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Quick At Home Abs & Obliques Workout – Fitness Blender Core Workout For Toned Abs

hey guys is Daniel from Fitness blender calm we’re going to be going through a really quick 10-minute ABS routine today where we going through eight different exercises and we doing each one for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off we’re going to go in groups of two so we need two exercises back to back so we go through each exercise twice before you move to the next group alright let’s go and get started our first exercise is going to be a crisscross crunch it’s going to lay down flat on your back one leg extend out straight you have an easy to come up to a tabletop or 90 degree and that knee right above that hip joint hands back behind your head hover that other foot contract those ABS and start up opposite elbow to knee nice quick nice slow controlled motion sorry you want to make sure those ABS stay nice and tight those shoulder blades up off the ground as high as you possibly can slowly extending those legs out and back now if you want to make this really nice and hard you’re going to want to make sure you don’t let that knee come and pass that hip joint so you’re gonna have a tendency to want to bring that knee all the way in try to keep it right about that hip joint and you all take back and forth it’s a nice slow controlled motion again those shoulder blades up and let that one relax and move on to the Russian twist so up on your tailbone if he kicked out in front of you nice flat back hands up in front of your chest and start it rotate those shoulders nice slow controlled motion again to really make those ABS burn you want to always go nice and slow just kick those feet out as far as you need to for balance hands stay right in front that chest make sure those arms don’t swing off side to side this is just a rotation to that torso lean back as far as you can control while still maintaining a perfectly flat back and let down relax you’re going back to that crisscross crunch flat on your back again hands behind your head knee up and start it nice tight squeeze slow controlled motion keep those abs pulled in nice and tight again try to keep those shoulder blades up as high as you can just keep it going try keep that knee out away from you above that hip joint and let it relaxes go and switch back to that Russian twist up on that tailbone kick feet feet kicked out nice flat back hands in front of your chest two one start up rotate those shoulders nice slow controlled motion back and forth leaning back as far as you can control really make those abs burn should be feeling this one not only in those abs but in those obliques and that lower back as well keep those lungs open don’t hold your breath and let down relax let’s go to our next two give me a side plank and me up on your left side to start out with right legs me out kick that straight hand up bring those hips up nice and high and as I come down you’re gonna bring that elbow to knee so a good full extension we’re going to hip up elbow to knee of that hip drops working on both sides the same time here main one is gonna be the bottom side you’re feeling on the oblique on the bottom side but every time you bring that knee and elbow together you can feel on the top as well and let it relax when I switch sides real quick same thing in the opposite side top leg is going to extend it out straight little extension and squeeze it extend it back out bring it hip up as a knee and elbow come together drop those hips down again keep those lungs open slow controlled motion try to get as much range of motion out of those hips as you can it’s close to the ground as you can without touching and as high up as you can squeeze them just keep those lungs open keep it going and go ahead and switch sides back up either side round two and begin and keep us lungs open nice slow controlled motion so much range of motion of the hip as you can down the crown and squeeze it up as high as you can you might be feeling this the outside thighs well that outside that butt muscle as well as those obliques just keep pushing through it and let it relax which over the other side I get a nice full extension and star drop those hips tuck that knee and elbow extend those hips up as you push that hand and foot in opposite directions just keep those lungs open keep it slow and under control almost done and let relaxers move on the next one real quick we’re going to a reverse crunch to lay them flat on your back hands flap down next to those hips legs up in the air bring those hips up off the ground squeeze them up try to get as much distance underneath those hips as you can try to swing those legs a lot of people have a tent so you don’t want to kick those legs up try to this leg stationary make those ABS do all the work again keep those lungs open almost done and let it relax going to jackknife crunch next so a full extension on your body arms legs all the way out contract those ABS lower back to the ground and start them up everything comes up crunch towards those toes back down keep them hovering if you can and then back up get a good burn on those ABS yet should be nice and warm by this point try to keep those ABS sucked in as tight as you can with this one that lower back is going to want to lift up as you let those arms and legs drop down and then relax hand sliding it’s the ground again another round those reverse crunches legs up and start it crunch those hips up again trying to swing those legs try to move as slow as you can get a nice tight crunch there’s a really good one to focus on those lower abdominal muscles keep those abdominal muscles sucked in breathing or like those lungs open legs as straight as you can again really watch the swing on those legs they’re going to want to start swinging on you and let it relax full extension who has a good burn going to jackknife crunch index contractors have lower back down and lift neck with brunch if you want to make these harder almost every single one of these exercises all you have to do is grab a dumbbell you place it between your hands between those feet and these exercises become incredibly difficult and let it relax who got a good burn going all right we’re doing a long arm crunch show on your back again nice bent knee arms over your head crunch it up nice and tight back down don’t let those ABS completely release keeping nice and tight second that belly button in just doing a traditional crunch motion but with those arms straight up above your head again you want to make it harder just hold a small dumbbell above your head makes it that much harder you don’t need any heavy even a 1 pound weight make a big difference and let it relax next one is mid plank so over onto your knees and elbows and bring it up nice flat back straight line from shoulder to toe or shoulder to knee if you have to drop down on those knees that’s perfectly fine but try to stay up on that on those toes and those elbows keep that back nice and flat down muscles contract it a little bit of a crunch to keep that back flat keep those lungs open breathing normally let it relax back on your back long arm crunch again knees at 90 hands above your head and crunch it try to get as much range of motion as you can you really want to peel those shoulder blades up off the ground again don’t completely relax down onto the ground you don’t want to let those abdominal muscles release you want to keep them constantly contracted until you move to the next exercise belly button sucked in keep those lungs open and let it relax all right we’re going to go for next long one on that plank is our last one we’re gonna go for a double round on this so try to keep up with me all the way up get those hips hovering nice flat back keep those abdominals crunched in you have intense you want to let that lower back arch try to keep those abs contracted to keep it flat hold they’re nice and comfortable I know those abs are burning like crazy but keep trying to push through it this is just going to burn those ABS out just a little bit more get your really nice and sore the next day hold it breathing normally keep everything nice and solid that’s one round down we’re gonna try for another one don’t break keep it up there nice and high we’re going all the way through the rest good start of our last ones keep it going another 30 seconds then we’re done keep holding it nice and solid those hips up there don’t let them droop the limb pick up nice straight line from shoulder to ankle whoo it burns keep it going almost done just keep pushing through it and let it relax who nicely done my abs are burning what about yours this workout is complete
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