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Quick Cool Down Stretching Workout Routine – Cool Down Workout

this is another one of fitness boners quick cool down and stretch workouts in this quick cool down and stretch were me going through and holding each one of our exercises or each one of our positions for 15 seconds each now we’re not going to need any equipment for this routine so let’s go ahead and get started with our first exercise which is going to be a shoulder roll so nice and slow rolling those shoulders forward and back and then back again pausing at the bottom of that range of motion just focus on trying to get as big of a range of motion on those shoulders as you can control comfortably make sure you’re not trying to push too far just get a good stretch so we’re moving on to arm pulls next so those arms that come straight up over top of your head pulling back behind you as far as you can and then come back behind you down next to your sides pulling back as far as you can just keep all turning back and forth keeping those arms straight again trying to push that range of motion to that maximum comfortable spot doing toe touch next straight down keep those legs nice and straight you can either have those feet nice and close together or spread them out just a little bit wider just hits a little bit different part of that hamstring just try to get down as low as you can then we’re gonna switch that quad stretch next we’re gonna stand up one leg comes up heel to butt bring that knee back behind you just freeze it there keep that chest straight up and down so you’re feeling that stretch in the front of that thigh in the front of that hip go ahead and switch sides same exact exercises on the opposite leg heel to butt pull that knee back behind you keep that torso straight up and down again you should feel this to the front of that thigh and find that hip let’s go ahead and move on to our warrior pose for our next exercise so feet spread out nice and wide one leg turned across the other knee bent arms level with the ground just bend it down forward over that front knee as far as this comfortable trying to get that rear leg back behind you nice and far just as low as is comfortable switch sides just all taint those feet arms come up again dropping down as low as is comfortable just keep those shoulders and hips facing the same direction preferably straight forward in front of you go ahead and switch to our next one was gonna be a downward facing dog so feet just about hip-width apart hands about shoulder-width apart drop down onto the ground so you’re making kind of a triangle motion off of the ground trying to keep a straight line from your wrist to your hip and from your hip down to your ankle I’m going to switch up child’s pose next so sit down those knees sit back on those heels stretch those hands out away from you to help stretch out that shoulder as well as a chest and a little bit that lower back just make sure you have those lungs open now we’re going to switch off to a kneeling calf stretch so one knee on the ground the other legs back behind you push as much of your weight back into that foot as you can trying to shut that heel down towards the ground should feel that stretch back in that calf the other leg comes up again pushing as much weight as you can back into that foot trying to shove that heel down towards the ground and let the hell release we’re moving on to a cobra stretch neck so flat down on your stomach hands by the base your ribcage slowly press into those hands arching that chest up as high as it’s comfortable if you can’t quite get to a full extension on those arms that’s perfectly fine just go up as high as you can it’s breathing normally let’s switch over onto your back when you’re doing a glute stretch next to one leg over top of the other grab behind that opposite leg pull it in nice and close so the leg do you have cross over top is the legs you should be feeling us in you should be feeling it deep inside of that glute muscle that butt muscle on that leg hold it for just a little bit longer breathing normally again switch sides pull that knee in as close as it’s comfortable again you should be feeling this and the glute of the leg that’s crossed over top just keep breathing normally constantly trying to pull that leg in just a little bit closer and go ahead and slow that that leg relax we’re gonna move on to a torso stretch neck so one leg over top of the other kind of kicking that knee off to the side try to keep those shoulders down on the ground while trying to rotate those hips off to either the left or the right just go as far as you possibly can and hold it while still keeping those shoulders down on the ground which sides to bring that opposite leg over top we roll those hips in the opposite direction again still trying to keep those shoulders down on the ground trying to get as much rotation to that torso as you can just breathing as normally as you can yeah let’s go ahead and let down relay move on to a full body stretch neck so arms and legs out in opposite directions I’m gonna press those hands and feet in opposite directions trying to really take a nice big deep breath in stretching out those abdominal muscles as well as from that hip and chest and then exhale let it release for a second and then again inhale back in stretching those hands and feet in opposite directions and slowly let that stretch release and you are done this workout is complete good job
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