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[Music] our boho beautiful official app download it today in the app store [Music] welcome to your second class of the seven day beginner yoga series we’re going to pick up today’s class where day one left off and we’re going to work towards connecting conscious breath with connective movement you’re not going to need anything for this class except your mat and yourself so let’s begin [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] [Music] all right friends let’s begin today’s class in all fours tabletop position that we learned in the first class on our mat so your knees are perfectly with the part where your shoulders are going to stack your shoulders to your elbows to your wrists in a straight line and we’re going to take a couple of conscious breaths right here just to engage before we move into our first exercise a deep breath in and a deep breath out coming into the moment with each breath letting everything go no longer serves you leaving everything off the mat from your life that doesn’t involve this class right here right now in this moment breathing in one more time and exhaling out let’s tuck our toes just like this and lift your knees just a smidgen up off the mat this is engaging our entire core section our quads our hamstrings and our arms so it’s a beautiful hello body to the fact that we’re beginning right now we’re gonna take a couple of breaths here engaging and exhaling really feeling as our body comes alive at any point that this is too much your wrists hurt or your body says enough can just drop down here and keep breathing but we’re going to take one more deep breath in filling up and out beautiful let’s come up into that downward facing dog we ended our last class in remembering again if you want to keep your knees just slightly bent that’s perfectly fine but the goal here is to straighten the legs to have those fingers spread apart and to bring our chest slowly with each breath consciously down towards the mat if you’re up like this it’s perfectly fine just listen to your body and allow it to let go and sink deeper into the legs and deeper with the chest down towards the back with each exhale beautiful [Music] now we’re going to try to walk our dog walking your dog just means to bend one knee and straighten and sink into the other leg just a little bit deeper and then rotate to the other now as you go back and forth with this you’ll feel your body naturally kind of wants your hip to kind of dip in the right to dip when the knees bent when the left knee is bent kind of there and it adds this beautiful sway just like this you feel almost like a rhythm breathing in breathing out that’s not feeling good you can just go back to your downward dog otherwise find what naturally feels right and roll with that beautiful now on your next exhale we’re going to come into your first plank in this plank if you need to drop to your knees it’s perfectly fine the idea is we’re building strength here we’re not pushing past the strength you have so if you’re down here in strength we’re going to talk about chaturanga now you might have heard that term before the basic and simple way to do it is to drop knees then you bend at the elbows bring your chest down and then touch your chin but the actual way once you advance past that is to bend so you have a right angle and from here whether your knees to his chin or whether you’re holding we’re gonna lift up into upward facing dog now the basic way here is to keep those knees and the thighs down on the mat and to lift pushing your neck and your upper body up to the sky looking up now whether you’re lifted with your legs up off the mat or down this is your upward facing dog and on your next exhale you fold back pushing your body weight in and come back to downward facing dog all right let’s try that again coming into plank you can drop your knees now if you like and exhaling knees chest chin inhale upward facing dog stretching that neck looking up to the sky and exhale back to downward facing dog all right taking a couple of steps as many as necessary let’s walk our feet up in between our hands and let’s find ourselves in forward fold now the thing with forward fold is a lot of people tend to just drop into forward fold like this but the proper way especially as beginners we bend our knees just slightly so that the the actual bend into the fold is at your hips it’s at your waist and then you can go deeper and you can feel that stretch in the backs of your legs and in those hamstrings and calves so much deeper as we breathe here consciously in our forward fold if it feels good to you grab your elbows with either arm and find a little bit of motion pushing your weight from one foot to the other swaying back and forth breathing in and out in and out if movement isn’t what your body’s asking for it’s not feeling right you can just have stillness and you don’t need to be touching the mat as far down as you go is perfect honestly if you want to keep your hands to support your body on your knees that’s fine too more on your shins i couldn’t even touch my toes for the first year i did yoga it was an unbelievable arduous journey for me to get where i am here today where i can actually just touch the mat now on your next inhale keeping your knees bent slowly come up to standing finding your hips perfectly in line with your feet opening up your palms to the front of the room pulling your shoulders back it’s like a little bit of a roll like that pushing that pelvis just slightly out allows your whole core and your shoulders to engage and this is some steedy mountain pose close your eyes and take a deep breath in and exhale take a note how you felt before you began this yoga class here take a note to how you feel now is your heart beating a little faster is your body temperature raised are you a little bit more conscious about the physicality of your body and what you’re going through what have you left behind and what have you brought with you these are all really important questions just sit and feel just for a moment give yourself permission to do that just feel beautiful all right inhaling raising your hands up above your head bringing your palms together we’re gonna exhale and slowly fold back down bending your knees slightly into forward fold and then you’re gonna inhale and you’re gonna come halfway up which just means straighten those legs and lift your body just halfway up a little bit and exhale bring your hands back down to mat and let’s step back with your right leg knee down release your foot flat and come up into low lunge now if this is your first low lunge keeping your weight on the front left foot is perfectly acceptable because the more you bring your body upright the more you sink in with your hip and the more this so has if you’ve never stretched before says holy that’s a hell of a sensation the first time i ever stretched like this i almost collapsed i remember falling to one side and julianne actually laughed at me and i was like wow i’ve never stretched a day of my life but it’s a really valuable stretch because there’s so much in this side body here there’s so much stored emotionally and physically so the further you deepen the stretch push down in the more it releases but again listen to your body if you’re up like this with your weight perfectly fine and just allow yourself to really connect with the sensation as you deepen the stretch beautiful just thinking about it all the little movements how it changes the sensation wonderful all right we’re going to drop our hands down to either side of that left foot and step back into plank again you can drop those knees if you want to and go knees chest chin down into chaturanga and then inhale upward facing dog pushing down at the floor looking up and exhaling into downward facing dog beautiful now this might feel a little unusual if it’s your first time but we’re gonna put all our weight onto our left foot and we’re gonna bring lifting our right leg as high as we can and bring it slowly up in between that right and left foot there we’re gonna drop the left knee and the foot and come up into our other side low lunge same principles as before perfectly fine to sit like this keeping your weight there the more you lean back and the more you open that chest and sink in the deeper that stretch goes if you want to go a little further you can raise your hands up above your head if you want to go a little less keep those hands there or even sometimes it’s perfectly fine to have your elbow like so but find what what feels right find what suits your body notice like little bits of shifting of weight in any direction like actually accomplishes a completely different sensation so find the one that works for you and work on that breathing in and out breathing in [Music] and out beautiful all right dropping our hands back down on either side of that right foot lifting up that left knee stepping back into plank we’re gonna go into chaturanga or knees chest chin whichever serves you and inhale upward facing dog pushing the earth down and exhale downward facing dog beautiful now take a second here walking out that dog just like we learned how does this feel different than the first time you did it for me my whole body’s come alive just in the last 11 or 12 minutes what a beautiful thing all right and we’re going to slowly as many steps as you can [Music] as you need walk towards the front of the mat finding yourself here we are forward fold again a little bit looser a little bit wiser we’re going to come up [Music] into samastiti mountain pose inhale and exhale [Music] turn the volume up on this one here we go inhale and exhale let it all out beautiful inhale hands above head let’s flow it out hands together exhale dropping down into forward fold knees micro bend inhale halfway up straightening that back lifting your body exhale stepping back hands flat on the mat into plank dropping down into chaturanga or knees chest chin whichever serves you and inhale upward facing dog pushing down the earth and a big exhale as we come back into downward facing dog beautiful taking one or two steps or however many you need back to the front of your mat let’s bend at the knees instead of coming up this time wrap our hands and our arms around our knees to the cosmic egg cosmic eggs beautiful it’s a balancing pose but it’s so good for your calves for your hips for your hamstrings and your entire back because the deeper you pull your body in the more it opens up your spinal column and everything all around it all the muscles that support it take a couple of conscious deep breaths here [Music] in your cosmic egg oh beautiful let’s drop our hands down next to our feet and lower ourselves down onto our mats straightening our legs and dropping into everybody’s favorite pose shavasana the corpse pose now the key to this is it’s not just lying on the earth it’s allowing every single muscle consciously to relax and let go so let your legs if they’re being held up a little bit by those micro muscles just fall to the side open up the palms of your hand to the ceiling of the sky notice if your jaw is holding any tension or your fingers and your toes are clenched slightly give yourself permission on the next breath to let go of everything sinking deeper and deeper into your mat with each breath inhaling in and exhaling in to the stillness and the deep relaxation [Music] beautiful [Music] finding if your mind wanders that’s okay just bring it back on your next breath inhaling in and exhaling so naturally and slowly wonderful if you have the time i encourage you to pause the video and lie here for a few more minutes but if you enjoy ending the class right now you can start to wiggle your fingers and toes just slightly bringing them back to awareness and consciousness and motion and then bend at the knees roll over into fetal position on your mat and kindly and compassionately because you’re just resting so deeply bring yourself back up seated cross-legged or on your knees the center of your mat [Music] and thank yourself for taking the time for finding the space in your life for investing the last 15 minutes in you and i want to take this moment and say thank you for allowing me to be your guide here today and i look forward to seeing you in class number three namaste [Music] thank you so much for joining me here today for day two of the beginner yoga series i just wanted to let you know that day three four five six and seven will not be posted here like day one and two on youtube but it will in fact be posted at boho beautiful official we offer a seven day free trial which is perfect to continue this journey forward together if you’re so interested you can go to www.boho or pick up your phone and just go to your app store and search boho beautiful official and with that i just want to say thank you again and i look forward to seeing you on day three namaste [Music] [Applause] [Music] you
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