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Quick Yoga Core: Find Your Inner Strength

[Music] hey everyone it’s keno here welcome to another quick core come to a comfortable seated position close your eyes [Music] so they rushed your hands down to any comfortable position and tune in to your breath notice your breath tune into the body how’s my body feeling notice the quality of your emotions whether positive negative or neutral just observe whatever is and let that establish the beginning point for our little journey together we’re going to start today in the Child’s Pose which you might think is weird for a core video but yeah I promise we’ll get working so let’s take the hands forward in the head down just hold that there for a few breaths one two let your thigh bones roll into the back of their sockets 3 4 lift your head up come up onto your fingertips and then walk the hands a little back and then push until the knees pop off the ground 1 your hands could be flat if it’s more comfortable to keep it tight 3 now you get the sense of where we’re going 4 and 5 let’s do it again push through the arms and sink into the hip joints 1 nice and easy 2 3 here we go 4 5 exhale down then let’s walk forward placing the elbows down and let’s do the dolphin plank for five breaths step back and here we go one push from the shoulders tighten your core two three here we go for five rests knees down Child’s Pose and then he’ll come up you don’t need to do full house pose they’re just like a little mini rest rotate it under pitch your shoulders forward and then inhale here we go back to your dolphin plank and then let’s put some movement in the dolphin playing right side touch the tricep left side right side left sides do that five more times working one right left side to the left side three left side keep working it four left last one and now walk them both in put the knees on to the triceps it’s gonna be real hard but try anyway this is baby bakasana shoulders forward one keep working – belly inside three four come on down feeling your shoulders shoulders are intimately connected into the core of the body widen the shoulders down there facing dog one two three four nice and easy and five let’s roll over the toes come to a kneeling position and grab your yoga blocks you don’t have yoga blocks just like two big books totally work okay so no pitches shoulders forward are you ready inhale up one keep working to keep working three shoulders forward four by exhale go down okay let’s keep working huh now let’s do it again maybe this time you want to feel like your feet come off the ground let him come off okay so here we go one two three keep working four five exhale go down I always like a set of three for better or worse pitch the shoulders forward and inhale one two keep working three four five okay let’s move those blocks forward good job celebrate the work even more than the results chaturanga upward facing and downward facing yeah let’s move the blocks over to the side and we’ll keep working let’s work on the elbows so lie on your side come up onto your elbow all right can you use the full length of the mat and then nice and easy inhale pick it up exhale it’ll go all the way down so little inhale up exhale down five more one exhale down two exhale down three exhale down four exhale down five hold it one you can lift the arm to three belly in four five exhale go down okay let’s switch the sides pop on over to the other side keep it nice and long and then here we go okay ready so you want to avoid having the ribs open we’re gonna pull the ribs in so think about your body and a line and then find a good alignment inhale pick it up get comfortable squeeze everything in exhale little down and I’ll pick it up backs a little down inhale up five more down one take it up down – take it up sorry take it up for take it up five up hold it look up one you doing all right keep working two three flex your feet squeeze your thighs squeeze your butt four five exhale go down Oh are you feeling it I feel it a little a lot actually it’s this whole core region what would a core class be without navasana so we got to do it okay I’m looking at the blocks and I’m thinking let’s grab the blocks asana Wow let’s just do regular today two three squeeze it in four five and how my hips packing up exhale down let’s do it three times one you got it – keep working three four five inhale figure it out exhale down last one one keep working to keep working three four last one we’re gonna hold four five one two three don’t go down four five now go down shake that out okay move your blocks on over to the side and let’s come back to a comfortable seated position and let’s release the shoulders arms out to a t-shape and reach big powerful reach reach reach reach a little over one side reach a little to the other side back to the center roll the shoulders back back back back forward forward forward forward reach flatten hands reach lean over to the right and extend keep leaning leaning leaning as much as is comfortable for you back to the center over to the side leaning leaning leaning as much as is comfortable for you don’t force it don’t overdo it back to the center and roll roll roll sometimes the neck get the little works let’s just release the neck switch the sides and back to the center close your eyes for a moment you feel in the fire sort of quick spark to get the core turned on and then hands in prayer close your eyes [Laughter] [Music] thanks so much for joining me on this quick core class I hope you feel that fire translate into peace love and happiness in your life namaste
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