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Pretty Purple Delight | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re making a yummy vanilla mousse with a fresh strawberry
sauce in the centre all covered in a pretty rose flavoured jelly. This week’s
notification squad shoutout goes to Tahmina, Liss, Megan, Lisa and Hannah. For your
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comments for me. To make the centre of this dessert you will need eggs flour
sugar water milk and butter. Place the sugar and the water and the milk and the
butter into a pan and all these recipe quantities are on the
website for you and I’ll link to that below. Place that over a high heat
leaving it until the butter is melted and then add in the flour all at once
whisking it through and then you’ll need to swap to a spoon because this is going
to get really thick. Once it is thick I want you to keep stirring it over the
heat for at least another minute until you get a firm ball of dough. Take it off
the heat and add your eggs in one at a time whisking that through. Keep whisking
and use your muscles this is really still quite thick add in all of those
eggs and then keep whisking until you get a smooth paste like this. Place that
into a piping bag fitted with a round tip and pipe small dollops onto a tray
if you don’t have a piping bag you can just use a ziplock bag and cut the
corner of it. Now use your finger to gently press down each of the tops
you’ll need to dip your finger in some water first before you do this or the
dough will stick to your finger. Lightly spray the tops with cooking oil and then
place that in the oven at 200 degrees C or 390 degrees F. Just until they puff up
and they turn golden. This is called choux pastry and it’s the same pastry
that you used to make it eclairs, profiteroles and croquembouche and i’ll
link you to all those recipes at the end. While they’re cooling grab some
strawberries some icing sugar and masala, now masala is just a sweet
Italian dessert wine and you can leave that out if you prefer. Slice up your
strawberries into quarters and then place them into the pan with the icing
sugar and the masala or swap that for water if you want. Heat that over a high
heat just keep stirring it and allow it to come to the boil and then you want to
simmer it for a few minutes until those strawberries are softened.
Mash that with a potato masher or if you have a blender or a baymix you can use
that instead just to get all the lumps out and that they’re really easy to make
fresh yummy strawberry sauce that you can use on any dessert. For the jelly on
the outside you’re going to need water, sugar, gelatin, food colouring and
flavouring I’m using rosewater in mine and a little bit of glycerin. Add the
gelatin shapes to the water and I get asked a lot of questions about what’s
the difference between gelatin sheets and gelatin powder … the sheets set clearer
and have less taste than the powder so if it’s an element of your dessert that
needs to be particularly clear or has a very delicate flavor use the sheets but
they are more expensive so you’d powdered gelatin for everything
else. After a minute the sheets will be soft just squeeze out some of the water
and place them aside in a separate bowl. Add the sugar to the water along with
the flavouring of your choice and the glycerin. The glycerin here just makes a
jelly a bit more flexible and less prone to breaking. Then add the amount of food
colouring that you want and heat that in the microwave or on the stovetop until
it just starts to boil. Add the gelatin back in and stir it until it dissolved.
Now pour that into a tray lined with plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge
to set. for a yummy vanilla mousse you need milk, sugar, egg yolks, cornflour,
gelatin and vanilla beans and you’ll need some cream a bit later on too. Cut
your vanilla beans in half and scrape out the seeds if you can’t get vanilla
beans you can use vanilla essence here instead. Pour some of the milk into the
gelatin and stir it well and then just leave that to absorb all the moisture.
Place the rest of your milk into a pan and add in the seeds from your vanilla
bean put the egg yolks in with the sugar and add the cornflour or the cornstarch
in there too and mix that up really well. Bring the milk mixture to the boil and
then pour in a little bit of that into your eggs and stir that to combine it
until the eggs are all mixed through and it’s thinned down a bit and then pour that
egg yolk mixture into the pan and whisk that until it thickens.
Once it is thick continue to stir it over the heat for about 30 seconds more
so it cooks all that flour. Take it off the heat and add in your gelatin and
keep stirring that until the gelatin is all melted in and it’s all mixed through.
Place plastic wrap over the top and push it down so it’s touching the surface of
the custard and this is going to stop a skin forming on top and you want to
leave that to cool to room temperature. Take your profiteroles and fill each one
with your strawberry sauce, you just want to pipe in the sauce until you feel that
pastry start to expand and then you’ll know that it’s full. Once your custard is
cooled to room temperature measure out your cream and split it into two bowls
add half of your custard into one bowl and whip it on high speed until it is thick and smooth. Place some of the mousse into a hemisphere mold and add a
profiterole into the centre of each one. Make sure
the mousse is coming to the top of the mold and then place them into the
freezer. Once they’re frozen you can just tip them out of the mold then refill the
bottom of the mold with the other half of the mousse. When you prepare this half
of the mousse you will need to heat the custard mixture slightly before whipping
the cream into it because it will have set. Add the other half on top pushing
down so that the mousse joins together and then you want to freeze that again.
Take your jelly out of the fridge and place a sheet of baking paper
on top and then just flip that over like that. Peel off the plastic wrap, cut off
the crooked edge and then make straight cuts to make little squares of jelly.
Take one of your desserts out of the mold and place it onto a serving plate then take
a square of jelly and place it onto a hot tray let the bottom melt a little
and then add it onto the frozen dessert. If you just hold it there for a second
the coldness of the dessert will set the jelly underneath gluing it into place.
Continue to do that adding them all over the entire dessert. Now you can leave it
just like that or you can cut some squares into quarters and add them into
the gaps and then you have a pretty dessert with yummy strawberry sauce in the centre. Click here to go to the How To Cook That shop here for the croquembouche recipe and here for the latest video. Let me know what you’d like to see
next. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday
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