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Runaway SUV | Alaska State Troopers

[Music] we’re pursuit of a Cadillac Escalade that APD attempted to stop and it failed to yield for them trooper cook pushes his state-issued Dodge Charger toward its top speed of 129 miles per hour [Music] it’s a potent weapon in a high-speed pursuit [Music] kay 30:17 chases like these are extremely dangerous so the troopers must coordinate all pursuing units and send extra units ahead of the Chiefs to help bring it to a save in 2031 would be 22 there’s a mobile swag rolling up on 19 we are at Mile 46 [Music] [Music] Kirk catches up with two trooper units but there’s still a half-mile back from the suspect 17 hahaha [Music] it’s not long before he catches up with the suspect drive light traffic you got the vehicle on the right side I can take lead if you want [Music] cook floors the charger and moves into lead position [Music] 10:4 as driving is erratic almost lost about a sweeping left hand curve laughing another two equal together four miles ahead troopers prepare to deploy a spike strip spike strips are designed to rapidly deflate tyres bringing dangerous high-speed pursuits to a quick and safe in 8422 confirm your setup at 66 [Music] as they approach the spike strip cook backs off we’re at Mile 65 I’m gonna back off 1/4 mile the spike strip is ready to go at the other end of the bridge 8422 were coming up to the bridge and he’s in the left-hand Lane [Music] did he hit the spikes the suspect calls to the extreme left side of the road into oncoming traffic to avoid the obstacle copy got around 1b 1722 confirmed his continued they’re the troopers call off the pursuit for Public Safety there’s a construction zone 10 miles north Cooke backs off even further just lost sight of a mile 73 we discontinued the pursuit it’s getting in their construction zone which is gravel road we identified the driver and it’s too much of a risk for the motoring public for us to continue this pursuit we’ll catch up to him we know who it is we’ve identified the vehicle and we’ve identified the driver based on prior contact with APD and he’s a felon from what I can understand he won’t get away we’ll catch up to
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