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what we got going on over here is a whole bunch of right now getting kernels and various ingredients because we’re making popcorn but epic like we saw a whole bunch of crazy popcorn recipes but we’re taking it to a whole other level like we got cool ranch popcorn let’s get it jack and coke popcorn let’s get it we’re making a poutine popcorn also bro yeah i don’t know about that one is you want some fizz in your mouth this you compliment wieners sounds like you nice game bro mayonnaise popcorn all right worst case scenario we get a tomato sandwich tomato sandwich popcorn bailey i forgot to get kernels for the popcorn itself so i’ve been seeing people get a little crazy with popcorn lately and we thought that we would be doing our own versions of popcorn but epic boom sushi popcorn that’s what we’re doing where’s my meat charcuterie popcorn come on now my mom’s here by the way if you ever bought an epic meal time shirt from 2010 to like 2016 you probably spoke to her on the phone if you had any issues but now you can head over to guaranteed no issues order yourself some sexy merch we got a lot of things popping off we got hats t-shirts water bottles look at this i keep mine topped off with muscles glasses nuts all right let’s uh let’s get some popcorn pop right off the bat let’s see if i know how to make popcorn mom open this please did you just buy it yeah you believe that i thought this was just a push down and turn thing marlin your dad give a crack to that fish what you do just use my dad’s drink thanks marlon no problem sport where are some kernels what’s up make sure all these kernels are nice and coated now we patiently wait for a pop tell one of these bad boys about the bus go off boys what’s up i’m supposed to like boil it in the pot with the before i took it out of the pot yeah look we’ll go back in here we go regular butter salted popcorn try that is there anything on them yeah what salt and butter that’s it yeah [Music] yeah here’s the idea is salted and buttered popcorn the base like doritos cool ranch yeah butter and salt okay goddamn ranch think you’re so cool huh you really gotta pulverize the fine whoa this one smells great you smell that that’s hey oh doritos it’s a very intense smell that is cool ranch doritos popcorn that’s great not even lying i like it better than cool ranch doritos you like it yeah come here try this it has that cool ranch taste i like it but i prefer the plain it’s salt and butter okay so go watch plain meal time what makes this epic four ranch popcorn one ten [Music] it’s an eight and a half i’m like i can murk this whole thing yeah okay so you need all that six six two hundred eighty pounds i could eat all that all right next up we got the charcuterie popcorn so we’re gonna be using some uh some sliced deli meats some cheese we’re gonna throw it in the popcorn as well don’t even talk about my cutting skills bro we got our popcorn popped over here let’s get one of each cheese in here three different cheeses young meat boy this has an interesting smell i am so impressed with this right now all right then we got charcuterie popcorn let me tell you about charcuterie popcorn this was one of the joke items we had ideas we went to the grocery store with and then ideas we picked up on the fly that we thought were hilarious sure cuter popcorn i did not expect to be so good i thought cheese and popcorn would not be vibing well because you know cheese it’s always like powdered cheese and popcorn [Music] bro yeah that is good tricute popcorn nine on ten all right here’s a little sushi plate we prepared from scratch and we are now going to make sushi popcorn we pre-cooked the popcorn uh because we don’t want to cook the sushi too much so now we’re going to throw the sushi ingredients in with the popcorn mix it all up this is what my sheets and summer camp look like cream though ugh it just smells like sushi i know but it’s just you don’t want it here right now all right sushi popcorn just take just the popcorn just the popcorn no you don’t need the tuna just get just a popcorn no look at this one piece it’s barely anything itadakimasu you like it no no i don’t want them all right we’re going to cook up popcorn from scratch now look what we’re doing that’s too big what’s stupid you’re going to cook like ice cream is that what you’re going to do smells good we got the popcorn in there with the ice cream bar we’re moving it around a lot because i know that chocolate burns easily and if chocolate burns it ruins everything and i’m assuming the chocolate will burn before the popcorn pops barley is popping i smell burnt chocolate i think carefully it’s so bad it’s so much better oh you’re going to put it in that ice cream yeah i just broke my tongue it’s very good very good no it’s great part of the solution yeah i know i’m a chef this is um ice cream sunday popcorn very good ice cream sundae popcorn nine and a half on ten that’s up there so the next popcorn we’re making is poutine popcorn we could have taken popcorn thrown it in with gravy and cheese curds called it a day but we figured if we got our hands on some powdered gravy then the gravy can be burst from the beginning like soaking itself into the popcorn what we have over here is enough poutine powder to serve a quebecois family of six we threw it into one little bowl of popcorn so the gravy is very overpowering not sure i’m not sure either but it tastes like poutine as it stands right here this poutine popcorn that we made ourselves our way five out of ten i don’t doubt that i could take it to a nine out of ten we got a lot of popcorn to get through so let’s keep making moves baby after very little debate we decided that we’re going to crush up the oreo cookies with the stuffing for the peanut butter oreo popcorn nice hunk of butter look at that do that boom once it starts popping off then we’re getting the peanut butter wow hey get away so what’s in there right now oil oh peanut butter peanut butter what are you putting there peanut butter on what oreos oreos very powerful oreo peanut butter amazing i mean yeah i don’t really want to try it would you come in and push me like this i don’t know did you see your food yeah i don’t like crunchy peanut butter not gonna taste crunchy no you’re not eating peanut butter wow this is one of the best ones eight and a half on ten perfectly executed all right listen we were gonna make one more popcorn and the popcorn that we chose was the epic meal time popcorn which is jack daniels and bacon first step is making some jack daniel’s caramel what are you trying to do with the sugar i’m caramelizing it where’d you learn to do this handle it the beer thomas we were gonna cook like full of bacon and then making it to bits but instead we’re like that’s disgusting this is the tricky part because now i’m kind of like uh we’re gonna put jack daniels in there look at that smell that jack diagonals this bacon popcorn smells great just like this can’t wait to ruin it with the jack daniels okay we didn’t have jack daniels i’d probably really like it and eat it so now you’ll hate it we’ll be able to it can be perfected i’ll give that a seven and a half i’m done eating [Music] everybody’s entitled to our opinion
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