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Real Or Fake? Can You Tell The Difference? Debunking | Ann Reardon How To Cook That

welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and in this episode I am testing your baking IQ there is such a large amount of fake recipes springing up and circulating online lately so I thought we’d see if you can tell the difference I’m going to show you four recipes and then you can write your guesses in the comments of if they are real or if I faked them up let’s start with number one take a packet of jelly or jello and add in half a cup of boiling water stir it until the jelly crystals are dissolved and then pour in a team never battered milk they mature at it for 30 minutes in the fridge when it’s just starting to set on the edges whip it with electric beaters until it is thick and fluffy pour it into glasses and refrigerate until set and you have a soft flight jelly fluffy dessert number two place two eggs a quarter of a cup of milk a teaspoon of baking powder and two packets of Oreos into a blender blend that until it’s smooth and then pour the batter into a cake tin while that one’s baking let’s skip to number three chopped to Snickers and place them into a pan with marshmallows and cream heat it until it’s melted and then chill in the fridge for two hours beat on high speed until it’s whipped and then once your Oreo cake is cooled you can pop swirls of Snickers frosting around the top of your cake and add a piece of Snickers on top of each swirl and you’ve got yummy Oreo Snickers take at number four strain the liquid from two tins of chickpeas boil that liquid until it is reduced let it cool and then add it to a bowl with cream of tartar and caster sugar whip it on high speed until it looks like meringue sift almond meal and icing sugar through a coarse sieve just to get rid of any lumps then fold that into your chickpea mixture pipe circles of this onto baking paper and bake it in the oven until it’s done match up the halves that are of similar size add your filling and you have vegan or egg free macarons now you have ten seconds to write your answers in the comments which ones if those recipes were real and which ones were fake go [Music] okay times up let’s look at each one recipe number one jelly fluff is a really nice quick easy dessert recipe made with jelly and a wrapper added milk the milk allows it to froth and the gelatin in the jelly makes it set it’s real number two Snickers frosting is fake it doesn’t have enough fat content for it to whip up like that into a thick frosting the first thing that I piped onto the cake was just a normal batch of buttercream that I added a melted Snickers to so the recipe that I showed you was fake number three the Oreo cake well what you’re looking at here is in fact a packet cake mix the Oreo cake if you can call it that looks like a volcano it has weird holes through it and a really unusual texture that could best be described as rubbery could you eat it yes does it taste good no so that one was definitely faked up in the video number four the vegan macarons these are actually real you can make these using chicopee liquid or aqua fiber depending on how long you bake them for the shells will be different this show was baked for quite a long time and if you have a look at it it’s really quite hard and the texture is not normal macaron texture it’s crunchy like a a really hard dry meringue with a bit of a nutty flavor to it if you bake them less then they’re a bit more like a macaron texture in the middle but the outside is also very soft so they break very easily and as you can see they’re a bit hollow in there too they do actually taste pretty good though so if you can’t have eggs these are definitely worth a try and these ones are real how did you go how many did you get right with thanks to audible for sponsoring this week’s episode Dave my hubby has actually just finished recording his novel the deep Enders as an audiobook so you can enjoy listening to him the man plucks the pill with one hand and rub sand from his eyes with the other you dirty thief I’ll rip your guts out he’s as his eyes adjusted Mickey knew there was something familiar about that face the messy blond hair the grizzled teeth and four fingers on one hand she scrambled backward out of arm’s length then lapped up and forgetting his sneakers on the beach she sprinted barefoot all the way home I love to lead audiobooks that are narrated by the author themselves if you need a gift for someone or even for yourself go to backslash how to cook that or text how to cook that to five hundred five hundred to get three months affordable for just six ninety-five a month which has less than half of their normal price originals are exclusive to audible they’re narrated by well-known people from all walks of life like musicians Juno’s athletes and you can also get one audio book of your choice each month with thanks to my patrons for your ongoing support every single month you guys are legends and if you would like to join them you can head on over to patreon combat slash how to cook that and see the rewards there if you need to up your baking IQ check out some of my debunking videos all my real recipes that actually work make it a great week by being kind to others and I’ll see you on Friday [Music]
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