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Quick 10 Minute Core Workout – Pain In My Abs!

hey everybody this is Daniel from Fitness Vodacom and today we’ve got a fun ab workout for you and by fun I mean incredibly torturous or go you’ll be doing a twenty seconds on ten seconds off routine an ABA B style Tabata and we’ve got five different groups to go through so a total of ten different exercises and we’re going to be torturing those abdominal muscles so we’re hitting everything from the abdominal muscles the obliques and lower backs the entire core section I think I need anything for this other than a mat you can use extra weight if you want to but I won’t be so I’ll give you cues of when you can and can’t other than that you’ll need a warm-up and a little bit of a cool-down afterward those are not included other than that let’s go ahead and get started everybody let’s go ahead and get started we were doing like I said a 20 seconds on ten seconds off Tabata style aibee aibee two sets of each exercise so am I gonna get my timer started we’re starting off with just a traditional plank so go ahead and get it out on those knees and elbows if you’re doing a half plank or those toes and elbows if you want to do a full plank bring it up and just hold it what we’re gonna do is 20 seconds like I said you’ve got 10 seconds after this is done to flip over onto your back and we’re doing a reverse plank so basically holding the same position just facing it up just a few more seconds and switch rollover again down on those elbows you’re going to pull your hips up off the ground and try to get it straight of a line from shoulder to ankle as you can and bring it up and hold again just 20 seconds just hold your breath this is just kind of warming those ABS up a little bit we’re not going to start getting into the really nasty stuff for another until the next group and flip back over one more of each bring it up and hold try to keep a straight line from shoulder to ankle or shoulder to knee if you’re doing the half version just keeping everything nice and solid and make sure you’re not holding your breath and flip back over the last one of these and bring it up freeze those hips like I said try to get a straight line from shoulder to ankle is there a last one of this group so we’re gonna be moving on to the next group for this next exercise which is going to be an X crunch you’re just gonna drop back down your back nice done and let it relax all right X coaches next it’s a flat on your back hands out above your head you crunch up opposite hand to foot and back down same thing the other side this is the easier version letting everything kind of touch down each time you gotta make it harder you keep everything hovering off the ground again just make sure you don’t hold your breath that’ll relax we’re gonna flip over onto your stomach we’re doing a swimmer next so arms straight out same kind of position as we were just doing opposite arm opposite leg frees it up easier version is letting those feet and hand stay on the ground each time otherwise hug run for the harder version tight tight squeeze doesn’t matter the speed you’re going just keep those lungs open and crunch that arm and leg up as high as you possibly can and flip back over got another one of those X crunches arms legs out straight [Music] crunch it up like I said harder version is hovering otherwise let those hands and feet touch the ground each time keep everything contracted nice and tight try keep those arms and legs nice and straight flip back over one more round of those swimmers this will be our last one of this group work for the harder version nice slow controlled motion don’t just swing those arms with feet around you I keep that army leg again nice and straight just nice slow contractions we’re moving to a side trench next you relax go ahead and drop over onto your left side knees tucked up hand back behind your head you’re gonna crunch up towards that hip as tight as you can slowly back down try to keep those muscles that oblique contract it just a nice slow controlled motion tight tight squeeze at the top try and get that elbow down as close that hip as you possibly can it’s gonna feel like you have such a very small range of motion on this just keep pushing through it all right same thing on the other side and back behind your head knees up crunch it up get a hand out of the way if you want to make it a little bit harder we were focusing on contracting that oblique on the top side of your body on the base that rib cage to press that hip again just keep those lungs open keeping that muscle contracted never let it release back over on the other side moving through these pretty quick crunch it up you want to keep a hand on that oblique to make sure you’re not letting it release if that muscle ever goes completely soft then you’re letting it release too much so always have least a little bit of tension there same thing at your side those knees up and behind your head and crunch it keep focusing on that form tight tight squeeze the top of that range of motion keeping those lungs open the entire time so last one of these we’ve got a jackknife crunch coming up next go flip back out onto your back hands above your head if you got extended contract those ABS lower back against the mat crunch it up squeeze towards those toes and back down keep it hovering for the harder version if you want to use extra weight for this one by all means to grab a dumbbell hold it in those hands or squeeze it between those feet let it relax but slip over onto your stomach doing a full body back bow so arms and legs out completely extended same thing trying to hover those hands and feet squeeze it up back down try to get as much range of motion as you can again this is another one it’s gonna feel like you have almost no range of motion but just keep squeezing through it doesn’t matter how much range of motion you can get out of it it’s more important that you squeeze his tight luck contracture as you can alright one more of each full-body jackknife start up try to get all dips those toes at the top that range of motion keep those lungs open back over we got one more that back bow and we have one more group to go through squeeze them up back down a little hover right back up again keep those lungs up in tight tight squeeze yeah you let it relax all right we have two more exercises to go through and they’re gonna be the same two that we started with so starting off the regular full point up on those toes and elbows straight line from shoulder to ankle just hold it again keep those lungs open probably be noticing this one’s a lot harder this time that was the first time we did it flip over squeeze it up hold that position nice and solid straight line from shoulder to ankle keep those lungs open just breathing normally let it relax them flip back over one more of each and stir them up nice straight line make sure those hips don’t start kicking up too high or start drooping just hold it in nice and solid yeah last one on your back look around wait in those elbows squeeze it up and hold just gonna go that happy place you only have 20 seconds of this so it shouldn’t be too bad just keep that form nice and solid the entire time and let it relax all right that is the last exercise which means this workout is complete if you want to you can add in another routine right after this this routine is nowhere near hard enough to be a standalone workout so you can always add this on to the front over the end of any routine you want so other than that I hope you guys had a good workout I’ll see you guys next time
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