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Reveal Your Six-Pack With This Fat-Blasting Ab-Sculpting Workout

today you’re in so much luck we have a Dallas Velasquez c—nine champion brand ambassador and today we’re going to blast the app uses your apps Colton calorie crushing combo hi you ready Anna I’m ready girl let’s do it let’s do this so we’re going to start with the warm-up so let’s go lay on your mat and I want you to place your hands shoulder-width apart anchor your feet and legs together now slowly pull your hips off the mat and we’re going to activate the core and I want you to make sure that you’re drawing the belly button nice and deep into your spine this is very fact this is a very easy and effective way to warm up your core so that you can get the most out of your workout so breathe abs are tie we’re here for five more seconds hold it here strong glutes strong core breathe it out I was meant to squeeze the glute yeah so we’re going to take it into a high plank and we’re going to spread this fingertips after in you want to raise her hips off to the mat oh you’re gonna feel nice shoulder stretch now drive your knee to your chest and you’re gonna hold it here for two seconds and now we’re going to alternate sides so stretch it back nice and bring the knee to your Center so we’re just activating the core getting a nice warm up you know shoulders since if they’re gonna be getting an amazing workout as well that feels so good breathe we have time for one loan before the storm and yeah that’s gonna be an amazing work I’m gonna be blasting the ABS incinerating calories melting that belly fat good job so now lay on your mat on your back and you want to drive your knees bend your knees and drive it bring into your chef’s now raise your shoulders off the mat talk your shins and lowly lower your legs and bring your hands to the back Oh draw your belly button nice and deep into your mat into a hollow body hold here’s an amazing exercise that is going to condition the AB help you gain strength so hold it here now we’re going to add really like kind of like a doing snow angels so I’m gonna feel that burn just stay with it make sure your back is flat on the mat that’s usually not a crunch yet so hold it now bring the arms now we’re adding in a little crunch so we’re a last OSAP slow in control three more exhale how you feeling lady app get it over love I love this warmup and one more good job so grab your dumbbell we’re going to go in a push-up position so we have an amazing killer combo that is really going to blast the app so strong quads your hips are going to be facing the mass strong app now roll the way you’re going to drive your knee to your elbow and we’re going to add two mountain climbers so one and two so go at your own pace dry the knee to your chest heating to your knee really hitting those obliques working our abs from different angles so add a spider-man one and two you feel deep well it is an amazing combo blue and one and two don’t get ready to do the other side one more rep here drive on knee and one and two so let’s go add the rope right I know your shoulders your back and your arms are getting an amazing workout here as well so breathe it out into so you I don’t go out your own pace your own range of motion just work hard okay want to challenge the a bar get it working again we’re getting maximal results with a minimum process here so let’s do it and good jobs so stand up we’re going to take it in to one of my favorite exercise to really train the core in a very smart way you’re going to hold away in this position after in feet are going to be shoulder width apart I’m going to low down into a squat so take it into a squat in a few come up you’re going to rotate over your hips I need a nice rotation and repeat on the other side so by holding the weight in only one side of the body we’re really forcing our core to work harder to stabilize this is one of the best exercise that you can do I love that twist so one more and less so shoot the other side yes and we’re adding that rotational movement that really target the waistline you know very effective and smart way so stay with it slowing control we’re working out of our major muscle groups we’re burning a lot of calories one more and good job which a position come on we have to cook let’s do that people so hands are gonna be on to your shoulder we’re going to do a tempo push show we’re gonna go in a three-second count on the way down so three two one now drop your knees and power it up and Anna and I we’re going to add a little step to the side so three two one lower your knees push up so let’s do so with this exercise it’s really going to teach you how to use your app and get the most out of your push-ups push-ups are one of the most effective exercises to really target your app yeah they’re basically a moving plank so hold it three two one lower your knees come on you’re gonna feel your app get it all fired up don’t slow on the way down any also let your challenge yeah I need two great real to also help you gain corporal body strength getting a stronger core and last one so stretch it back a little bit swish your shoulders gladly and now we’re gonna add super fun cardio blast to really melt that belly fat so let’s go in a push-up position strong ABS now shoulder tap show the tap now bring the knees to Center and outside so shoulder tap ops are in Center and outside so basically you’re doing a two leg jumping climber come on now if you want to add an extra challenge we’re gonna add a donkey kick now so let’s go whoa so stay with it whoo go out your own pace you’re really gonna feel your abs oh fire your shoulders are working hard breathe come on just burning calories here again Bernie’s back to help your review those ABS oh it last one good yeah good job so next you want to go in a step I like a on her own pace for that one I know when I get a hurry down now a little bit so let’s I can just do a high into a side plank so we’re going to bring the weight on there under your body you want to rotate and squeeze the shoulders at the top squeeze that back Wow we have three more he’ll bleep fry yes we’re really targeting our apps from different angles today now press the weight overhead and we want to lower hit agree more and want to hold it here and now let’s do the other side good job ladies this is the way to see Vinnie it’s hard right so let’s go nice after in so rotate away total core activation make sure your hips are nice and strong and one more press the weight of her head lower your face down and up now and I’ll stay with it ladies I know you want to have amazing ABS right now hold it here four three two good job now the fun part began good got your dumbbell we’re getting some cardio blast we’re gonna finish strong okay so hold the way we’re having a tumble swing so push up his back I’m gonna bring the way overhead are you gonna say a shoulder head so squeeze the up at the top squeeze that butt total body move that it’s gonna help you get beautiful amazing and powerful app so stay with it I feel that pull at the time to stop the way squeeze their body is a bit tough come on baby this and one more good job job the way swing Burpee time if you are into calorie crushing and you want to reveal those ass I know you love the burpees so let’s go Burpee you can does it push up we’ll stay here now come up jump as high as you can in quick fit go strong core high-energy stay with it Burpee time come on all the way down whoo jump as high as you can come on quick food let’s go to the right to the left burping oh boy whoa I love this move now in the next one we’re gonna add a little extra something you ready Anna Burpee come on I know your heart rates up but this is how you burn fat and get is amazing now breathe oh my goodness take a deep breath two more moves and you’re done with this workout come on he’s taking it to a high plank we have planned yet so ready ladies go open up now Anna let’s take into a forearm plank so make sure your abs are engaged strong glutes breathe and if you want to add a wrister salad let’s take him to uneven plank come on ladies I know some of you are rock stars at the home now swish we get up come on keep that energy up leave it out honey and good job mister should pack a little bit challenge last move wanna blast the app sighing hold go on your mat so Anna and I want to demonstrate and extend the plank so we’re gonna go into an extended plank strong app stone clues come on this beam is strong oh my belly button nice and in you’d get big I know it’s hard your heart rates up but let’s do it this is right higher feeling come on total body tension OOP make it to the extended leg is a high level this is I have to challenge your body we are strong ladies let’s do it don’t breathe it up and good job you can relax now I got my seat up let’s stretch it out okay let’s stretch your arms our shoulders he could be Fred that’s one oh this feels pretty good I won’t do that one every day oh yeah this is a very quick workout but it’s super challenging and very results driven we did a lot in 10 minutes so now let’s stretch our hips a little bit so this to a spider-man step your feet outside push your hips down breathe hey let’s just open up and a large stretch in the harbour body oh he’s feels good gee I’m not like hell that were the other side so great stick it back put your hips down and I love this exercise because it even helps alleviate in your lower back pain we need flexible hip lady they’ll always add these to your warmup hang your cool down so take it back you did it yeah no this is your ab sculpting calorie coaching combos good job ladies
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