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Quick Total Body Warm Up Cardio – Easy Low Impact Cardio Warm Up Workout

this is fitness boners quick cardio warm up with this workout where we going through ten exercises to help get you warmed up next routine are we doing each one of these exercises for about 30 seconds each alright let’s go and get ready with our first exercise marching in place again this can be for about 30 seconds each this one is just a nice slow controlled motion bring those knees up just a little bit this isn’t really a high knee motion you’re just bringing those knees up to about halfway up that thigh not quite to that hip joint just barely with those feet touch the ground then slowly bring them right back up again again there’s a nice controlled motion to keep those lungs open got just under 10 seconds left and we’re gonna switch to a squat plus a high knee pull to one and switch it nice and deep squat pull that knee up then right down again other side just all tape back and forth again slow controlled motion you don’t have to go into a really really deep squat at first you can take your time and kind of warm those legs up getting deeper and deeper with every single squat but you want to make sure you’re always challenging that range of motion trying to get those legs warmed up those hips warmed up got just under 10 seconds and we’re switch to our next exercise the walk down planks in two one and switch go into those walk down planks all the way down slowly back out so you’re just walking down into that full push-up position pausing there for just a second then coming right back up just keep that motion going under control keep those lungs open make sure you’re not holding your breath we’ve got about 10 seconds left till we switch those flutter kicks and go ahead and switch and start him up nice straight leg just moving those feet back and forth again this isn’t a really kick motion you’re a really heavy kick motion you’re just doing a nice slow controlled motion back and forth of those legs again focusing on keeping that leg nice and straight getting a full range of motion to have that hip keep those ABS nice and tight those shoulder blades crunched up off of the floor just a little bit keep focusing and keep those lungs open you’re switching to a crunch jack next and go and start it up nice full range of motion tuck those knees in all the way over top of that chest reaching down towards those toes and then extend those arms and legs in opposite directions the lower you go with those legs the harder it’s gonna be so just pick whichever version you want you can actually kick those legs straight up in the air if you want to to make it a little bit easier just keep going got about 10 seconds left when I switched to a push-up plus a child’s pose next four three two one and switch it go ahead and roll over onto your stomach and start up full push-up then sit back into those heels slowly back forward again another push-up then back into those heels again every single time you sit back into those heels make sure you really stretch those hands out away from you get a nice full range of motion trying to sit back on those heels as tight as you can as it’s comfortable for that knee and that hip is possible got just a few seconds left until we switched to a windmill turn and go ahead and switch stand back up arms out to your sides bent over rotating left to right make sure you keep that back perfectly flat only bending from that hip joint rotating left to right get a good full range of motion on that torso and those shoulders left to right as far as you can go just try to keep those hips stationary and those knees nice and straight got just about 5 seconds left till we switch to a downward dog with a back bow and go ahead and switch it so feet just about shoulder width apart walk those hands out to that triangle position that downward dog and slowly drop it down flat against the ground do a full back bow bring those hands back by that rib cage and walk back up into that full downward dog just keep alternating back and forth nice slow controlled motion make sure you get a really tight squeeze at the bottom really getting those arms and legs all the way up off the ground really stretch those hamstrings you sit back into those that downward dog pressing those heels down to the ground and we’re switch to an arm cross swing next and go and switch it so stand back up and start it crossing those arms and cut in front of your chest get a nice full range of motion on that shoulder just kind of shifting your weight back and forth from foot to foot to make sure you don’t stand still you want to always keep those feet moving get a nice full range of motion and again swing those arms back and forth in a controlled manner you always want to make sure you have control over those arms never letting him just flail around I’ve got one more exercise to go which is gonna be a front Jack when I start that in about 5 seconds to 1 and start it into that front Jack those hands kind of strip in front of your chest and right down to those hips same motion with those feet as you would with a regular jumping jack just out about shoulder twice shoulder width apart then snapping those feet right back together again those hands come straight up in front of that chest and right back down to those thighs keep that arm nice and straight got just about 10 seconds left just keep it going nice even pace keep those lungs open 3 2 1 and let it relax alright good job this warm-up is complete
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