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Quick Sweat Fat Burning Circuit!

(scratching) (cheerful bell ring) – Hey, guys. Cassie here. Today, we are doing a quick sweat circuit. So this means it is a total body workout. There are six moves and we’re going to be
doing cardio as well. It’s super quick. If this is your only workout today, I want you to repeat
this routine four times, but if you’re following
this month’s calendar, just do it once. So the moves that we’re doing today are football runs leg up crunches skaters up up down downs, split squat jumps and squat with side leg lifts. Ready? Let’s get started. We’re starting out with football runs. So legs a little bit wider
than hip width apart, toes forward, bend over and let’s go ahead and move those feet as fast as you can. (upbeat music) Just like that, and tight on your feet and shake those hips. Come on, go hard. Belly button in, chest open. Let’s go. Woo. Really fast, go faster, move those feet. Move it, move it, move it. You’ve got 45 seconds on
then you have 15 seconds off. Do not slow down. Come on. It feels a
little like 60 minutes. This is number one. Let’s go. Hoo. Faster, faster, faster. Very nice. Come on, arms out. Hoo, there it is. Move those feet, move those feet. Come on. You want to work? You want to tone? Do it, 15 more seconds. Come on. Ah, I am feeling this. Come on. Let’s go, let’s go. Eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, and one. (bell pings) Hoo, okay. Now we’re going on to our L crunches. So get down onto your mat, legs all the way up and hands long behind the neck, elbows super wide. Get ready. In three, two, one, here it is. And lift and lower. (upbeat music) And down. Up. You’ve got it. I really want you to
lift the shoulders up. Really crunch those abs, heels together, toes pointed up, elbows super wide. And down. Your heart is racing and you’re going right into the abs, okay, really making this
workout super effective. Let’s go. Elbows wide, support the head. Exhaling up, lift. Don’t pull on the neck,
squeeze with the abs. Let’s go. Up, and down. And lower. Good stuff. Come on. Eight more seconds, let’s go. Reach. Nice. And lift, hold, (bell pings) and done. Very, very good. Okay, now we’re going to do skaters. Back into that cardio, okay? So legs super wide. What’s going to happen, is
you’re going to reach down. Okay, here we go. In five, four, three, two, hit it. (upbeat music) Skaters, side, to side, to side, to side. Just like this. Touch
the floor if you can. Nice, side, perfect. You’ve got it. Push, push. It’s going to be 45 seconds each move, so you’ve got to go hard, guys. You’ve got this. Touch, touch. Try to go as wide as your mat, okay? Go as wide as you can,
really work those thighs. Work those legs, get that heart racing. Ten more seconds. Nice. And four, two, one. (bell pings) Very, very good. Okay, now we’re on to upper body and arms with our up up down downs. So hands right underneath the shoulders, beginners on your knees. If you’re advanced,
intermediate, onto the toes. Ready, here it is. Down, down, lift it up. Good stuff. And up. Down, down. Very nice. You’ve got it. Beautiful. Just a little bit, then
we’re going to switch sides. All right, switch sides. Here we go. Down, down, lift up. Low, low, lift, you’ve got it. Down, down, exhale, lift. Perfect. Let’s do this. A little bit more. Up, up, down, down. Reach, reach, and one more. (bell pings) Hold it all the way up. And knees down. Very, very good. Okay, we’re going into split squat jumps. And we’re returning to the legs, okay. Down to the lower body. Legs wide. Ready? Let’s do this. (upbeat music) Boom, and up, and up, just like that. Bending the leg. We’re getting low, okay. You’ve got this. Push, push. And you want to lift high, you’ve got that lift. Breathe. Stay focused, okay. Your workout, this is
your time to feel good. I want you to burn because we’re making some
changes in that body, okay. Some changes in your life. Work through it, fight for it. If you want it bad enough, you’re the only one who’s
going to make this happen. Almost there. Hoo. One more. Boom. (bell pings) Very, very good. Okay, last one in round one. This is your squat with side leg lift. Legs hip width apart, toes forward. Make sure your feet are parallel. Arms here, chest open. We’re going to come down, lift up, seat, we’re getting butt and thighs here. Down, and up. Doing whatever you want with your hands. And I need you to get
low and lift high, okay? Down and up. Perfect. You’re doing so well. Come on, let’s get super low. Butt all the way down to the floor. Down, and up. Straighten out that
leg, straighten it out. Lift the foot. Nice. Come on. You are so close. Down, and up. Low, and lift. Legs feeling it? Yeah they are. One more. (bell pings) And up. Hoo. Excellent job. If this is your only workout today, take a water break for one minute. Replay this video three more times. Otherwise follow this
month’s calendar right here. And there you go. That is what you will do for this month. You don’t have to think about it. Let me be your trainer. Thank you so much for joining me and I will see you next time. Train hard, guys. Bye.
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