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Presidents With WEIRD Hidden Secrets!

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their own little weird things that they do. Maybe you’re a furry or
maybe you like sitting in a bathtub full of marinara sauce and pretending that you’re a meatball. Whatever, I don’t judge. But those weird intricacies don’t stop just because you’ve reached
the highest office in the land. That’s right, many U.S.
presidents had some really bizarre secrets and
you’re about to find out exactly what those are. Here are 10 presidents
with weird hidden secrets. Number 10 is Ulysses S. Grant. When it come to weird
presidential secrets, Ulysses S. Grant is a great place to start ’cause he had a bunch of ’em. Grant is an iconic figure
in American history. He became commanding
general of the U.S. Army, led campaigns during the civil war and he was the 18th president
of the United States from 1869 until 1877. Even though he had a reputation
as a brilliant general and soldier, he secretly
hated wearing a uniform. In fact he would secretly enter battle dressed really scruffily. And what’s possibly even more surprising is that Grant was terrified
at the sight of blood which you’d think would be a real problem for someone involved in some
of the bloodiest battles in United States history. On top of all that he
did have a middle name. That’s right, even
though people called him, Ulysses S. Grant, the S was a typo which followed him everywhere. Man, that’s a whole lot of weirdness. Being afraid of blood in a battle that’s like me being afraid of facts. Number one is (screams). Number nine is, Calvin Coolidge. According to the 1998 book,
White House Confidential, President Calvin Coolidge
had a bizarre morning ritual which he kept secret
due to the embarrassment surrounding this routine. Coolidge was the 30th
president of the United States and served from August 1923 to March 1929. He was known as a man of decisive action and embodied the spirit and
hopes of the middle class but he also had a strange,
and kind of dark secret. In the morning, while
he was having breakfast, he liked to have petroleum
jelly massaged into his scalp. Oh yes, that makes me a happy president. Coolidge believed that there
were massive health benefits to be gained from this strange practice and so he continued, and
even though those around him looked on in disbelief. As vices go it’s weird, but
it would’ve been much worse if he liked putting petroleum
jelly on other people instead. Come here staff members, I’ve
got a treat for you (laughs). Number eight is William Howard Taft. William Howard Taft served
as the 27th president of the United States
between 1909 and 1913. He’s also the only
person who have held both the office of the president
of the United States and the Chief Justice
of the entire country. Many of his policies involved intervening in foreign affairs in order
to prop up governments which were sympathetic
towards U.S. interests. But despite having a long and
successful political career there’s one embarrassing
story that he wished had kept secret. Taft was known for being overweight and apparently one
night in the White House after soaking in a bath he
was unable to get himself out. Oh, shouldn’t have had
that extra turkey leg. After being stuck it’s said
that wherever the 350 pound Taft would go, an extra large bathtub would have to be readily available. Fun fact for all the viewers out there, no judgment, but if you ever get so big that you get stuck in a bathtub, time to make some life changes. Number seven is, Lyndon Johnson. It’s widely believed that
President Lyndon Johnson, who served after John F.
Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 was obsessed with
being the greatest president of all time. In fact, many believe that he was bitter towards his predecessor
about how popular he was. This desire to be more popular and dominate people’s opinions
was evident in a number of strange behaviors that he exhibited and he desperately wanted
them kept from the public. For example, he often used
crass behavior to shock people and intimidate them. This included spitting
and swearing at people or just laughing in their faces. (laughs) It’s said that he once
even relieved himself on a secret service man. He would even often continue conversations by pulling people into the toilet with him so that they would have
to watch as they continued the conversation, classy. Number six is, Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and
served between 1829 and 1837. He believed in fighting
against a corrupt elite which endangered the union. He also had a famous career as a general in the U.S. Army. But like the other presidents on this list he had not so much a weird
secret, but a dark secret. At that time divorce was frowned upon and Jackson had married
a divorcee named, Rachel long before he took office. Not only was she divorced,
but it was rumored that she and Jackson had
lived together before she was legally separated
from her first husband. Newspapers jumped on this
scandal and called her a bigamist and an
adulteress using the rumor to attack Jackson’s run at the presidency. Rachel passed away three months
before Jackson took office and he always blamed his
opponents for her death. Okay, that one was a lot
more dark than weird, but still at the time
considered very weird and he definitely had a right to be salty. Number five is, John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States and
served from 1825 till 1829. He was an extremely successful politician so as you might assume he
was pragmatic, down to earth and not prone to flights of fancy, right? Yeah, I’m afraid not. The sixth president believed
in a hollow earth theory which argued that the
earth had a huge cavern at its center. Not only that but that
there was also a giant hole at the North Pole which led
to this subterranean world. A world which, John
Quincy Adams also believed was inhabited by mole people. But you know, not the
weird kind of mole people. More like the garden variety mole people. He actually at one point
approved a secret expedition to find this underground world. Not only that, but he attempted to contact the hypothetical mole
people that he believed lived down there in
order to make sure that the United States was the first country to sign a trade agreement with them. American first! Number four is, George Washington. As the first president
of the United States, George Washington is held up by many as one of the greatest leaders the country has ever produced. That being said, he had
a number of weird secrets that were only revealed after his death. One of these included that
George Washington grew hemp. Now, granted this is the non psychoactive form of cannabis. It was used to produce all manner of goods including rope and paper. However, it is now believed
that George Washington also grew the psychoactive cannabis for his own recreational use. The idea that one of the
country’s most important founding fathers smoked
cannabis recreationally remains a sore point for conservatives who are against the
legalization of cannabis, but who also hold the founding
fathers in such high esteem. Get it? High esteem (laughs) pun life. Number three is George Bush Sr. One of the most bizarre
diplomatic incidents which ever happened to a
president definitely qualifies as a weird secret. I mean, after all, who
would want everyone to know that they’d been sick
on another world leader? Well, that’s exactly what happened to George H.W. Bush. In 1992, President Bush
attended an evening hosted by the prime minister of Japan. The room was filled with 135
other important diplomats who had been welcomed to the
Japanese prime minister’s home but during the event, President
Bush began to feel ill and actually collapsed. That’s when his head fell into
the lap of the prime minister and he threw up all over him. But this (gags) secret
wasn’t kept for very long and the Japanese coined
the term, Bush-suru which means to do the Bush thing. Apparently the Bush thing is to throw up all over your host, so don’t Bush-suru. Number two is, Ronald Regan. We all know what it’s
like for family members to do something embarrassing, but for a world leader such an event can cause real problems
and that’s why they prefer to keep it a secret. And that’s exactly what
happened to Ronald Regan. Regan was the 40th president
of the United States and served from 1981 to 1989, but just five years after
his presidency ended his own daughter, Patty Davis,
became a Playboy Playmate. She posed on the front
cover of Playboy Magazine and worst still, she posed nude. This was one of the most
controversial issues in Playboy’s history and the Regan estate has since tried to brush
it under the carpet as best they can. But Ronald Regan was
actually lucky in a way that it didn’t happen while
he was the sitting president because at that time
that kind of a scandal would’ve tarnished his
polished family man demeanor. Hello everyone, I’m the president. Yes, this is my daughter
whose bobbies you can really see right now in a magazine. Lunch? And number one is, Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was the president
between 1977 and 1981. He achieved a lot in his
life, including being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and helping to fight
debilitating illnesses in Africa. Despite these achievements though some remember him as the UFO president. Carter stated that in
1969 he encountered a UFO. He was the governor of Georgia at the time and reported the sighting. While campaigning to be
elected, Carter pledged to release all information
on UFO sightings making anything the government knew available to the public. However, he later tried
to distance himself from that pledge and his earlier sighting by claiming that there
were defense implications if he were to reveal everything
that the government knew. Go on Jimmy, tell us what you found out. Tell us what you found out. Well, as it turns out not every president has been perfect. In fact, these are just
the ones we know of that have weird secrets, but in any event make sure you go in the description, go follow Fact Maniac and subscribe on whatever platform
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