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Real Vs. Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Challenge!

in today’s video we are going to see if we can make a chocolate heart look just like a real heart [Music] guys it’s almost valentine’s day and i don’t know about you but i love getting candy and i love the candy hearts here’s the basic idea we’ve got valentine’s day just around the corner and we want to try and make a chocolate heart not the kind you might be thinking of though we’re going to see if we can make it as realistic as possible so what we’re going to start with is i actually have a heart i think this is used for like dissection and teaching people about all the different parts of a heart but i’m going to use it today as my mold we’re going to go ahead and mold it in silicone and then we’re going to cast that silicone with chocolate that chocolate is going to be airbrushed and we’re going to see if we can make it look as realistic as possible first thing that we need to do is i need to cover all of these little gaps in holes with clay so that the silicone doesn’t get stuck on it this is monster clay i love using monster clay especially when i’m working on projects like this it’s nice and smooth very very clean a lot of people love monster clay out there and this is what we’ll be using today to fill all of those little gaps now i did forget my clay tools so i’m going to be doing this by hand and hopefully it turns out okay [Music] so we’ve got our heart all sealed up and we have a box ready to go for us to make our box mold now the way i’m going to suspend it is i’m actually going to add a little piece of clay here at the bottom that it will be resting on so that the whole thing will be submerged but that will have a spot that we’ll be able to pour chocolate into later perfect all right for our silicone normally i would worry about measuring these but these are already equally measured and so i’m just going to pour one into the other and stir until they’re all mixed so when you mix this kind of silicone well any kind of silicone really you want to make sure that you mix it so well that there’s no streaks no lines in it whatsoever by the time you’re done some silicones you got to work a lot faster but my silicone kicking compound in this one the catalyst is actually a very slow acting catalyst so i’ve got a lot more time so you’ve probably seen nate in the past vacuum chamber his silicone to get all those micro bubbles out you don’t need to worry about it so much with a bigger clunkier mold kind of like this one if you’ve got a lot of fine details that those bubbles might hurt then you’re going to want to make sure that you vacuum chamber it i’m not going to worry with this one i’m just going to make sure that i pour it from really high up to let all of the air dissipate as it hits the mold itself and that will help get rid of a lot of the bubbles all right our mold has had several days to cure so it should be just fine we have a little bit of leaking but not terrible so now we have to see if we can actually get the heart out the nice thing about using cardboard as a mold is that it tends to come off pretty easily from the silicone you know captain america the cube blue one it looks like the tesseract but like they switched the textures with batteries gross but yes i thought it would bounce okay it does mount on the corner guys let’s make a bouncy ball out of silicone what so we’re going to do sort of a star cut to actually get this out we’re going to be cutting down around the sides it’ll still hold chocolate but we have to get that heart out somehow this is like doing surgery you know with a heart the thing is if i can’t get this out easily the chocolate is going to be a lot more fragile than this piece of plastic so i have to be able to pull it out pretty gently i say as i just yank it out what part is sticking it is still about okay our heart is back out got to clean up the clay that got left in there the clay that we used to keep it all in one piece but it should just come out really nicely now we’re not really using real chocolate these are candy wafers that are kind of chocolate flavoring sometimes these ones are vanilla flavored and the reason i want to use this instead regular chocolate is when these melt they pour really nicely and that’s what i’m going for i don’t normally recommend just melting them in the microwave but we’ll see if it works okay quite a bit of chocolate in there quite a lot of chocolate everywhere great we’re just gonna sort of roll it around and make sure there’s no bubbles where we don’t want bubbles all right we’ve got this full of chocolate all the way up into our uh pour spout here i think it should be good we’re gonna let it cool overnight and then we’ll come back and we’ll paint it in the morning all right our chocolate heart has solidified overnight let’s go ahead and try and take it out of the mold now so far so good the part we were worried about and it came out beautifully look at that now i want to get the color as correct to a correct heart as possible so we have one this is not a human heart this is a sheet part so they’re about the same size let’s go ahead and open it up and take a look oh gosh so this is an actual heart it is a sheep heart but you can sort of see all of those valves kind of got squished up here at the top that’s pretty fascinating so this is what we’re going to try and color this to look like now you might be wondering why the heart isn’t red and that’s because the red actually comes from the blood that is in the heart itself and in the tissues this one has been drained of all blood so this is the actual color that you would see we do have some airbrush paint here in case what i’ve got isn’t opaque enough but what i’m using here is edible cake airbrush supplies [Music] i got the color pretty close [Music] [Music] there you go a real heart versus a chocolate heart so this is actually something that you can do at home i got the silicone for about thirty dollars off of amazon if you have an airbrush machine awesome if you don’t they’re about 120. the cake coloring was about 20 bucks and the chocolate itself is about four dollars so all together you’re looking at about a 200 heart but it is something you can do i’ve made a chocolate heart for my valentine’s it’s pretty tasty do i have color all over my face great that’s fun let us know if you try this at home is it still there yeah crud is it still there guys that’s not all you know we’ve always got more fun things for you to see if you like this kind of content make sure to hit that box up there for our most recent video i’ll see you in the next one talk to you then [Music] oh i got food coloring you
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