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everything we do starts with you. – Hello everyone, I am Mike, this is Ben, and welcome to Fridge Cam. – Now in this episode we
are spreading the love with a whole lot of
recipe inspiration using jars that are lurking in
the back of our fridge. – (sniffs jar) Hmmmmmm lucky us. – That’s my nut spread. Today I’ve gone out and
bought five jars with weird, wonderful and
interesting spreads inside them. And then the boys are going
to try and guess the spread and then think about
how they might use it, and we’ll talk about some of
the ways that I already have. – It sounds like we’re in a Top Gun beach-ball volleyball scene. – Come on the boys,
– And so therefor I am in it. let’s do it!
Come on the boys! (Sings) Play-in! – It’s worth pointing out
you could make from scratch each and everyone of these. But if you’re gonna cheat and buy it, then how can you add it to something? In a nice food-hack just to give your food a little bit more of a oomph. – Oomph. – That was in a beach volleyball move as well wasn’t it? – Wasn’t it? – Barry lift your cloche first,
that is your first spread. – Oooh. – (Laughs)
It looks like an anchovy spread, or something random. – I’ve forgotten how much
I don’t like the videos where we are given unidentifiable
things in clear, yeah. – [Ben] It’s not anchovy. We’ve done Gentleman’s Relish before. This is different. – Oh. It is nutty. – Yes, it’s very nutty. Have you had like the the really healthy peanut butter? (murmurs) You don’t like peanut butter spread. And that is quite peanut buttery. There’s no sweetness to that at all. – Why won’t it leave my mouth? – It’s really sticky. (Loud laughter) – It’s still there. – I can taste the oil more. Is it like groundnut or
grapeseed or something seedy, something, oh this is really bothering me. – This is a raw organic super seed spread. So it’s got pumpkin seeds,
hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and you kinda, you’re right, turn into almost nut butter equivalent, all the natural oil come out and that’s what you have. – I can’t think about what
I’d do with it though. – A peanut butter and jelly
sandwich is for me too sweet because it’s two sweets together. Whereas that is very savory
and could go quite nice with a sweet jam. – (laughs) – Yeah. I know. Am I normal? – Oh!
– Ohmmm! – [Ben] Start simple.
Quails eggs, cherry tomato, cress on pumpernickel, seasoned, simple. But because of the spread,
it’s got all the wonderful proteins in it you get from seeds. – Cheers. – I don’t quite know what we’re, It’s a no for me. – Really ? – Yeah, I don’t get it. What’s the point? – I’m quite enjoying this. I was worried that this
video was gonna be basically, a bunch of spreads on toast, but I see how things are
upped it a little bit more. – [Ben] Just on bread this time. – Our second thing in a jar. Is not in a jar anymore
it’s in a clear dish. – Oooh Marmalade. Next. – No, it is marmalade, – Right. – But there’s another little twist to it. – Very nasal
– Yep – Very, yeah.
– Yep. Yep. – Smoky, I would almost say peaty, almost like a whiskey? – That is whisky marmalade. – Nailed it.
– Well played. – Absolutely nailed it. – Glad you’re here for something. – Nice little gift, that you could buy for someone. – But the thing is, what do you do with marmalade? You give it to an old
person to put on toast. – Yeah. – [Ben] Or you keep it in your
cupboard until you’re old, and then finally you feel
the need to put it on toast. – Yeah, ’cause nobody under
the age of 50 has gone out and purposefully bought a jar
of marmalade for themselves. – [Ben] But if you’ve got
a jar in your kitchen, then you can throw it into
a whole bunch of things, and it just (whistles). – (whistles) – There’s a lot of this, it seems, isn’t there? – Yeah, that’s my spread movement. – (laughing)
– Oh don’t do that! Please don’t spread it. – Cocktails. – Oh, interesting.
– I could imagine it in cocktails. – Let me put you out of your misery. Lift the cloche. – That’s not what I expected. – What a combo. – [Ben] Three examples, a dollop of whisky
marmalade, or any marmalade, with some chopped tarragon
and some salt and pepper. Awesome marinade for pork or chicken, ’cause the sugars
caramelize as you cook it. – Yummy! – What’s left in the jar at the end, wash in some vinegar and some oil, salt and pepper and give it a shake, and you’ve got yourself a vinegarette or a dressing for salad, or a couple of tablespoons in a regular Victoria sponge mix, and you get yourself marmalade cake. – The chef is coming out now, isn’t he? – This is so much better
than an open sandwich. – (laughing) – That is a spread,
you’re gonna want some, – Oh, have we got some, – Little gem lettuce to put it on. – Lovely. I was nearly impressed. Should we start? – [Ben] Enjoy your dressing. – I’m losing the whiskey a shade, but a lovely flavor profile. – The orange in it is
really nice, actually. It definitely adds a sweetness
that you don’t usually get from a vinegarette. Should we try the pork? – Let’s. – Mmmm. Mm-hmm. – You know the sweet kick is
really in play with that pork. – Perhaps a little bit more predictable because it’s sweet, which
you associate marmalade with, but a couple of tablespoons in a classic Victoria sponge mix and you get a completely different approach to cake. – Well, I see. What was that? – That right there is naughty. Also, that cake is still warm, and any cake that is
warm is the best cake. – Benjamin David, that is
quite, quite spectacular. – I’m gonna say phenomenal. – Well I’ll join you. I’m good with that – I’m gonna use the word phenomenal. It was – It was the best cake
you’ve ever made, Ben. – You made his wedding cake. (laughing) – This one definitely falls into the weird and wonderful
and slightly wacky box. Lift the cloche. – Oooo.
– Oooo. – We’re gonna say what
it is in three, two, one, – Rose.
– Jelly. – [Ben] I’m loving the
fact that you got rose, have a taste, see if you can guess it, and I’m gonna put, presuming neither of you have
seen this product before, I’m gonna put 100 quid on this, you can’t get it. – All right, now game on. – Right now, – Each. – Serious? – Each. – Serious? – Each. – If I get this right I want it in cash. Come on now. – Oh. That is so familiar. – Ooo. – [Ben] I’m gonna ask you to
say it on the count of three. – No.
– No, come on, come on. – [Ben] I’ve got 100 pounds for each of you that gets it right. – It’s really nice. It’s mega sweet. It’s almost, almost Wham bar like. Is it rose? – Open your mouth. (exhaling) – It’s delicious, – But like a floral Wham bar. – Yeah. – I’m gonna need an answer
from you in the count of three, two, one, it is, – Cranberries. (laughing) – It’s, it, it, ahhhh, it’s like Turkish Delight. Hang on, we don’t owe him
100 pounds now, do we? – This is unicorn blood. (crickets) Gin and rose glitter jelly. Very much more the novelty
and a talking point, which is why, if you lift the cloche, you know I love a talking
point on a cheese board, it’s not mead, it’s not iced cider, it’s unicorn blood. Works very nicely with cheese. – Ever you continue to throw me, like after tasting that
and tasting Wham bars, my heads been straight towards cake. It’s gotta be something sweet. – Please, have one of these. – I love a cheese board, but
there’s always a rogue one, (laughing) – [Ben] But I’m hoping
that as you enjoy that, the jelly cuts through it, softens it. – I’ll tell you what. – I hate that cheese,
but that unicorn blood transforms it. There’s glitter in it. – [Ben] It’s got, yeah,
it’s got rose glitter. – Very, very slight. – [Ben] It’s got a shimmer to it. – It’s weird, isn’t it? – [Ben] As all unicorns do. – What I think you’ve
done really well there it take something that I would never a, buy, or never b, use
in any normal sense, and put it into a
situation where it works. – May we? – [Ben] Please do. – May you? – Ooo.
– Ooo. – Now that, – A bit more viscous, – Yeah, that’s been quenelled
into that hasn’t it? – [Ben] More dolloped, if I’m honest. – Oh! – That was my tooth and my nose. – (laughing) – Ow. That still hurts – minute. [Ben] Go on, taste it. – Get immersed. – [Ben] See if that gives anything away. – Yes. – Yes, apple crumble. – Your guess? – Well, it had almond in it as well. Where have you got apple crumble from? – It tastes of apple – appley. It’s got almond and
pistachio crumble on top. – What, like a posh baby food spread? – That is Nonya Kaya – Which translates to – Coconut jam. – Whoa! – [Ben] It’s what it is. It’s almost a sweet, toffee-like spread that’s made from caramelized sugars, egg, and coconut, and then it’s got pandan
extract in there – really popular in places
like Malaysia, Singapore. – I’d put that in a pie like
a treacle tart type thing, that would go great in there. – You’re thinking like
treacle tart meets pumpkin pie – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s often put into pastries, or in the center of bread. – Yeah, it’s a bit like an
almond crossbun filling. – He’s, hmmmm, yes! – [Ben] You’ve made
some great suggestions, so it’s just interesting so you can see, that’s how it’s – Dense. – [Ben] That’s how it’s typically served, on sliced white bread, but I thought it would
also work perfectly with – Ah! – [Ben] Spread on some of our
fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Now I’ve added a little
bit of pandan-infused milk into the batter as well. – What a treat! – [Ben] Have a go at
one of those pancakes. – Oh I’m a big fan of that. I really like that. This is something that’s brand new to me and I’ve never had before. – I don’t really get it. It’s not as good as
pouring over maple syrup or in place of a black currant
jam I’d prefer on that. – I’m with you, Jay. After ten years, still finding brand new
ingredients and flavors and things that are so readily available, I picked up that jar
from an Asian supermarket in Chinatown, but that said, you can get online, across the UK, all over. – Meh. – Last one. – Have you preserved the best for last? Just by looking at it from, you know, a foot and a half away, – Bovril. – Too light for bovril. – Is it? – But it could be tamarind, – Oh,
– It could be salted caramel, it could be chocolate sauce, even. – Oh. – Oh. – That is, that is, – Oh! – Salted caramel that has
been taken too far almost. – Almost burnt, – Yeah, – Bitter. – Yeah. – [Ben] There is obviously
caramel elements to it, it’s got plenty of sugar,
and there is some salt, but that’s not the key flavors here. – No, coffee. – [Ben] Yes. – Yeah. – [Ben] And, – Hundred pounds. (laughing) It’s coffee caramel. – Espresso martini sauce. So they’re made with a shot of espresso and it’s got coffee
liquor and vodka in it, obviously, yes, there is a bit of salt and caramel in it. – It tastes, yeah, I get it, it’s almost like sticky toffee pudding, it’s kind of – Hmm. Sauce, so like over sponges
would be quite nice, – Over a cheesecake. – Cheesecake. – Oh, imagine making like
a millionaire’s shortbread. – Yeah, yeah. – So what I’m thinking
is it’s very easy to put that on stuff. I don’t know what you could put it in. – [Ben] A cheat hack to our cheesecake. – Ooo! – OK, yeah, cool. – [Ben] Something you can
throw together in literally two or three minutes from just – Excellent. – Nice. I don’t think I would have
put it in the cheesecake, I’d have thought about
drizzling it over the top. – Yeah, maybe spreading it over the top. – Honestly, do I have to, – Also, I do like a spread. – Yeah. – It turns out five in a row
I feel a little bit sick. (laughing) – Are you saying that maybe rather than doing them all together, we should have spread them out throughout
the afternoon a bit more? – Right. – Ah, no cheesecake for you! (laughing) – [Ben] If you’re gonna be rude about it. (laughing) – Are you spreading it on top? (laughing) – [Ben] There we go. If you wanna be like that. – That is – Yeah – Cheers. – Cheers. – Now one of, wow. That’s too much flavor. If we put less of the spread in there, – Or don’t have four
spreads before this one, if you mixed the spread
in with the cream cheese I think you might get a
slightly more delicate flavor. – What that does is take
the really overpowering flavor of the sauce and mix it with the richness of cream as well, which is still quite a lot, actually. – Punchy? If any of these jars
were put in front of me, my mind would go straightaway, oh good, put that on toast. – Even that one? – Yeah, I think even that one, you do with Nutella I would
do the same with that. But I’m intrigued to
understand how your mind works, with how you apply it into dishes, rather than just on toast. – I always look at what it’s trying to do. What is it trying to
deliver on, number one, then where else do I want that function? And then pick up something and see if the two will go together. And I kind of do it as
a on paper exercise, and then you can buy them
and just experiment and see. – I think I’ve actually got
a little bit smarter today. – A little bit, ’cause
it doesn’t take much. – There’s not much room to
get much smarter in my brain. For you I imagine this
was leaps and bounds. – Right. Shut up. – I hope you enjoyed it. – Hoping you enjoyed that, and please do comment
down below if you’ve got any suspicious jars lurking around in the back of your fridge, or some hacks and recipe
ideas that we could use. – Let’s put our chefs to the test. But until then, we’ll see you on Sunday, four PM UK time. – See you then. – [Narrator] We’ve also
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