the way down look at this it’s already healing itself heals you guys it self heals look it’s done that’s all the scratches are gone look that’s unbelievable there are no scratches just my fingerprint that’s it no scratch that’s unbelievable guys this is ammar guys he is the owner of this incredible new showroom here in qatar thank you so much for having me ozone there it is the people who trust him with their million dollar cars they’re all in this showroom to get that paint protection film for people who live in hot countries like me and amar you just drive around in the sun and you come back after like 10 minutes in the sun or whatever and you’ve got no more scratches you guys want to see what i can do with this brick scratch right this is this is bad because this is so deep what you’d have to do is actually just remove this panel and replace it that’s it let’s see please please please oh wow nothing nothing oh wow what look here are all the scratches and nothing here absolutely nothing so imagine a rock flying into your car and you you’re like ah no worries it’s fine we’ll just replace it or we’ll just pour some hot water over it boom it’s done you can get the paint protection film so again it’s called valor guys it’s like a new generation has new technology and everything you can get it that’s fine but you need to make sure you have the right people to install it correctly so it actually works the way it should and just for like a few thousand dollars it means that you’re not going to get scratches on your car honestly i was thinking you know nick you know how you scratch my rims sorry alex uh whoops my bad again it wasn’t me it was it was nice sure yeah that’s right that uh curb jumped out in front yeah i think maybe we should get uh some some paint protection on our rims yes yes they do that they do do it okay yeah uh we get that done fine can we get that done asap please all right let me show you just how strong a valerie is ready guys okay pull it tight pull it tight okay okay ready here we go here we go look at that that is mad wow now we’re gonna self-heal it with some heat boom it’s gone that is mad good work guys good work good job i cannot leave this showroom without starting up some of these babies these are all cold starts so they’re gonna sound epic now the start button is actually up here in the center you ready next i love lamborghini i mean just look at this it just feels like you’re a fighter pilot ready [Applause] just such a beast so loud ready very typical mclaren sound the key with this one actually goes in and then you turn and now it’s actually on you can’t hear anything because it’s hybrid it goes into electric mode so you need to switch it into see how it’s in hybrid here into sport one more stallone well if that doesn’t make you feel cool i don’t know what will end and start stop you got to keep learning where all the start stop buttons are because they’re different in every car you ready [Applause] oh that was like exhausting my heart rate all right get out without touching anything i’ve done it alright i hope you guys enjoyed that [Music]
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