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Quick 10 Minute Upper Body Strength Workout – Dumbbell Upper Body Workout

hey everyone this is Daniel of Peninsula calm and today we’ve got a really short but very intense upper-body strength training routine we’re going to going through about 10 different exercises and we’re doing each one for about 45 seconds each all you need for this is a set of dumbbells you don’t necessarily need a bunch of this if you have one by all means use it if you don’t have one you can just do this laying on the floor otherwise let’s go and get started alright guys so make sure you get in a warm up before you start into this if you haven’t done so already otherwise we’re going to be doing each one of these exercises for just 45 seconds so we’re not doing two rounds with just one per so when I go to my timer started we’re going to be starting off with a bent over row close and wide row so select whatever weight you want to use I’m going using just so you know I’m using about 30 pounds per hand keep a nice flat back tip straight over arm to come up out the side slowly down roll those palms facing in and then tuck those elbows in really nice and close to your ribcage then right back out again elbows wide elbows in just nice and slow rotating back and forth make sure you’re not building any momentum you want that speed going up and back down exactly the same you can have a tendency to want to pull up really really quickly and then let down slowly you want to try to have a really nice slow pull the entire time if you want to focus on breathing with this one it’s going to exhale as you pull towards you inhale you drop that way back down alright let it relax and drop those weights we’re moving on to our next exercise which is going to be a chest press wide and narrow so select your weight for that I’m coming up to 40 pounds per your lay down on the ground or lay down on that bench whichever is more comfortable I’m same kind of motion here and keep those hands in facing towards each other elbows close up ribcage press it back up then rotate those hands down elbows come out wide nice slow controlled motion keep that core nice and tight even though it’s not necessarily having to do any work you always want to try to make sure everything’s nice and stable don’t let that lower bat come up off that bench pour that ground if you’re laying down nice slow controlled motions keep those lungs open and going to look at those weeks back up again we’re moving to our next we’re going to be doing a pullover some drop my weight down quite a bit flat on your back again palm straight up you’re going to drop those hands straight over top of your head as far as it’s comfortable then nice and slow or right back over top that shoulder rotate that poem again slowly down right back over top of that chest just keep rotating each time keep those arms nice and straight keep that lower back flat against that mat especially with this one that lower back is going to want to lift up make sure you keep that ribcage completely flat against that ground or that bench keep those ones open don’t hold your breath and let it relax all right next one can be an overhead press use a little bit more weight here so with this one again close and wide going to bring those dumbbells up to your shoulders nice and slow press straight over top of your head nice and slow down then you bring those elbows in palms facing forward or toward each other straight up and back down try to keep those elbows within that shoulder range that width when you’re doing that close one so you want those elbows staying within your shoulder width press it up slowly back down we’re going back out nice and wide press it straight up again make sure you have a neutral spine don’t tilt your chest back again keep that core nice and tight who can feel my muscles get a meal over here starting to get tired and slowly let it relax all right drop those dumbbells we’re going to be moving on to a overhead tricep extension so drop really nice and light for this one we’re going to be doing two different motions again start with one hand directly above that shoulder palm facing forward drop it straight back behind your head as far as is comfortable press it straight back up make sure the elbow stays directly above that shoulder nice slow controlled motion again neutral spine keep those core mupim contracted don’t let your chest push forward too much and lean your chest back you want to keep everything pretty much straight up and down the neck you’re going to switch that hand palm is facing down there is a much more difficult position nice and slow press it right back up you want to slowly switch back and forth between the two so press it up palm forward slowly down that palm staying forward press it up palm sideways bring it back down behind your head whew alright we’re doing a same exact thing on the opposite side from shake out the skin tired all right same exact thing going to bring out hands directly above your shoulder all facing forward to start nice and slow and right back behind that shoulder behind that head as far as is comfortable then right back up again if you want to switch that position on facing sideways down towards that shoulder right back up again and rotate that poem again just hit the slightly different part of that tricep muscle with that different rotation on that wrist nice and slow all state back and forth again focus on that core while you’re doing this make sure those abdominal muscles would contracted nice and tight keep that pore or keeping that spine nice and straight up spine nice and neutral is a good burn we’re almost done and let’s down a relaxed next one we’re going to be doing is a bicep curl so this one is going to be an overhand so it’s much much weaker position so keep that in mind when you’re selecting your weights so I’m just going to using 15 pounds per hand you’re going to nice and slow bring your hand up in a traditional curl so up step top squeeze the top rotate your palm as far over as you can then nice and slow let it drop down from there rotate back slowly up we rotate those hands over and slowly down again with any traditional dumbbell curl want to make sure that elbow stays directly underneath your shoulder don’t let it curl forward otherwise that shoulders going to start trying to help rather than just that bicep by itself keep those lungs open mutual spine core nice and contracted a lot of stuff you guys think about with even the most simple exercise and go ahead let that relax all right next one is going to be a reverse fly so if you may keep it right right not only about that special time except maybe a little easier for myself so we’re going to reverse fly back perfectly flat and you tip straight over parallel to the ground those arms going to come straight up out to the side slowly back down right back up again no rotation on that hand if you want to you can you can rotate those palms facing back towards you and do your fly from there but again it’s gonna be a lot different position typically a lot weaker so you might need to drop your wave for it nice slow controlled motion try to get as much range out of it as you can if you feel like you’re living that range too much then drop that weight go off with a little bit easier a full range of motion is vastly more important than the amount of weight you lift and let it relax all right I’ve got a chest fly next I’m going to come back the way just a little bit all right 20 pounds per hand what I’m using play slide you back we’re doing the ground whatever’s more comfortable whichever one you have bones facing in straight up the sides as far as it’s comfortable and nice and slow directly about that chest again gauge will make it feel a little different rotate the hand outs inside right back over top of that chest again just keep alternating back and forth keep that motion under control never use momentum nice slow controlled motions the entire time don’t hold your breath keep those lungs open make sure that core is nice and tight entire time with overlap all right as my count is right this is our last one we have a lateral raise neck and I’m going really light on this one so standing max is straight and tall palms facing in towards those legs nice and slow bring your arms up and up the side as high as it’s comfortable keep that spine nice and straight nice and neutral core muscles contract it even though you’re focusing on those shoulders for this exercise you still want to keep everything else contracted and under control nice slow controlled motion rotate that palm forward if you want get a little a different part at shoulder you should feel vast difference in the range of motion you’re capable of depending on how you have your hand rolled nice slow controlled motion almost done just few more seconds left and let it relax all right now our last exercise so either move on to your next routine or get your cooldown done either way this workout is complete thanks guys see you next time
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