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Quick Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout Routine

hey guys it’s Kelly and Daniel from fitness lender comm today we have a quick cardio warm-up for you we have ten different exercises that we’re going to be doing for thirty seconds of peace you’re not going to need any equipment and this routine is going to be great to get you ready for any of our other workout videos so let’s go ahead and get started as Kelly said when we going through each one of these exercise for 30 seconds so let’s go ahead and get started with our first one which is gonna be a boxer shuffle and three two one and start up just try to step on the ball of your foot as much as you can nice quick motion hopping back and forth from foot to foot you want to try to stay as light as you possibly can on those feet moving back and forth as quickly as possible now you might want to start a little slower when you first start into this exercise but as we get further through this starts trying to speed up a little bit more get that hurry up a little bit more start trying to warm those muscles up more i’ve got about five seconds left until we switch to an overhead reach with stretch and go and switch nice tall stretch those hands over top of your head and down to those feet and back up go and round that lower back as you stretch down towards those toes then come back up nice straight spine you come up to the top just all take it back and forth nice deep breath into the top exhale as you go down towards those toes just make sure you keep the motion under control nice and slow you don’t want to get those arms out of control and just swing them around you always want to make sure those arms are under control and let’s go ahead and switch to a slow high knee March pull those knees up nice and high remember this is a slow high knee March so you’re mainly focusing on trying to get as much range of motion in those legs as you can as opposed to trying to move quickly and really trying to get that hurried up don’t worry those muscles used in this exercise will do just fine get that hurried up and just find get that core temperature up got about five seconds left until we switch to a torso twist and switch it nice slow rotation left to right again you’re moving slowly but you’re trying to focus on getting as much range of motion as you possibly can you can let those hips rotate left to right a little bit if you want to get those hips into it a little bit more that hip socket otherwise you can keep those hips perfectly parallel to the wall or to the ground and just rotate from that torso keeping those hips stationary now you got about five seconds left until you switch to an alternating toe touch and go ahead and switch it there’s an all-seeing toe touch kick so that legs and come up in front reaching down towards that foot with the opposite hand again nice controlled motion you don’t want to just kick that leg uncontrollably you want to feel like you could almost stop at any point through this motion and hold it you should feel a little bit of a stretch that hamstring as you reach down towards that toe and the main thing though is trying to warm up that lower back and those glutes as well as that hip flexor in the front trying to really get everything nice and limber and switch to a full torso circle next going all the way around a nice big circle pausing at the top stretching that chest down towards those toes keeping a relatively flat back legs nice and straight maybe just a tiny tiny bit of a bend in those knees but otherwise pretty much perfectly straight I’ve got a lateral step toe touch coming up next and go ahead and switch it just stepping back and forth nice slow controlled motion again but you want to again start trying to work that range of motion squat down nice and low on that leg that you have underneath you kick that other leg out back behind you nice and far again trying to work that range of motion everything should be under control you should never feel like your muscles or your arms your legs are out of control at any point we’re moving on to squats next in just a few seconds and go ahead and switch it this is just a traditional squat nice and deep you know I keep those those feet just about shoulder width apart dropping those hips down nice and low again focusing on range of motion you want try to get those hips as low as you possibly can as low as is comfortable for those hips and those knees make sure that back stays nice and flat even though you’re not using any weight above your shoulders it’s always a good idea to practice good squat form you’re moving on to jumping jacks in just a second and go ahead and switch it just a regular jumping jack there’s a lot faster motion so really be careful not to let those arms and legs go out of control you want to keep that arm really nice and rigid contracting that bicep and tricep as well as that shoulder muscle you want to make sure those legs are nice and controlled as well a real quick hop out and back in just keep those lungs open breathing normally that core temperature should be coming up you might even be starting to break a sweat by this point got one more exercise to go that’s me high knees and go ahead and switch it move it onto those high knees your last one nice quick motion driving those knees up as high as you possibly can trying to get a good full range of motion on that leg making sure you’re barely letting that foot touch the ground before you’re pulling it right back up again just keep that motion going as quickly as you possibly can keep a nice clean form driving those knees up as high as as possible got about 10 seconds left it’s keep them going five four three two one and let it relax good job this warm-up is complete
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