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Revealing The World’s First Supercar Blondie Headquarters

i built the world’s first supercar blondie headquarters in dubai on the palm on the water this is what it looked like six months ago and it’s finally finished and today i’m taking you inside for the big reveal oh hey let me in all right here we go do you have any man i own this place here we go come on in check this out first thing you see is my face massive logo and over here we’ve got two very hard-working employees all right guys the next point gets a hundred bucks [Applause] guys this is nick he’s my husband and this is sergey he is not my husband no but they do have the exact same birthday all right guys this here is ludo i’m working right now all right here this right here is chopper he’s our special effects guy and he never loses [Music] all right that’s the first floor guys but we’ve also got a brand new studio oh hey this is our finance guide what are you doing with the monitor nobody else can take it i need it downstairs don’t worry man i can take this for you are you sure yeah yeah but be careful man you can do it very carefully i will take great care of it in here we have boom our makeup room this right here is the studio check this out so all of these chairs from gk games and also the monitors and the computers everything i’ll show you in just a tick this is jp one of our editors and ludo is of course here making sure everything goes just to plan massive massive thank you to gk games look at this computer how ridiculous is this so this actually has the most powerful graphic card it’s by zoltac so you can see that there and it’s so powerful that it’s actually cooled using water over here this is my sister kate she’s one of our producers and editors and over here we have our workshop this is nathan how’s it going so uh what’s she making i am making a match-powered rocket car that is full of matches and kate can you bring over the fuse so we’re gonna make another one of these so that goes in there like that oh my god light it up and all right let’s do this so grab these matches it’s gonna be epic all right check this out guys look this is all thanks to advanced media all of the lights the camera equipment it’s all super pro and the green screen and this is where we do our shows so the supercar blondie show and also car wars check this out i love this so at the moment it is green as you can see now watch this supercar bloody studio and ours this studio also has a secret button here you can actually push this in and this peels back all the way to reveal a garage in here that we can actually drive our cars in this space and film for our shows check this out [Music] dude this was not necessary this was just for the pleasure all right so that’s the downstairs we’ve got a whole other floor to show you let’s go up all right we’re entering the office now guys this is where all the back end stuff happens this is actually where the magic happens welcome to the office oh julian he’s actually responsible for our commercial deals how’s it going just signed a fat deal and it’s coming in [Applause] and they’re actually responsible for the storytelling on facebook so show us what you’re doing oh my gosh that’s a reminder to like and subscribe to the channel we’ve got so much cool stuff coming now look at this look at amy’s mouse that is over epic what in the world venus this right here is a pimped out keyboard for perfect editing that’s what we’re talking about all right the next cool thing check this out look custom supercar bloody chairs look at this and it actually says my name alex on the back here we go all right nick’s got his own as well and this is thanks to noble chairs thank you guys so much they’ve actually brought in customized chairs for the whole supercar blondie office we’ve got the coolest graffiti art on the walls as well this is actually done by fair hat at graffiti to buy amazing amazing artists look at the details here it’s like exploding out of the wall and it goes all around here i just love this this has taken days and days now if you know what car this is chuck it in the comment section below i’ll be super impressed over here this is all done with spray hands how crazy by actually getting all of those letters all the details of my logo this over here is our kissing booth it’s our phone booth we have a real phone booth now check this out okay this is actually bulletproof see how thick this glass is you know i learned this from a future videos all right in here this is where we do all our confidential calls no it’s completely sound proof listen a bit sweaty all right and voila we have a full office look at this everyone’s here all right get back to work okay now what you haven’t seen is this right here lily she is my shadow she’s the intern she’s trying to find out what our supercar blondie does so what does supercar blondie do tvc we are from everywhere okay let me take you around shop up from brazil wait people remember i’ve forgotten already from colombia we’ve got the girls here venus and amy from philippines um amy’s actually born in the united arab emirates so that’s cool and then we’ve got the audience here nathan and kate australia mate australian music i’m also aussie as you guys know and we’ve got our resident brit our token brit lilly and inca i’ll do everything wonderful woman from slovakia yes it’s not slovenia right no i can’t all right over here we have ludo he’s from morocco and julian is from france and the guy behind the camera spain so we are from everywhere you guys come over here how cool is that look this is our meeting room and you gotta have a how cool is that sign we are hiring we actually have 12 full-time staff as you guys just saw but we’d love you to join us so over the next few months we are actually hiring at least another 10 people so go check out the link below this video to kind of hit us up let us know you want to work on the supercar volume team all right i want to show you let’s go all right i’m heading out i want to show you one final part just before i do that look at this my million subscriber award from youtube we’re heading to 10 million guys head into 10 million and over here my shawty award breakout youtuber now come with me guys my favorite part of the office you’ll see here it says buy appointment only now the goal is to have it open to the public for you guys very very soon we’ll let you know when sorry you can see that all steaming up look there that’s dubai for you all right come with me this is where i get my daily exercise otherwise i’m driving and one of my backpacks 720x with the special body kit from russia i love this all right now what’s even more exciting you guys is we have our world’s first supercar money officers the headquarters here in dubai but we are also going to be opening up in la london new york singapore we are going to have so many offices all over the world it doesn’t matter where you’re from apply now and we might even fly you out to dubai all right [Music] you
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