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Quick Cardio Warm Up – Do This BEFORE You Workout!

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So, I am super crazy pumped
up and excited right now because first of all, I get to see you. And second of all, we are building the
Blogilates headquarters. (sighs) I have been playing interior
designer and furniture shopper for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been really
addicting and really fun. So, make sure you follow me on Snapchat to see all the behind the scenes. The other day, I had to shop for toilets. Now, that wasn’t really fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The next thing is that I will see you in London in a week. So, guys, if you are there,
please come say hi to me if you see me on the street, I would love to hug you and talk to you. Finally, the workout, right? This is what you’re here for. So, today we’re doing
a quick cardio warmup. I have 10 moves for you. They’re only 30 seconds each. And it’s pretty easy, ’cause I know sometimes
you guys feel like, “Oh, my God. We have to
start in with burpees and then go into single-legged
plank ups or whatever. No, this is a good five minute way for you to ease into your workout. Plus, of course, not only
is it a mental motivation, also your muscles need to get warmed up. So, I created this whole workout for you, only five minutes long. So, let’s go ahead and get started. All right, let’s start this
workout with timers on. Here we go. The first move is butt kicks. So, butt kicks, standing
super tall, kick your butt. Literally kick your butt. I mean, don’t kick it too hard. I don’t want you to have
a bruise on your butt, but really get the heart rate up, get that blood circulating. This is your warmup. We’re getting ready for
the rest of your workout. And even if this is
your only workout today, that’s all right. As
long as you’re moving, I’m happy about that. Give me five, four, three, two, and one. Very nice. Now, side reaches right here. I want you to lengthen your obliques all the way through your
arm to your fingers. Other side.
(exhales forcefully) Breathe out as you reach over. Big wide stance, wider than the shoulders. Very good. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Great job. Keep going
(exhales forcefully) Nice. Nice. Nice. I’m so glad you’re here with me today. And one more here. Perfect. Let’s get into
those legs with squats. Hip width apart, hands together. I want you to squat down knees
to elbows and lift back up. Now, make sure when you sit down, imagine you’re sitting down
into a chair that tall. Chest, super open. Do not lean over. Good stuff. Woo! And down, and up. Perfect.
(forcefully exhales) Nice. And one more here. Down and lift. Now, here are your lunge reaches. I want you to bring one leg back, reach over to the side
where your knee is bent, come back up to standing, then back and reach and down. Good stuff. So, we’re getting lower body, upper body all the same time. I hope you guys are feeling
really, really happy right now. If you’re not, you should
give me a big smile ’cause we’re gonna have an
awesome, awesome workout. And I’m so proud of what you’re doing, just warm up with me. You know what, half of it is just getting started. Now, we’re gonna go into our front kicks. So, keep your legs
straight, flex your foot. This is for cardio and hamstrings. Keep your core super tight too. I don’t want to see anyone hunching over like the hunchback of Notre Dame, I want you standing tall, like a dancer, like a ballerina. Be proud. There you go. Long legs. You know what, even if you’re kicking right here, that’s cool too, but none of this. Do not do that. All right. Give me four,
three, two, and one. All right. You wanna warmup your core, this is how you’re gonna do it. The inchworm. Crawl,
crawl, crawl, crawl down, and walk it out. Perfect plank. One, two,
three. One, two, three. And keep those legs straight if you can. Get some hamstring action. Give me a perfect plank. Beautiful. Nice work. And (exhales forcefully) One, two, and last one. And out. Okay. Now, hold right here. We’re gonna go out, out, in, in. (exhales forcefully) Perfect. Out, out, in, in. You guys look great. Make sure your elbows, your palms are right
underneath your shoulders. Not all the way out. Nothing crazy. And booty’s gotta be down. I don’t want to see it up in the air. You’re not trying to look like a mountain or a triangle right here. You were gonna plank. Now, give me a solid plank. One more. Out, out, in, in. Okay. Side step ladders. It’s a one, two, three, boom, boom, boom. Almost like a dance move, but also like a football player. Woo! So, make it fun. Use your hands. One, two, three, one, two, three. Are perfect. I wanna see that pose. You’re looking good. (exhales forcefully) Good. You feeling that heart rate? And it’s okay if you’re
sweating now. It’s good. (exhales forcefully) And one more. Perfect. Stop for a second. Right here, hands on the hips. You’re gonna give me a body circle. Keep those legs straight, lift all the way up. Reverse here hamstrings, torso. Nice. Bringing the heart rate down a little bit. Before we end with a quick, last. How are you feeling? You feel good? It’s only five minutes. You’re doing amazing. Very good. Wide circle. One more. Last one. Quick feet football runs. Just like this. All right? Sounds like a drum in here. So, if you have any neighbors downstairs, that’s okay, it’s around 30 seconds. Keep going. Come on, faster, faster. Shake it. You look so good. Come on. Almost there. Going faster. Come on, hands out. (exhales forcefully) Good. Go. Give me five,
four, three, two, one. Woo! Very nice! (bell dings) Well, I hope you feel all warmed up and now it’s time for you
to pick your next video. I suggest you do this one, but if you’re not feeling like that one, then you can do this one. But you got to pick one of them. You got to pick one of them right now or else I’m gonna stand here and look really awkward and
make you really uncomfortable. So, you better click on
one of them. All right? Birp or birp. All right guys. I’ll see you later. (lips smacking)
Have a great workout.
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