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Scallop Tartare With Bacon & Beetroot | Nathan Outlaw

[Music] hi foodtubers i’m nathan outlaw and i’m a seafood chef and today i’m going to show you how to make scalloped tartar with pickled beetroot and a bacon dressing the three things together are fantastic the saltiness from the bacon the lovely raw scallops and the bee root together perfect the first thing we need to do is beet roots i’m going to just use the red stuff so we’ve got some here that’s already been boiled let that cool down peel the outside off and we’re going to dice it up make sure you give these a good wash just peel the cooked beetroot so apart from actually grilling some bacon that’s the only cooking that’s involved in this dish so it’s a nice quick dish cut this beetroot as small or as big as you like i like to cut it quite small i’m going to show you how i like it okay so that’s what you’re looking for that sort of size beetroot and you get nice fingers like that now you need to make the marinade we need a shallot a couple of cloves of garlic as well in fact these are quite big ones so just one red wine vinegar and some sherry vinegar as well a little bit of thyme you can use any other hard herbs but for me thyme’s really really good with the combination of everything clover garlic nice thin slices down if you wanted to just crush the garlic but i like to have it a little bit finer the finer the garlic is the better sherlock so we’re just going to take off any of the the pieces like that are a bit woody they’re not going to be very nice slice down keep the root on that way you’ll keep the whole thing together and it won’t spread all over the board you want to run the knife through the actual shallots the garlic and the thyme just so it’s a bit smaller so when you’re eating it you don’t get big lump of any of them ingredients okay so we’re going to take half of that in with the in the beet roots if you’ve got any left over save that it’s perfect to just throw into a sauce or into your stock pot now we’re going to add some red wine vinegar about a tablespoon an equal with sherry the difference between these two vinegars this one’s a little bit sweeter and it’s got more oakiness to it that’s again another tablespoon and the red wine vinegar is just acidity but it’s got that lovely sort of red wine tanning into it as well so we’re going to add a little bit more salt a touch of pepper we’ve got some lovely rapeseed oil here this is a british dish so i use rapeseed oil the nuttiness from the rapeseed works great with the earthiness from the beetroot give that a little mix that’s the marinated beetroot dressing for the actual scallop dish ideally you want to keep it like this for a couple of hours and it just softens the ingredients that are in there okay so the next thing we need to do is make some mayonnaise and the base of a mayonnaise is always your eggs so we need to separate the eggs and get the yolks out two egg yolks you can use vinegar or you can use lemon but we’re going to use lemon this time works much better with the scallops a little bit of mustard as well you can use any any sort of mustard not too much though because it’s very very strong it’s about that much give it a good whiff olive oil is really strong so by the time i’ve made the mayonnaise it’ll overpower everything that’s in the dish i’m going to use something like this which is sunflower oil just a real sort of basic almost flavorless oil it’ll just give us the body for the mayonnaise so start yourself off slow once you’ve got that emulsion you can go faster you can add more you can do it in a machine but it’s much more fun doing it like this okay so what you’re looking for is that sort of texture the mayonnaise you can see nice and thick almost like a thick custard it looks like so gonna add a little bit of salt and pepper to it and that’s it so that mayonnaise will be fine in the fridge for maybe two or three days now for the star of the show the scallops these are hand-dyed scallops from scotland but i’ve kept the shells because i want to present them in there but also you’ve got these lovely scallop meat but basically you’re looking for it to be nice and bright fresh the rose need to be intact as well especially if you’re buying them live one thing that’s very important when you’re doing raw dishes you make sure everything is really really clean you want your board to be clean you’re nice to be clean your hands to be really clean so the scallops i use are always hand dive scallops which is a good thing it’s obviously a sustainable way of fishing i’m going to cut these scallops almost like a dice you can cut it into a slice if you want i think it just eats really really well that way okay so that’s all the scallop meat there we’ve got some more shallot we’ve got an apple and we’ve got some chives so we’re just going to chop some fresh up you’ll need about half of this nice and fine the ends of the chives sometimes are a little bit tough so i just removed them as i said before i don’t chuck anything away so it all gets used for something in the end and then we’ve got some apple we’re going to take half of the apple to bring the whole thing a bit of freshness a little bit of zing now this is a cox’s apple a brae burn um or a granny smith will work really well so same sort of size as the scallops and the beetroot already the last ingredient i’m going to put in with the scallops is a gherkin i think these are fantastic so one of these is going in there as well i obviously haven’t seasoned it with salt yet but i’m going to use bacon instead of my scene and everybody knows bacon’s great so i’ve got here is some bacon that has been crisped up this is a cold dish fat sort of solidifies and it’s not very nice to eat so make sure you crisp the bacon right up really get rid of all that fat chop it down almost like the sort of size of rock salt okay so we take all these ingredients and add them to the scallops and we’ve got a little bit of gherkin going in there as well just be careful with the bacon not too much so we’ve got that lovely mayonnaise that we’ve already made you just want to bind it you don’t want too much one maybe one and a half tablespoons off of the actual mayonnaise mix the whole thing together at this stage you really really need to taste it make sure you’ve got the balance of everything right i think it needs a little bit more bacon just a little bit more bacon i think you’re missing something if you don’t try scallops raw they’re a fantastic protein they’ve got a lovely sweet softness to them i’m ready to serve now this is ready so i’m gonna have a quick clean down and i’ll show you how to plate it up okay so we’re gonna plate this up now i’ve kept the shell so i think they’re really nice way to present this dish and then we’re just going to split this mix between four shells this is enough for two people for a starter so we’re gonna have uh two shells each you could do this with really good fresh salmon brill’s actually a very good fish that’s available okay so we’ve got the scallops in the in the dishes this is the pickled beetroot that we did earlier on we’re going to put that on there as well and what that beetroot does when you’ve left it to marinade it produces this lovely lovely sort of dressing at the bottom a few wedges of lemon use lime if you want to i think lemon’s perfect and we’ve got some sourdough that we just toasted i’ll tell you what if i come around to your house and you serve me up there i’ll be very very happy all we need to do now is to taste it what the sweetness of the scallops the acidity the earthiness from the beetroot the lovely freshness from the apple the chives the vinegar the lemon you get right at the back there the bacon it is pretty good so there you go food tubers there’s my scallops tartare with pickled beetroot and uh hey bacon seasoning don’t let dj bbq get his hands on them you get your hands on them try this recipe leave your comments below tell tell me what you want me to cook on foodtube and i’ll try and do it thanks a lot [Music] [Music] you
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