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Oh where’s my remote, my reveal remote it’s missing hold on I’m having a moment Hi everyone my name is Kelsey my name is Becky, and we’re the sorry girls We have back with another episode of our dorm series sponsored by v8 plus energy We are here today doing Sonja and Emily’s room. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited they love Rihanna They’re studying life sciences, and they are the birthday reps for their dorm, which means they’re in charge of celebrating Everybody’s birthday, which is pretty cool job to have but today We’re celebrating them and making over in their dorm room, so we previously met with the girls We have kind of an idea of what we think we want to do in this room, but first things first We got to kick them out, so we can get to work. Are you guys good to go to class? Okay? You’re gonna have to leave for us to redo your room. We will see you later. Bye Okay, so we’re starting with the desks we want to bring some organization to the desks we brought these cute boxes They look really chic But we kind of noticed that they might be a little bit too big for these shelves So we’re gonna head to the store and see if we can find some more Let’s go! Let’s do this! All right, we’re back we got some baskets. They’re very on theme yeah, they’re really cute I’m excited so now we’re ready to stock these shelves and make them look cute Okay next up we had this idea to cover the cork boards with some material because I mean this is pretty plain and it can Look cute but this is way way cuter We love this jewel tone so I’m just gonna use a stapler and staple it to the cork board And they’ll still be able to use the cork board through the fabric We also have this cork board over here off to the side And we’re going to turn this into art using the same fabric that we just used for these back cork boards But also adding this quote that we cut out with our electronic cutter And I also think we can do something with these pastel baby blue curtains with a little bit of extra scrap fabric So we’re almost done this desk area And we asked Emily if she wanted a makeup mirror because we noticed she didn’t have one and she was like yes it is So hard to go to the communal washroom and do your makeup so we’re hooking her up with a wireless Makeup mirror and usually these are a hundred dollars. We found this one online for only 35 and we’ll link it below for you guys if you want Okay, we’re moving on to the fireplace here. Hold on, they have a fireplace in their room This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen especially in a dorm room, so we absolutely want to do something with it Yeah, it doesn’t work, but we’re gonna dress it up Their whole room we’re kind of doing like this chic cozy vibe with jewel tones So this only adds that yeah, they said Rihanna So we want to work with kind of her style a little bit you notice We did a Rhianna quote earlier so we’re working with that, yeah, and we’re going to keep it going Yeah, um okay, so I have a question yeah Why is there a rock and a pipe in the fireplace that doesn’t work, okay? This is part of the fireplace, but like I feel like we can take this out And they’re not gonna be sad about it set that rock free should we let it free outside, let it go, okay? Be free Live your best life So we noticed some chips on their mantle, and we found a black sharpie So we’re just gonna color them in because sometimes it’s the little things and the details that make the biggest difference So we have this pretty much done and ready for final touches that we will address later But we still have a whole other half of the room to do. Yeah, we should probably get started Okay, guys on this side of the room They have their beds and they have their closets and something that’s really bad about back here Is it’s so dark they told that to us when we came here? They’re like you fix one thing it’s make this end of the room bright, so we’re gonna try and do that So we got two of these cute hanging lamps They’re really really light, so we’re hoping that we can just stick them with sticky hooks on the ceiling and they’ll hang So we took care of this space, and it’s looking amazing and now it’s time to take care of these spaces So we’re gonna do the bed We’re thinking jewel tones heavy blankets very warm feeling Lux and we also have some DIY wall stuff in mind, too Okay now we have a bunch of art for this wall so we DIYd most of this These are just from the craft store, and they’re just pieces of paper, but they’re really pretty pieces of paper So we put them in frames check out the scrapbook aisle Yeah, right tips and then they also sent us some reference photos, and they were very like graphic like female art So we went with some lips and some eyes, and then we just did some gold accents I’m loving these they’re really cute, and then these guys we actually DIYd all of them And I feel like they look really expensive, and they cost us almost nothing to do so here’s how we did it So to paint your own geode you’ll need watercolor in a couple different shades Start by drawing on a large blob in a light wash and then go around the edge in a darker color You can sprinkle some sea salt onto the watercolor And it will actually soak up some of the water and make a faded speckled effect a lot like a real geo would look Continue by adding light blobs and dark blobs and then going around the edges in a more defined, darker color And then you should have something that you like that looks something like this For our super abstract, art. We just started by joining two pieces of watercolor paper together to make a nice long sheet Then we just started taking some light gray water color and doing splashes across the page. There is literally no wrong way to do this Once it’s dry we went in with some gold paint to add some definition And for our last RiRi inspired artwork. This is super simple We literally took two giant sheets of watercolor paper from the craft store and wrote out some lyrics using some black paint and some gold paint All right, so this stuff is looking amazing I just feel like there’s one last thing we have to address and that’s these carpets. Yeah The F- Yeah, yeah Okay, so we had this other one to cover this area. Oh, we love our- like we’ve done layered rugs in every room Dude, that was an accident too, we didn’t plan that I think we bought two rugs, and we’re like which one’s gonna work And we just ended up using both. We started the new trend. I’m doing this is my house when I get home. Layered rugs, okay? Yeah, so we need to figure out which way it goes mm-hm, and then what we want to do with that. Yeah, so Let’s see what’s happening! All right, so now we’re ready to put the final touches on this room which includes stocking this dorm room with V8 plus energy Unlike other energy drinks on the market this fruit and vegetable blend of v8 Plus energy is infused with green tea, which will help give these students the steady energy they need to stay up late studying! Okay, we’re finally done the room and it looks amazing I absolutely love it, but I think we need to share it with somebody else let’s bring in the girls All right all right eye’s are shut tight? yess Okay We’re back in the room We’re ready. I’m so excited for you guys to see you’re chic glam RiRi inspired dorm room all right on the count of three should we do it? one two three You guys loooove it? Yeah lighting you can see yourself now and your outfits these bulbs are for style so If you want brighter ones you can always replace them Yeah You’re welcome Do you guys like your velvet corkboards yeah So we know “no candles in the room” right so these are all electronic candles and some of them are even remote controled All right well, thank you ladies Thanks for allowing us to come take over your space so glad we could hook you guys up. Thank you. Love it Thanks so much for checking out this episode guys. I am so happy with how it turned out I love how every room turned out. I’m like on cloud nine right now. Yeah, so speaking of there’s two more dorm room makeovers that you have to check out And they will be linked below for you and thank you V8 plus energy for making this whole series happen for these students if you Guys like this video make sure you give it a like, and if you loved it make sure you sub it And we’ll see you next time! bye bye
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtS3eusqvV0

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