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Quick Yoga Cool Down And Stretch – Cool Down Stretches

hey guys it’s Kelly from fitness wonder calm and got a total body cooldown and stretched for you today so we’re going to start off with a warrior pose so go ahead and lunge forward stretch and lean into that stretch as far as you need to to feel it along this inside thigh and there’s this one as well leading one as well just get comfortable here like I said lean into it as far as you need to go to feel stretch really forward rest this forward hand on your knee point up towards the ceiling look towards your hand now lean forward into a nice deep lunge here make sure you’re taking deep breaths go throughout this so let’s be nice and relaxing move into warrior on the other side come back up lean forward the opposite direction so we’re moving through these poses pretty quickly it’s meant to be a quick cool down and stretch so this is way better than nothing if you’re looking for something to stretch out after a hard workout I’m going to lean forward point that opposite hand with the ceiling move into that lunge all right keep that back so you’re in a high plank and just press push act like you’re trying to push your heels towards the ground so you can get a good calf stretch and walk it up into a downward dog for the stone alright what backup the rest of the way stay here for just a second get a nice lower back and hamstring stretch only go as far as you can without any pain are you come back up pull your foot up towards your butt stretch it to one of your thighs switch to the opposite side come back over here arms overhead Meech walk back and forth a little stretch out both sides come sweep down back down towards your toes walk it out back out to a downward dog just a second here it’s got to be one of my favorite stretches after a better workout I now take this leg okay under your body and fold forward if you have to can stop up here it’s all about how flexible you are you have to listen to your body all right walk back up slowly if you can bend this knee and pull this back up towards your body all right so please check this one under and again fold over all over that leg walk back up slowly bend at the knee and pull this leg out towards you right leg back down straighten both legs out lower down press up into a Cobra press back into Child’s Pose puts down away from those arms so you can get a good shoulder stretch and let it relax all right good job guys this workout is complete you
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