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sorry bad ya ever had ramen before I have how was it telling 10 perfect cannot be beaten yeah I’ve had one ago and it was top drawer well prepare your stomachs and your minds for an 11 out of 10 ramen they’re gonna start simple this week there’s a plethora of Romani ingredients Cheers now it is very much dig in and we’ve got bean sprouts we’ve got the pulled pork a bit spring onions or scallions and the mommy bean shiitake mushrooms our soy marinated eggs chilli coriander sesame seeds and nori sheets we pass this beforehand Tommy whoa man that broth is decent can ask a question I’ve had ramen before and that broth takes ages so how did you do that we’ve been here it’s last December we need a bigger kitchen worktop as a lot of ingredients and this requires a lot of time but very little effort okay start with a broth to make the broth we have got a chicken carcass so put that into the biggest pot you can find along with all of your pork bones cover it up with cold water right to top heat it to a boil and that is going to blanch the boats then when we were talking about making ramen online Alfonso’s asking where the hell do you get pork bones from you can’t just get pork bones from your butcher although I’ve done abide pork ribs and they’ve got bones right to the middle with added meat which once they’re cooked we can strip off and put back into our ramen so two for one so we blanched our bones and it does sound like a bit of an extra step that might not be necessary but if you look at the stock now it’s relatively clear soon as it boils get rid of all the water rinse the bones and start again and then you boil it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and then all the flavor comes out is that a traditional way to do it yes blanching the mint now Ben as much as I love porky chickeny water I would like to add some flavor to this broth yes so deep flavors going to come from the pork bones yep tonkatsu so we’re going to add in two pork shoulder so they can go in and simmer away gently later on you can pull them apart and I pretty much just crumbles dried shitake they’re going in with star anise two cloves of garlic crushed ginger and for spring onions mother and then heat this vat of water until it becomes a bat of stock that’s about eight hours over a gentlemen what do we think this is all facing that is impressive but it will notice that these have been – shelled Oh mate honestly so if the broth has been going since last December I was standing there peeling entomology since the November before that is it true that this bowl is made out of real zebra correct in all the time you’ve got why your stock bubbles and boils away you can get all the little side dishes and garnishes ready so we got to pop a few edamame beans slice up some fresh shiitake mushrooms slice some chili some fresh spring onion toast some sesame seeds and pick some coriander I love a good garnish remember if you want to get all the details for this recipe there in the link down below and if you want to get ahead for next week we’re going to be cooking up a venison burger all the details are already lives you can get the recipe you can get all the ingredients you can get your mates around and cook along with us next Friday for our big night in are you going to do that or do I need to go shopping if you go shop another great and I hear berries really good cook classes so oh dear often many many hours of which this hasn’t quite had enough yet yes he needs another six and a half ok then you drain it off keep your pork back cause you’re going to strip that up and it ends up looking like that lovely and what you’re left with is this incredible broth which smells amazing so much flavors come out of those pork bones but now we add in more which is miso soy and mirin okay they go in whisk them up and then it’s ready to serve right is anyone tried an egg why is it funny color no need it’s got a tan kind of eggs very easy to do Oh to make the eggs we’re going to get them to room temperature before we boil them in boiling water for 6 minutes we’re then going to run them under cold water for 6 minutes to cool them back down and then we can peel them another write what happens to this egg you you’ve happened today because I’ve done three absolutely fine where I’ve done two absolutely fine I know this is my third one that’s not going to work look at it it’s not working have that one for your lunch right but warm it let’s make a marinade all you do is take soy mirin sake water and sugar in exact quantities which you can find down below and whisk them up in a bowl and then store your peeled hard-boiled eggs in it for at least 12 hours overnight it’s good up to 20 hours but not 21 give or take okay essentially eggs aside it’s a one pot cook mmm it’s all going in there you blanch it you fresh it you cook it you drain it you put it back in the pot and then you cook noodles in the broth so the noodles and your bowl at the start had all the flavor the broth as we’re always there cooking in the same broth I mean it took no effort but just in terms of time full 12 months did it that was brilliant thank you guys that honesty now you can have a round of applause right elbow smash what question time yeah yes okay question Kristen who will become your successors when all of you retire we’re not going to retire are we a long way off there’s no pension with this you don’t no way wide okay so why don’t we do that but why don’t we do which actresses it would play us in the sorted movie all right some sort of fantasy of sanity Ben’s Angels like a Kirsten Dunst symptom let’s go Kirsten Dunst yeah why it’s a color photo myself lower you can see here calm them is it cuz I think of the glasses of tiny feet has to be somebody with glasses yeah I’ve got one for you if you wants to tell me if you want some help god Sheldon’s girlfriend from the Big Bang Theory Amy I think that’s a very yeah or Thelma Thelma today some actress as a character if there’s a female shaggy yes I mean I look like the actual shaggy do so there’s got not very not water not that one no that wasn’t it no that one you
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