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QUICK & EFFECTIVE 5 Min Arms Workout! | Upper Body Challenge For Amazing Results 💥

[Music] our boho beautiful official app download it today in the app store [Music] welcome to costa rica this is a five minute power arms class that will help develop strength mobility and endurance in your arms and upper body this class is meant to be customized for your level so if you need to stop at any point pause the video and start again when you’re ready or if you make it all the way through challenge yourself and see if you can do it twice the goal though is to be able to do three reps of this video in a row with short breaks in between and not to forget to work hard and have fun today’s video is sponsored and brought to you by better health finding time to focus on our mental health and well-being is one of the most important things that we like to focus on in our personal life however when life presents challenges and unprecedented circumstances it’s okay to look for extra guidance and support better health is not a crisis line it’s not self-help it’s professional therapy done securely online this service is available for anyone that needs it worldwide and when you sign up online you will have your needs assessed and matched with your own licensed professional therapist that will begin to be there for you within 48 hours better help is here to help you live a better life you are never alone in any difficult situation simply log into your account anytime and send a message to your therapist not only will you receive a thoughtful and timely response you will also be able to schedule a weekly video or phone session if this is something that you feel you need right now in your life visit boho that’s better h e l p dot com slash b o h o to get 10 off your first month and join over 3 million people taking charge of their mental health with that said let’s get back to our practice grab your mat and let’s begin [Music] welcome friends let’s start at the center of our mat and warm up our shoulders roll them backwards and forwards one at a time whatever your body is asking for listen to what it has to say and try to find the solution that it’s looking for shake out those arms a little bit and let’s get ready take a big stretch up above your heads clasp your fingers behind your back and take a deep breath now let’s begin let’s start in plank position at the front of our mat we’re going to go into shoulder taps opposite hand touching opposite shoulder all right here we go one and two one and two keeping your body flat and two one and two connecting breath in and out couple more in and out short breaths bursts of air one and two one and two last one one and two great job let’s go back into downward dog bouncing your weight into your feet we’re gonna shoot forward into plank take a deep breath and exhale that’s one inhale come back exhale into plank that’s two inhale come back to downward dog exhale that’s three inhale come back and exhale into plank inhale downward dog exhale plank and back to downward dog we’re gonna add a push-up exhale into plank drop it down lift it up back into downward dog that’s one plank push up up into plank again and inhale downward dog exhale plank inhale down exhale up inhale downward dog connecting with your breath into plank down up and downward dog one more into plank push up down back up and downward dog one more variation dropping our knees not letting them touch the mat and pushing forward into plank down to push up up and downward dog drop the knees don’t touch sliding your chest across the mat pushing yourself into push-up dropping lifting and downward dog that’s two let’s go third one slide the chest across the mat coming up into plank dropping into push-up lifting up and going back into dower dog drop the knees shoot across the mat dropping down chest to the mat lifting up and downward dog last one drop the knees shooting across with all the grace you have left dropping into push-up lifting yourself back up and coming to downward facing dog all right let’s just take a quick breather here coming onto our knees shake out those shoulders again rolling the shoulders and if you want to bring the arm across stretch the triceps and the scapula you can do exactly as i’m doing here or just continue rolling the shoulders whatever feels good just for this quick little intermission before we come back to downward facing dog where we left off but this time raise up onto the very tips of your toes and we’re gonna drop our head down the mat and push back up and drop again and uh exhale down inhale up that’s three down and up down end up staying on the tips of your toes as you push down and up a couple more as you drop down pushing back up drop down pushing back up last one big breath in great job let’s come into plank once again at the front of our mat holding as still and straight as we can and rotate in circles to the right there we go little baby circles really feeling those arms activate and now to the left there we go breathing in and exhaling consciously as we feel our shoulders start to protest a little bit all right beautiful let’s come back to downward facing dog drop onto our elbows we’re gonna take this into dolphin clasp your fingers together and we’re gonna shoot our body towards our hands in the top of the mat exhale out and inhale push back that’s one exhale dropping and back that’s two exhale inhale back up dropping down and lifting up coming to the earth and pushing to the sky exhale inhale exhale big breath in beautiful do your best to keep up but if you have to stop and take a break totally cool one more here we go and pushing up holding just for a second here we’re gonna come back to downward facing dog and take the impossible push-up this is dropping our elbows slowly down to the mat as we dive our chest towards plant our hands and lift into upward facing dog then swing back drop elbows bring chest and scoop up that’s two drop the elbows sliding our body don’t touch the mat and upward facing dog three drop elbows scooping through looking up to the sky four and exhaling as we drop inhaling as we come up that’s five we’re halfway there drop the elbows scoop upward facing dog and downward all right drop the elbows slide across the mat push the earth away and downward facing dog couple more here there you go upward facing dog downward two more drop the elbows digging deep pushing up to the sky and last one elbows down and pushing up holding an upper dog here just for a stretch and a moment excellent job they called the impossible push-up for a reason let’s find our way back into child’s pose just to give our shoulders an activated counter stretch here forehead to the mat chest down to the earth reaching forward with your fingers and coming back up that’s a wrap great job if you made it all the way through let’s see if you can do it a second or a third time this is meant to be a three rep series so if you work your way mindfully up to three reps and do it three days in a row with one day off for three weeks straight you’ll end up with super human arm strength i swear thanks for being here with me guys hope to see you again soon namaste [Music] you
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