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Quick & Easy Morning Yoga For Energy & Flexibility! Feel Amazing All Day! Beginners Class At Home

[Music] good morning everyone welcome back to yoga with Jess I’m really excited to bring you this easy flow to help you wake up feel good and get your day started off right so when you’re ready join me on your mat so we’re gonna start sitting on the heels it’s a come on over bring the heels together underneath the hips sitting up nice and tall inhale bring the arms up overhead expanding out for the ribcage up exhale drop the left hand down on the mat send the hips over to the right and feel a nice juicy side stretch here as the gaze lifts up to the sky energy shooting out those right fingertips for a nice long side body stretch here one of those hips fall as low as you can maybe coming down onto a forearm really enjoying this nice juicy opener and exhale start to round the body down towards the mat and walk the hands around coming through Child’s Pose with active fingertips stretching out the low back here and breathing in to every diagonal as we come around to the other side so placing the right hand or forearm down on the mat inhale the left arm up to the sky and allow those hips to fall over the heels and over to the left inhale grow long and exhale push down through those hips and pressing into that hand to push the hips a little bit lower as we grow nice and long here really opening up that side body feeling that great stretch [Music] mom our breath here and on our next inhale press into that bottom hand to come to a nice upright seated position now bring the hands around the back to clasp right at the low back I’ll just turn to the side so you can see what I’m doing clasping at the low back I’m gonna inhale straighten those arms send that chest up to the sky for a nice heart opener and little backbend here bringing those shoulder blades to touch behind you and exhale release down now we’re gonna come onto hands and knees for cat cow position so in a nice neutral tabletop you want to make sure your wrists are underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath their hips on your inhale start to lift the chest and hips up to the sky as the belly drops coming into a nice big arch here warming up the spine exhale round the back coming into cat press into those hands to broaden the shoulder blades send the belly up towards the spine [Music] inhale swooping through four cow pose this is a great posture to just really start bringing lubrication and flexibility to the spine you’re often really stiff in the morning so brief ooh take a few rounds on your own time inhaling up for cow and exhaling rounding for cat and when you feel nice and warm come back to a neutral spine we’re gonna tuck the toes under lift those knees off the mat just to hover about an inch off of the mat and feel that core starting to engage here fingertips are spread wide pressing through those palms breathing through any discomfort as we start to wake up here as the body turns on one more breath here and on your next exhale let’s push back downward facing dog so pressing into those hands hips lift high so maybe taking a moment to pedal the feet out here pressing one heel into the mat and then the other allow the back to start really opening up and stretching out I feel those shoulder blades opening as well as we externally rotate the arms maybe you sway your hips side to side a little bit here really feeling it in the side body and the IT band and then coming back to downward-facing dog take a few breaths as you try to get those heels down on the mat inhale rise up to the tippy toes Bend those knees send the hips really high and then slowly start to straighten those legs [Music] inhale left leg lifts up to the sky let’s stack those hips opening up to the sidewall trying to keep those shoulders square we’re really twisting from the low body sending that knee up to the sky and feeling the hips open up here now straightening that leg shift the hips back to Center exhale bring the knee to nose step it all the way through for a low lunge drop that right knee down on the mat untuck the toes inhale the arms up overhead I’m janae asana now here we’re sending those hips forwards the top of the mat really feeling a nice hip opening and hip flexor stretch and we’re tucking the tailbone under so that we’re not crunching the low back and really extending up through the spine opening up the chest a nice big morning stretch here always coming back to the breath [Music] exhale lower the hands down now place the weight into the right hand we’re gonna bring the left hand around bend that knee and grab for the top of the foot again we’re pushing those hips forward and kicking into that hand trying to get the heel close to the buttocks really feeling a juicy quadricep stretch here if you like you can gaze over that left shoulder and slowly release the foot bring the hand back down tuck the toe under and feel this nice low lunge for a moment really opening up the hips here relax the neck and when you’re ready step that foot back plank position now again fingertips are spread wide elbows rotated in towards the body low belly tucked in glutes are engaged here you should really start to feel the body turn on everything’s working energy shooting out those back heels on your next exhale wrap the elbows into the body and slowly lower all the way down to the mat untuck the toes place the belly on the floor and inhale lift that chest high for Cobra bhujangasana elbows are tucked into the body not that much weight into the hands as we lift using our back strength here and exhale lower down tuck the toes under inhale push through plank come back downward facing dog and coming back to your breath here sending those hips nice and high neck and shoulders relaxed mmm maybe letting out a nice big sigh and we’ll do the other side inhale right leg lifts this time and let’s stack those hips bending the knee and twisting the hips open to the sky trying to keep those shoulders facing down to the mat and you can press into the hands and that left foot to really send that knee high an equal opposite motion here I’m straightening out that leg rotate the hips back towards Center exhale knee to nose as we shift the weight forward coming into a low lunge on the other side drop that knee down inhale the arms up overhead for unguent Ayana on the other side energetically think about scissoring those knees in towards one another so we don’t want them to splay out too far to the side we’re working that inner thigh resistance here and really stretching those hips open shoulders drop away from the ears nice big heart opening [Music] breathing in through the nose and out through the nose going nice and long through the spine and exhale bring those hands down to frame the foot this time place the weight into the left hand we’re gonna right hand around bend that knee and grab for the top of the foot mm breathing as the hips drop down nice juicy quadricep stretch here [Music] mmm imagining the Sun on our face maybe even smiling and slowly release that foot bring the hand back down and just take a moment here at a low lunge straightening that lap and just take a moment here in low lunge just straightening that back knee and as you’re ready kick the right foot back to meet the left plank position and we’ll hold it here for just a moment again sucking everything into the midline squeezing the low belly in one long line of energy from the crown of the head all the way down the back and shooting out those heels on your next exhale shift the weight forward tuck those elbows into the body slowly lower it down on the exhale this time on our inhale we’re going to push up for upward facing dog nice big backbend here and exhale push it back downward facing dog so again just pressing into those palms to send the hips high maybe the gaze starts to shift up towards the belly button and when you’re ready let’s rise onto the tippy toes look forward lower the heels down and we’re gonna take little baby steps up to the top of the mat with straight legs really feeling that juicy stretch along the calf muscles and hamstrings an exhale release the neck down come into a forward fold you could leave the hands where they are or maybe grab for the back of the heels and pull the upper body down towards the calves [Music] if you’re here if you need to bend your knees that’s totally wonderful as well just whatever can bring you to a nice relaxed forward fold so you really feel a good stretch along the low back and relaxing the neck for a full back stretch here inhale halfway lift coming to the fingertips exhale lower down and this time we’re gonna come with a flat back all the way up to stand nice big stretch here arms touch overhead and exhale arms down by your side one final posture to complete our morning flow come with feet together grounded through the heels inhale the arms up overhead take the left hand grab the right wrist inhale grow long exhale bend it over to the left for a nice side body stretch shooting those hips out to the right and just extending out chest is lifted inhale back to Center exhale release the arms down inhale arms up growing nice and long this time grabbing for the left wrist with the right hand the inhale and grow even longer before we come over to the side hip shooting out to the left this time upper body falls over to the right and you can use your hand to pull your wrist and really grow nice and long through the side body here stretching out of the hips tightening the side tightening up that little belly fat there and inhale back to Center arms come down by your side I want to take a few little shoulder rolls here some loosening up the shoulders and reverse coming up towards the ears and forward and relax shake it out arms down by your side thank you so much for joining me this morning for this nice easy flow I hope you’re feeling revitalized and energized and ready to start your day if you like this video please subscribe to psyche truth to find more videos and please leave me any feedback on this video I hope you have a fabulous day namaste to find my full library of videos that are not available on youtube check out psyche truth plus there you can stream to your TV tablet cell phone or virtually any device so that you can join me for yoga class anywhere at any time I look forward to seeing you on your mat [Music] with hundreds of videos that you can stream on virtually any device to help you reduce stress lose weight or just improve your health and well-being overall and wellness plus TV we are dedicated to helping you on your health and wellness journey join wellness plus TV to find hundreds of videos to help you improve the health of your body and your mind wellness Plus dot TV get well feel better you you
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