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(egg cracking) (food sizzling) (zooming sound) – Higher-end kitchen gadgets. – Absolutely. – Cool. I know where I am. (upbeat sound) – [Woman] And I’m rolling. (claps hands) – Hello and welcome to “Sorted Food.” – Now, thanks to all of your suggestions and our scouring the
internet for the latest high-end kitchen products, we’ve got a lovely range to review. – And to be absolutely clear,
this is not a sponsored video. We bought all of these products ourselves with our own money because
we found them “intriguing.” – We also kept the receipts
to see if they’re any good. You ready to lift the
cloche on number one? (static sound) (air whooshing) – Ooh. – He instantly thought hairdryer. – I thought, straightaway, I
recognized the brand, Sage. – We featured the second time. – Segay. – Segay, what? – No, Sage? – Sage. It feels like a drill. But with a- – Is this from Ebbers’
personal collection? – It might be at the end of this. No, not the end of that. I mean at the end of this video. I might take it home. It might become part of
my personal collection. – Oh! (laughs) – Is it a smoke gun? – Straight off the bat. – Oh! – This guy knows his smoking. The Sage by Heston
Blumenthal, Smoking Gun, lets you infuse food and drinks
with unique smoky flavors. There are virtually no other
methods that allow you to make such a big change to the flavors of hot and cold foods so easily. Use a smoking gun with a
small or large glass cloche for exciting tableside theater. – Some wood chips, Applewood and Hickory. Hickory, in the way, posh. Hickory dickory dock. (snickers) – Pop and click the mesh bucket in to the top of the machine. Sprinkling a little of the hickory smoke. Arguably there is no better
way to add bold flavor to both hot and cold food. And the fact that it is cold smoke, it doesn’t affect the food you’re smoking other than to add a smoky flavor. Light it with the pump going
and see if it smokes stuff. – So as you turn it on, it starts to ember and smoke straight away
is puffing out the end. – What does that smell like? Can you smell the flavor? (coughs)
(laughs) Can I? – You can pretty much smoke anything, but it’s going to be cold smoke. Cheese, great suggestion. We’ve got something a little
bit different for you to try. Would you like to try
and smoke some cream? (lively music) (coughs) Is that okay? Fine? – [Mike] He’s like a cat. – I can’t tell if it’s in
the cream or on the cream. But it’s there. – [Ben] So I presented
something that might replicate the dining theatrics. – Wow. – Ebbers, what on Earth is
that that you’ve smoked? (chuckles) I mean, I asked that a lot
but, what in particular? – [Barry] Are they more wood chips on top? – [Ben] That is a nice little scallop dish that we have smoked with
a celeriac remoulade. – [Jamie] He did what, what?! – And I’ve topped it off
with some crispy tortilla. A little hack from one of our meal packs. It’s a nice way of adding
texture to something. Imagine, hay-smoked, or in this case, Applewood-smoked scallop. – Amazing. Amazing. – So one of the
applications for this gun is that once food is pretty
much prepared and good to go you can add the smoke to
get that final finishing flourish that provides the
experience at the table. – It’s a hint of smoke. Like I’m not being smacked
in the face by it at all. It’s really nice. And, you know what? I can’t work out if I’m tasting it or I’m just smelling it
from what’s around me. But it adds to the experience. – I think what’s interesting
is there’s two options. It’s what you smoke and
what you smoke it with. So bearing in mind, you
could put tea leaves, hay, herb, spices, or
wood chips into this. You can add a lot of different smoke and nuance into that unveil. But what you smoke, it’s
pretty much limitless. – Would you like to
try an Ebbers’ special? – Smoke me, Ebbers. – Whoa, fill it with smoke. (snickering) This is to allow you to
have the cloche dining experience as well, but
actually we use the smoke cream. So the smoke essence should
be all the way through this. This is our tiramisu from
“Can’t Be Arsed To Cook 2.” I think it could be really cool. Even things like cocktails as well. ‘Cause you can smoke liquids as well as you can smoke and fats and salt. There’s so many things
you could do with it. – It’s really that there’s
such a light delicate note. Still tastes of a beautiful tiramisu but just with a little ambiance. – So let’s talk price. – Yeah. – How much do you think
we paid for this device? – 50 quid? – 80 pounds. – Pretty good going on the guesswork. 79 quid.
(cash register dings) (air whooshes) – That was really good. – Okay. It works and it does
a good job, but it’s probably a little bit more than I would pay for it. – So useful or not? – It’s very, very good. And I would like to keep it. – I’ve been on a journey,
I’m gonna say that’s useful. (static sound) – We really need bigger cloches. – Oh, anything. – Oh, is this one of
those ones that’s either the name of an orange or mandolin? – [Barry] Oh, wait a minute. – Oh, so I can put my stuff in there. And I can swipe it. – This is a Beech Wood
3-Blade Cabbage Slicer. If you are a sauerkraut
enthusiast, this is for you. – Did you make it? – I’d expect it to be well-finished. I’d expect it to be sanded down, to be varnished, to be a thing of beauty. – If you’re making sauerkraut
because of the time it takes, I suggest you make quite a lot of it. Do it in one big batch
and it lasts you forever. And you do it when cabbage is in season. And then you’ve got
sauerkraut for the year. So, you want something
that cuts it quite quickly and efficiently because
doing by hand is strenuous. – The blades are very sharp.
(sawing sound) It’s cutting very finely. It’s wafer thin. – [Ben] Could you’ve done that by hand? – I could not have done that by hand. – Does all the leaves
and even the firm kind of stalky stemmy bit, which
means you get no wastage. You can literally push the whole cabbage through that because it is so
fine in the way it grates it because of its three-blade
action, chopped up. – Would you like to make
some sauerkraut, anyway? – Have we got a week? – Well, yeah, good point. – Or longer. The process is pretty simple. Essentially, you’re
preserving the cabbage . And to do that you need to
put it into an environment where the nasty pathogens
can’t live and survive. So 2% salt will do that. And now, get your hands involved. And just kind of mix it all up and scrunch it all up
until water comes out. And really scrunch it, scrunch
it, scrunch it, squeeze it. And what you’re gonna
want is the good bacteria will survive in that and begin to ferment and eat the natural
sugars from the cabbage. Once you’ve got loads of liquid out of it, you season it, traditionally
with caraway seeds, maybe some black pepper. But you can really sort of
play with those seasonings. And then you’re gonna
put it into your jar. We just have the tiny
tiny little jar here. But put it all in there
including all of its liquid. – So you basically wanna make sure that all the liquid is covering it because that’s essentially going to ensure that it kills all the bad
bacteria and the pathogens. If you’re gonna seal it up, you need to burp it every
so often by opening it and letting all the air out
and then trapping it again. – Or you just leave it unsealed. And this is the thing that’s weird. You just leave it at room
temperature for about 10 days. – You’re gonna eat some
of Ebbers’ sauerkraut. – Oh, there’s a sentence. – I’ll sort you out a sausage as well. There you go, Baz. German mustard, bratwurst,
and my homemade sauerkraut which has got fennel seed,
black pepper and juniper. – Ooh, a whole jar of it. (laughs) Oh, it’s lovely. – Took about 10 or… No, maybe 11 or 12 days to
get to the sourness I wanted. – It’s very tasty. That is far less sour than the one that I’ve got home, actually. The one I’ve got home,
you have a tiny bit of it and it’s really stringy,
long stringy stuff. Oh, where there too. – I’m guessing, you didn’t
use this though, to make that. – No, I did it by hand. – But a bit chunky. – If I was making sauerkraut
on the rakes and I was doing it for like homebrew or selling
it or whatever it was, then I would want a quick and easy way to slice up the cabbage. And I think that would be really useful. – So it doesn’t feel
like a thing for normals. Feels like a thing for hobbyists. – Yeah. Would you like to guess the price? So for a reference point,
one of Amazon’s most popular and highly rated mandolins,
finished in black plastic but obviously with a metal
blade, one blade sells for about 28 pounds. – 37 pounds 50. – Let’s go for 40 pounds. – 29.99.
(cash register dings) – Okay. – [Mike] Is it worth it?
– Okay. – Question is, is it useful or not? – It’s not for me. – For the right person, this is useful. For me, not so much. (upbeat music) (static sound) – Okay, Barry, we’ve
tucked a little something under your nose. – I’ve been told to look. – Oh! It looks like it’s just missing the cow. (chuckling) – What gin, rum, vodka? – That is an awfully big
glass bottle for tequila. – What you put pods? No! – This is the Bartesian Machine and it makes on-demand
bar-quality cocktails an effortless way to serve and enjoy premium cocktails at home. – Oh wow, okay. – It’s delivered with
a little bit of class. – We have purchased very
particularly the old fashioned set of capsules for you to test today, mate. – Excellent. I do enjoy an old fashioned. – Right, Baz. You have cosmopolitan
capsules, we’ve provided you with the recommended
vodka, 50 Cent’s very own. (chuckles) – I’m skeptical, but I’m intrigued. – You’ve got a gin and rum, vodka, tequila and whiskey vessel. Fill it, stick ’em in. Fill the reservoir with
water then add your capsule and you’re good to go. On the top of each
capsule, there’s a barcode which the machine will read and then make sure that the
correct measures are used. I’ll stick to regular. Tempted by light. (laughs) – We’ll go regular now. And then later we’ll go (whispers)
strong. – And next when complete, shake, strain and enjoy your drink. – [Ben] Whiskey’s bubbling. – Oh, look at that. (ice clacking sound) (upbeat sound) – That tastes to me, like it’s
been made with a sugar syrup rather than with a sugar cube and water because it’s thicker. It’s more viscous as a whole drink. – It’s delicious. I like it. It tastes very cranberry and citrusy. Am I fussed by how good
of a drink it can make? Probably not. I think I’m buying something
like that for the convenience. – Without having to remember the recipes things like margarita,
long island ice tea, gimlet negronis, old
fashioneds, cosmopolitans. – Can I the strong version to see- – [Mike] Yeah, absolutely. – If it puts more… If that puts more bourbon in. – Is it close, passable or miles away from what you’d expect? – Passable. If I wanted a quick fix
of an old fashioned, that would do the job. – That in your living room,
on top of your glassware. Well, that would be
really cool wouldn’t it? – The problem with cocktails
is having to buy all of the different ingredients
to make a cocktail. – I think where this
excels is exactly that when you want to make different
cocktails in one glass, one after the other. – I don’t need one, but I
really, really want one. – Smart looking product. – It’s been featured by
“Forbes,” “The Food Network,” Oprah loves it. It’s been very well received. How much do you think it is? – 199 pounds. – Six…Hyundai. – So once we converted the
price from dollars to pounds comes in at around 300
pounds, excluding delivery. – Ooh. – And the pods are then two or $3 each. Depending on what bulk you buy them in. And you can get those in subscription. – If you were to part with 300 pounds, I think you’d be happy
because it’s premium. It’s solid. It’s quite high-tech and it does the job. If you’re willing and in a
position to part with 300 pounds, good for you, have it and enjoy it because I really want one. – That’s so expensive. Because it’s unnecessary. – That’s the standout gift. That’s like the 21st birthday. – Well, over to you guys,
which of those gadgets caught your eye and would
you smash the cash on any of them comment down below. – And as always also comment down below with other gadgets you see that
we should review next time. Or of course, let us know over on Twitter using the hashtag #sortedgadgets. – Not useful. – It’s absolutely. (argues and laughs) (lively music) (crashing sound)
– Our new cook book, “The Ultimate Cooking
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you can sign up for free. And then guarantee yourselves a copy. Find out everything in
the description box below. (superhero theme music) (beep) – The people who provide my
water are called Thames Water. So when I drink water, I
think this is Thames Water. (chuckles) And then I think I hope
it’s not Thames water because that’s green. (chuckles)
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