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Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Pumpkin (cooled With Liquid Nitrogen!!!)

today we’ve got liquid nitrogen molten aluminum and a whole bunch of pumpkins it’s time to do Halloween backyard scientist style so the first thing we’re going to do today is pour a bunch of liquid nitrogen into a pumpkin and see what happens after that we’re going to pour molten aluminum into a pumpkin and then we’re going to combine the two by freezing a pumpkin at 300 degrees negative Fahrenheit and then pouring molten aluminum into it this should be cool before we destroy this pumpkin there’s something I want to try I’ve got a couple of liquid nitrogen now the only reason liquid nitrogen still liquid is because it’s so cold so the second it touches the relatively hot pumpkin it flashes back into a gas and creates a pretty impressive cloud of condensed water vapor as it does that alright now it’s time to pour molten aluminum in the pumpkin I just have to be really careful bringing the molten aluminum over there well I’m glad that didn’t land on me anyway second try as a charm so here we go now with the big pumpkin like this they’re mostly hollow so there’s nothing for the aluminum to really interact with as a falls through the pumpkin so if we want to create a cast of the inside of a pumpkin I’m going to need a more medium-sized pumpkin with seeds and smaller empty pockets for the aluminum to travel through we pour liquid nitrogen in a pumpkin and we poured molten aluminum in a pumpkin now it’s time to combine the two I’m filling this pumpkin with liquid nitrogen and my theory is that pumpkins are really fragile on the inside so when you pour something really hot in it’ll just turn the insides to mush but with the liquid nitrogen having the pumpkin at negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit it should be a lot harder and the aluminum should be able to get everywhere in that pumpkin the pouring went a lot smoother this time thankfully I managed to not set my yard on fire and the pumpkin didn’t explode from some kind of crazy thermal shock all right all right time to crack these open and see what we got this is the one without the liquid nitrogen in it see up there we go that’s pretty cool ooh this thing’s got a lot of good detail on that one for sure liquid nitrogen one let’s see if this is any different now for the moment of truth oh that’s so this was the one with liquid nitrogen and this was a lorry Dysport in the pumpkin regularly I’m going to clean these up and then let’s check them out now I cast two pumpkins that were cooled with liquid nitrogen and they both filled the inside of the pumpkin perfectly they’re pretty detailed you can see all the little indents where the seeds were left behind and they’re pretty cool to play with they have a really interesting shape now compared to the ones that were not cool with liquid nitrogen those ones are bigger and thicker and a little bit heavier because I think when the you know hot aluminum went in there it destroyed a lot of the plant matters and went in and that big one is from the huge pumpkin I’ll say that the liquid-nitrogen pumpkin definitely gave a cooler looking piece and just pouring into a regular pumpkin I’d call this a success one more thing now it’s time for the thermite this is about a pound and a half so this is going to be interesting well guys that’s it for this week’s video have a good Halloween see you next time you you
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